Friday Final TV Ratings: 'Shark Tank' Adjusted Up; 'Nikita', 'Grimm' & 'Supernatural' Adjusted Down

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May 29th, 2012

Shark Tank was adjusted up a tenth, while Supernatural, Nikita and Grimm were each adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Friday's preliminary ratings.

Note: The preliminary ratings post has half hour data. The final ratings are adjusted versus the preliminary program ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Friday, May 25, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 CBS Undercover Boss - R 1.0/4 4.81
ABC Shark  Tank - R 1.0/4 4.32
FOX Kitchen Nightmares - R 0.9/4 2.17
NBC Who Do You Think You Are? - R 0.5/2 2.99
CW Nikita - R 0.2/1 0.71
9:00 ABC Primetime: What Would You Do? - R 1.2/4 3.95
CBS CSI: NY - R 0.9/3 5.69
NBC Gtimm - R 0.5/2 2.62
CW Supernatural - R 0.3/1 0.88
10:00 ABC 20/20 - R 1.5/5 4.95
NBC Dateline NBC - R 1.0/3 4.52
CBS Blue Bloods  - R 0.9/3 6.55


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  • Oscar

    Nikita !!! :(

  • Dillan

    lol, Nikita.

  • Andrew Bone

    No Nikita good for supernatural i hope it goes more down . Nikita better go up next season nikita haters who care what u guys say

  • Josh

    @Andrew Bone
    You do realize everybody is in reruns right?lol

  • Mark Wilkins

    oh well Supernatural is still the #1 repeat show on the cw

  • Andrew Bone

    @josh I know that

  • Romeo Yotat

    @Andrew Bone I Agree with u does not matter if supernatural is the cw number repeat show. Nikita is way better with Maggie Q
    haters can keep hating

  • John A

    Nikita always adjust down even repeats lol

  • Romeo Yotat

    Supernatural when down to O.3 good rating i hope it goes down to 0.0

  • Alicia Volmer

    get over it people sorry if u show has a bad rating like nikita

  • Tyler Jones Bosh

    good rating grimm

  • Ram510

    Why are people acting like it was a new episode of Nikita. It a repeat when the “season” is over, who cares

  • Ben

    @Romeo It’s stupid hoping a show does bad just because it does better than Nikkita. If anything SPN is good for Nikkita so stop hating!

  • Sophie

    wtf are you haters talking about Nikita?! It’s renewed so stfu ;)

  • cindy

    Its repeats. Who cares. The networks or advertizers don’t care.

    Weird people on here.

  • Nick

    How many times do I have to say it? 20/20 was new! You can find the episode online at abc.com if no one believes me.

  • Nick

    @cindy lol my thoughts exactly

  • Val

    Andrew Bone and Romeo Yotat are the same person. Look at their horrible grammar and childish death wishes for Supernatural. That’s sad. Next time, do a better job at pretending you’re a different person.

  • Luke

    For a low rated series, Nikita fans get at least 3 seasons out of it. That’s not so bad at all. Most shows get bad after about 4 seasons anyway.

  • Mike

    Isn’t the rule generally if there’s season 3 there’ll be season 4?

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