HISTORY's 'Hatfields & McCoys' Shatters Records with 14.3 Million Total Viewers on Night Three

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May 31st, 2012

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6.3 million Adults 25-54 makes HATFIELDS & MCCOYS the

#1 entertainment telecast on ad supported cable in 14 years!


New York, NY, May 31, 2012 – Night three of HISTORY’s HATFIELDS & MCCOYS surpasses night one delivering 14.3 million total viewers making it the new #1 entertainment telecast of all time on ad-supported cable. It also averages 6.3 million Adults 25-54 impressions making it the #1 entertainment telecast on ad supported cable in 14 years. All three parts of the hit, scripted event rank as the top three entertainment telecasts of all time in ad supported cable history among total viewers.


HATFIELDS & MCCOYS night three continues the ratings dominance with 6.3 million Adults 25-54, 5.1 million Adults 18-49, 3.5 million Males 25-54 and 2.8 million Males 18-49.


Overall, for the three nights on May 28 – 30, HATFIELDS & MCCOYS averaged an incredible 13.8 total viewers, 6 million Adults 25-54 and 4.9 million Adults 18-49. The 4.9 million Adult 18-49 impressions average make it the highest rated mini series or movie on cable since 1998.


The debut of HATFIELDS & MCCOYS premiered on Monday, May 28 from 9-11 p.m. with over 13.9 million total viewers, 5.8 million Adults 25-54 and 4.8 million Adults 18-49. Over 17 million people watched both the premiere and encore telecast.


Night two of HATFIELDS & MCCOYS that aired on Tuesday, May 29 from 9-11:05 p.m. garnered 13.1 million total viewers, 4.7 million Adults 18-49, 5.9 million Adults 25-54, 2.5 million Males 18-49 and 3.2 million Males 25-54. In Adults 25-54 and Men 25-54, part two retained 100% delivery from night one. In primetime on May 29th, HISTORY was the #1 network on television among total viewers, Adults 25-54 and Adults 18-49.


Additionally, May 28-30 was the highest trafficked 3-day (72 hour) period of all-time for History.com across all key metrics and attracted more than 1.6 million unique visitors over the three days.


HATFIELDS & MCCOYS is the true American story of a legendary family feud – one that spanned decades and nearly launched a war between Kentucky and West Virginia. HATFIELDS & MCCOYS, a new three-part, six-hour scripted miniseries, showcasing an all-star cast headed up by Academy® Award winner Kevin Costner and Golden Globe® nominee Bill Paxton star as Devil Anse Hatfield and Randall McCoy, respectively. The mini series aired on May 28, 29 and 30, at 9 p.m. on HISTORY®.


HATFIELDS & MCCOYS is the story of a clash of clans that evoked great passion, vengeance, courage, sacrifice, crimes and accusations, and includes a cast of characters that changed the families and the history of the region forever. The Hatfield-McCoy saga begins with Devil Anse Hatfield and Randall McCoy. Close friends and comrades until near the end of the Civil War, they return to their neighboring homes – Hatfield in West Virginia, McCoy just across the Tug River border in Kentucky – to increasing tensions, misunderstandings and resentments that soon explode into all-out warfare between the families. As hostilities grow, friends, neighbors and outside forces join the fight, bringing the two states to the brink of another Civil War.


Joining Costner and Paxton are Golden Globe® winner Tom Berenger as Jim Vance, Devil Anse’s “Uncle Jim,” the firebrand warlord of the Hatfield family; Emmy® Award winner Powers Boothe as Wall Hatfield, Devil Anse’s level-headed, fair-minded older brother, who was the local (West Virginia) justice of the peace and judge; and Academy® Award-nominated, Emmy® Award-winning Mare Winningham as Sally McCoy, wife of Randall McCoy and the family matriarch who loses four sons, a daughter and her own sanity in the feud.


Rounding out the stellar cast include: Matt Barr as Devil Anse Hatfield’s oldest son Johnse Hatfield, who has an unquenchable appetite for romantic trouble; Noel Fisher as Cotton Top Mounts, an illegitimate son of a Hatfield; Boyd Holbrook as Devil Anse Hatfield’s son, Cap, with a cloudy eye but best rifle shot of the family; Andrew Howard as Bad Frank Phillips, a private detective/killer for hire; Jena Malone as the ruthless Nancy McCoy; Sarah Parish, as Levicy Hatfield, the strong-willed wife of Devil Anse; Lindsay Pulsipher as Roseanna McCoy, the daughter of Randall and Sally McCoy; and Ronan Vibert as Perry Cline, the McCoys’ politically savvy attorney.


