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May 30th, 2012

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ATLANTA (May 31, 2012) – The Weather Channel Companies (TWCC) announced today it has ordered a full season of “Iron Men,” a docu-series profiling the iron workers who spend their days battling weather conditions hundreds of feet above New York City to build skyscrapers, bridges, arenas and other major structures. In addition to the four episodes currently airing, nine new episodes have been ordered that will premiere later this year. New episodes will take place at the 4 World Trade Center site inaddition to the Barclays Center, the new home of the Brooklyn Nets, and theAlexander Hamilton Bridge (note: watch construction progress at 4 WTC via TWC’s exclusive live webcam at www.weather.com/IronMen). “Iron Men” is produced by Pipeline39 (formerly known as KPI), the producers of “The Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero,” “MonsterQuest” and “MegaStructures.”


“This line of work isn’t for the faint of heart, and it’s truly fascinating to live vicariously through these iron workers and the perilous conditions that they consider ‘business as usual,’” said Michael Dingley, senior vice president, content and development for The Weather Channel.


“Iron Men” first premiered on May 8, 2012, as part of “Braving the Elements,” a new docu-series anthology revealing the work, subculture and characters of professions exposed to theelements and impacted by the weather. The series will now be a standalone series outside of “Braving the Elements,” moving into its own timeslot on Thursday, Aug. 30, at 9 p.m. E.T.


The new episodes premieres fittingly just before Labor Day, as “Iron Men” follows the men and women of Local 361 and Local 40, two of the world’s most respected ironworking unions. The series reveals their challenges and successes as they race to stay on schedule against weather hurdles on a multitude of projects, from the first footing to the final bolt – on a skyscraper, a bridge, or stadium. Beyond fighting the wind, snow, and rain, an iron worker in New York has to battle the East Coast’s bone-chilling cold as they walk steel beams hundreds of feet off the ground. Every day, each member puts his or her life in the hands of co-workers, which creates an unbreakable bond but also high stakes and natural tension.

“Iron Men” joins TWCC’s growing slate of original series, including “Coast Guard Alaska,” “Lifeguard!,” “Ice Pilots,” “Hurricane Hunters” (premieres June 11) and “Coast Guard Florida” (Oct. 2012), as well as upcoming “Braving the Elements” miniseries “Pyros” (premiering June 19), “Lights Out” (Aug. 14), “Iceberg Hunters” (Sept. 18), and “Reefmakers” (Oct. 2012).

  • kyle

    I thought this was The Weather Channel not skyscrapers channel. I always notice when TV Channels evolve, they always go away from their core idea.

  • Jeff Grimshaw

    I’m waiting for TWC to launch “Valets” about hotel parking attendants who gut out the weather day in – day out to make sure that we can get in and out of our cars with as little discomfort as possible. This kind of programming is FAR more important that helping people put their next day activities together by forecasting live weather.

  • TimsDale4ever

    More dumb sh !t for TV…

  • cc

    I remember when you could turn on the Weather Channel and actually get the weather. Nice premise.

    And then nbc took it over. Enough said.

  • justin

    Love the show people need to know what use ironworkers do and throw

  • SalaciousCrumb

    I remember when a candy bar was a nickel.

  • LLL

    What happened to the weather channel? I thought it was only supposed to show 24/7/365 weather ONLY. When did reality shows come in?

  • Nick

    None of these shows are any good compared to Twist of Fate .
    Does anybody know if or when it’s coming back?

  • Nick

    All the reality shows are weather-related. And they’re on when you can just find the weather on the local news.

  • Walter Bishop

    They should rename the Weather Channel – rarely do you see anything on there about weather except when there is a hurricane or storms or something. I stopped watching it when NBC, MSNBC and Weather Channel became part of an unholy alliance of reality show crap catering to brain dead drones. Its like when MTV and VH1 – gradually began replacing music videos with reality show junk programming catering to mindless drones. Im suprised the Weather Channel doesnt yet have a Jersey Shore knock off called Miami Shore where bath salt drugged zombies are eating the faces of people in between tropical storms and hurricanes.

  • Walter Bishop

    There is actually a Weather Channel version that shows the current weather for your area 24/7 sans the talking heads of old and has just a disembodied voice saying things like “This is your local radar” not sure whey do tha since if a person was blind they couldnt see the radar anyway and if you can see, unless you are a complete moron you know what weather radar looks like. This channel is usually on the upper channel block over 100 on Comcast Digital. Its Channel 101 north of Pittsburgh.

  • Walter Bishop

    One good thing is they stopped showing silly movies about weather like Twister and the godawful The Day After Tomorrow.

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