ABC's New True Crime Series, 'Final Witness' Premieres Wednesday June 27

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May 29th, 2012

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            The voices of the dead come to life in the true-crime limited series “Final Witness,” which offers a unique look at some of the nation’s most shocking murders. The seven-episode series premieres WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. Each episode will examine one case from start to finish, taking viewers inside the murder from the victim’s point of view. A compelling hybrid of documentary and drama, “Final Witness” features interviews with real-life witnesses, prosecutors, law enforcement, family and friends, along with riveting dramatization that thrusts viewers into the heart of each crime. Shot around the world at the actual locations with cinematic style and infused with an indie-band soundtrack, “Final Witness” creates an unforgettable look at the human psyche at its darkest.


In the series premiere, “The Kids Aren’t Alright,” the program revisits the cold-blooded murders of almost every member of the Caffey family in rural East Texas. At 3:00 a.m. on March 1, 2008, Terry Caffey, 41, and his wife Penny, 37, were shot as they slept, and their two young sons, Bubba, 13, and Tyler, 8, were brutally killed by the same perpetrators. Despite being shot multiple times and with 5 bullets in him, Terry survived the attack. After the house had been ransacked and set ablaze by the killers, Terry was able to escape through a bathroom window and dragged himself through the woods for about 400 yards to the closest neighbors for safety. Fortunately, Terry was able to identify one of the shooters, but the road to justice would contain shattering revelations when he learned who was implicated in the murder.


Told from the imagined vantage point of slain wife and mother Penny Caffey, “Final Witness” interweaves scripted scenes with actual crime scene interrogation video and real-life first-person interviews with Terry Caffey, Texas Ranger John Vance, Prosecutor Lisa Tanner and others who knew the victims and the perpetrators, to tell the story of this horrific crime in indelible fashion. The haunting soundtrack includes singles by indie artists and bands including The Antlers, Marissa Nadler,
Mr. Gnome, Jana Hunteer and Sam Amidon. More information on the music on this episode can be found at ABC Music Lounge,


“The Kids Aren’t Alright” originally aired as a backdoor pilot on September 14, 2010 and, based on its success, was greenlit to series. “Final Witness” is produced for ABC by Lincoln Square Productions. Executive producers are Rudy Bednar and Christine Connor; senior producer is Adam Feinstein; series producer is Lee Beckett; series production manager is Alex Friedman.

  • David C

    See the murder from the victim’s point of view?

    look at the human psyche at its darkest

    Ah . . . I’ll skip this one!

  • xwiseguyx

    Sounds like great uplifting summer TV…

  • CrimTV

    How can the victim of the murder tell the story from their point of view?

    Surely they are dead?

  • Survivor Fan

    @Crim TV

    They act that part. I am not sure what I mean as I type. I guess that we will find out when it airs.

    By limited series do they mean that it will not have a second season if it were to rate really highly- like a 3.0?

  • Ultima

    @Survivor Fan
    By limited series do they mean that it will not have a second season

    No, it just means that the episode order is significantly smaller than it is for most programs.

  • Johnny Shoe

    I’ve heard of this, it’s called 48 Hours Mystery.

  • Nick

    FYI, the ratings for last year’s Primetime:Nightline, which held this slot got 1.2-1.6. For a newsmagazine, that’s OK. This better get better ratings because it looks more expensive.

  • cimmer

    Wait a minute, I’ve already seen this show, it’s on ID – Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets. An excellent critically acclaimed show whose premise ABC would apparently like to give a whirl I guess.

  • Riff Rafferty

    Yeah, no crap you’ve already seen it. The pilot aired 2 summers ago, as noted in the press release. Was a pretty decent show. Glad it’s become a series.

  • cimmer

    No Riff Rafferty, I mean the exact premise of Final Witness and the way they’re doing appears to be exactly like ID’s show Stolen Voices, Buried Secrets which has been running for over a season on the ID network. I guess they figure if the show is doing well for ID then a show using the same idea might do well for ABC. I guess it’s no different than all those ghost investigation shows on various networks which all seem the same although this appears to be exactly the same, there must be some subtle, lol, difference.

  • Picasso GoVagabond

    Sounds great! I can’t wait, anythings better than the news… Even if it’s the truth with a twist from 10 Yeats ago… Anythings better than the same old forensic files etc that repeat the same 7 episodes over and over again or the daily news that repeats the same thing but changes the names because it’s just how creepy it is now, but news reporting channels take all the llife out of everything reported and out of everyone that stays awake watching it. Thank God the dead will be able to talk in Final Witness and bring back to life what the news killed with with no real detail and boring mono-tone reporting when reported years ago. Now a second chance to speak awareness in these old events that most of us ignored by virtue of total reporting boredom.

  • amy f

    Actually, Cimmer this aired well before Stolen Voices Buried Secrets in 2010. So it looks like ID is the one who did the ripping off.

  • sandiyuma

    Thought it was an OK program. Background music way to loud.

  • Amanda C

    I liked this show and seeing, hearing it from the victims. You rarely have the opportunity to hear their side of the story. I am sucked into and will be watching every week.

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