HATFIELDS & MCCOYS is produced for HISTORY by Thinkfactory Media. Executive Producers for HISTORY are Nancy Dubuc and Dirk Hoogstra. Leslie Greif is the Executive Producer for Thinkfactory Media. Director is Kevin Reynolds. Producers are Kevin Costner, Darrell Fetty and Herb Nanas. Barry Berg is Supervising Producer. Story by Bill Kerby and Tedd Mann, teleplay Ted Mann (night 1) and Ted Mann and Ronald Parker (nights 2 & 3). Sony Pictures Television distributes HATFIELDS & MCCOYS.


  • carole

    I didn’t watch it, but when it repeats, I want to make sure to watch it.

  • Harris

    Seems like the kind of thing people in the south would enjoy (like The History Channel in general these days), but I’ll catch it eventually to see if it’s any good. Walking Dead is still the 18-49 scripted champ, right?

  • TBFL

    So what was the higher averaged show from 1998?

  • SF

    Allright!! Go Kevin Costner. I’m ready for the marathon this weekend!!

  • larry donny

    carole, no it isnt. the walking bore is now the 2nd most watched 18-49ers

  • MiketheCanadian

    Really an excellent mini series, all the cast was quite good, thoroughly enjoyable Television in a week with nothing else on. If the networks would do mini series again I’m sure they too would find success, good job History atleast someone is trying.

  • TimsDale4ever

    Didn’t see it, but anyone who didn’t will get a chance to view its “brothers” soon, as ALL the networks will be creating their own version of this mini-series now. Get ready for ad nauseam…

  • Cath

    It is the kind of mini-series that the networks claim no one wants to watch any more. Those numbers are huge for a show that was basically a “Western” (not geographically but the clothes and gunplay made it look like a Western) revenge movie.

    Costner must have been the reason people tuned in and while it wasn’t great art, the series was edited together so well that you wanted to tune in to find out what was going to happen next.

    Didn’t hurt that the competition was slim. Had to record second hour of So You Think You Can Dance so I could watch that later.

  • pennman3

    Finally, a relatively (no pun intended) fair and accurate accounting of the historical feud between the two families. Well done!
    I have to wonder, however, is there an ‘uncut/uncensored’ version available [on DVD]?

  • Chuck_T

    well those are pretty impressive numbers, better than many things the major broadcast networks get.

  • Nick


    I have to wonder, however, is there an ‘uncut/uncensored’ version available [on DVD]?

    Not a chance. Most movies and TV shows come out on DVD at least 1 month after they finish airing in movie theaters/ on TVs.

  • Nick


    well those are pretty impressive numbers, better than many things the major broadcast networks get.

    17 million viewers is right on CBS’s scripted average, and DWTS, American Idol, and The Voice easily get it.

  • Ultima

    I have to wonder, however, is there an ‘uncut/uncensored’ version available [on DVD]?

    I’m certain that History will release it on DVD, probably with special features, although not necessarily an extended director’s cut (there may not be one).

    As for the censoring, only the early encore airings were censored, the original primetime airings (9-11p) were not.

  • tv#1

    It is just amazing how well cable is doing nowadays. With all of this great stuff on cable Networks just continue to fall farther and farther behind. NBC didn’t have one scripted drama hit where Hatfields & McCoy hit.

  • RJ
  • David C

    At first I thought this was one of those things that the ABC mathmaticians try to pull . . . you know, 5 million the first night, then 4.5 and 4.5 million, then tell us that 14 million watched.

    But no, this actually averaged 13.3 million over the 3 nights!
    Well done!

  • Melanie

    It was extremely well done, I’m glad it did so well.

  • Dee

    After this, NBC might want to rethink that hour of lame sitcoms they have planned for Wednesday nights. You know, the one with the monkey. Their pilot, The Frontier, would have fit really nicely right there.

  • mike

    how can a boring western get 14 million viewers..?? i guess it shows how bad of taste this country has..!

  • Polar Bear

    i agree-it is boring. but people who watch this have better taste than the ones who watch reality and dumb sitcoms/procedurals (basically everybody)

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