Bravo's 'Don't Be Tardy For The Wedding' Delivers Highest Rated Episode of the Season Up 71 Percent Among Adults 18-49, and Eearns Over 2 Million Total Viewers

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June 1st, 2012

via press release:

NEW YORK – June 1, 2012 – Bravo Media’s “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding” earned the highest rated episode of the season to-date with 2.03 million total viewers, up 64 percent and 1.14 million adults 18-49, up 71 percent from last week’s episode, according to Nielsen. Last night’s episode finally gave fans what they have anxiously waited for… Kim Zolciak wigless. The revealing seventh episode marked the first time the series delivered more than one million adults 18-49 and over two million total viewers. For a sneak peek of next week’s episode, go to: For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter at

Bravo also delivered digital success as “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding” recorded a remarkable 90 percent increase in page views, 181 percent increase in unique visitors and 188 percent increase in streams from the prior week's episode.

Next Thursday, June 7th at 9:30pm et/pt, tune into “Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding” as it’s the morning of the big day, 11/11/11, and Kim has to make sure everything is perfect before she walks down the aisle – most of all, her makeup and her wig. She and her best friend Jen reunite and Kim’s assistant Niki steps into the role of Matron of Honor. With just a couple hours to go, Colin Cowie’s crew is still putting together Kim's wedding and Derek J still hasn’t cut Kim’s wedding wig!

"Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding" is produced by True Entertainment for Bravo. Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin and Dominick Pupa serve as Executive Producers.

Source: Nielsen Media Research, LS data through 5/31/12. Omniture SiteCatalyst, Unique Visitors, Page Views, Video Streams; 05/31/12 vs. 05/24/12.

  • Melanie

    I think most of this ratings rise has to do with the fact that she showed her real hair last night. I think it looks alot nicer than those wigs, LOL!!

  • Kieran

    Sara, with all due respect,
    your spelling is terrible.
    Its ‘Earns’ not ‘eearns’ and this isn’t the first time i’ve seen something like this today.

  • Beyoncca

    I believe the only reason people watched is simply to see her real hair, although I feel like I still saw extentions in her hair. Probably why she made Derrick J leave her dressing room. I don’t believe a thing this lying chick says. What happened to the illness she alluded to on season 2’s reunion. Insinuating that she had Cancer.
    Next week we’ll see if it’s sheerly the hype that boosted her rating. Why else would it jump so heavily.

  • Nugs

    Kieran, with all due respect, your grammar is terrible! It’s “It’s” Earns, not ‘Its’ Earns. And have you ever thought that Sara might have tapped the ‘e’ key twice by accident? Misspelling “its” an “it’s” is no accident. Get yourself a dictionary.

  • Jared

    I love Kim..and those wigs!..I hope this show gets renewed for a second season of tackiness!..

  • merilee01

    This is my favorite Bravo show & I don’t think the ratings were due to Kim’s “hair reveal.” It’s the most positive show Bravo has & it’s the best. Really like Kim & all of her family.

  • Kelly

    It’s amazing how people post about a subject matter…then they get derailed
    (like ADD) and start picking on each other, their grammar errors etc…I’m exhausted with the nonsense.
    Anyhoo, I believe the ratings boosts had alot to do with seeing her real hair. Her own hair is beautiful, modern, and I’m shocked she covered it with the wigs which started to look uglier, show after show.
    I do agree it’s finally refreshing to see a couple in love with a new baby and just the normal day to day. However, as we can all curse like the best, it’s tiring to hear the “MF”s”, the ‘B’ words and her favorite…F,F,F,F every other word in front of her children. When you are an attractive woman, and swear to that degree, with a camera in front of your face, it’s a major turnoff. My gorgeous husband, and others have said, her cursing completely takes away from “her” as a lady, mother and on nat’l tv.
    This much I know, in time Kroy will tire of her “mouth”.

  • marilynne

    I love this new show. I think in time, she’ll stop the cursing. It becomes a bad habit, like many things. I love watching her with her baby. It is obvious there is love in this family. Best Bravo show ever! I am sick of the other shows. They ramp up the drama to such a level, it becomes way too awkward to watch, and that screeching on RHOA, I cannot take! And, OC housewives are so boring. I am sick of that show. And, NeeNee, sorry, but I think she is a rude-loudmouth. I felt so bad for Sheree on the reunion show and Cynthia and her husband make me gag….her sister is right, Peter is an —. I don’t know why Bethenny ever got her own show. So the public can watch her spin on her neurotic, self obsessed axis? Cannot listen to her, her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. So, thank you, Bravo for finally getting it right! Now, Andy Cohen should go kiss Kim’s feet as he has been a rude ass to her on his reunion shows. Go Kim, Kroy, and kids! Team Zolciak

  • Jeff

    Nugs, with all due respect, your spelling is terrible! It’s “Misspelling “its” AND “it’s””, not “Misspelling “its” an “it’s””.

  • Melanie

    @Kelly, I agree about Kim’s language, it is horrible! She has this great guy and kids and needs to settle down and show some class. Also, she can be way too materialistic and doesn’t even have her own career really to furnish that kind of lifestyle that she loves. Just living off Kroy’s money actually when it was previously all about Big Poppa’s money, LOL.

  • Melanie

    @marilynne, LOL that you call NeNe a rude loudmouth, when Kim acts just as bad and I think worse even. In fact, I think Kim tries way too hard to keep up with all the other ladies on RHOA. At the reunion, Nene mentioned that she told the producers about getting Kim on the show in the first place, so Kim should thank Nene for putting her in the spotlight, therefore she wouldn’t even have her own show now. Hey, I’ll take Bethenny anyday because at least she has class, a career all her own and treats her staff with respect unlike Kim, who treated and talked to Sweetie like crap, all the while claiming to “love her” so much. Please! I bet Kroy will tire from it also, so I give this marriage a year tops.

  • Luciloo

    I do not care for this show…Kim just offends me on so many levels.
    Wahing her disrespect her mother, future in laws, and supposed best friend /maid of honor I had to ask myself why I wanted to invest more time in this show. I don’t.

  • ShiningStar

    It was obvious that Kim had hair extensions on. Her supposedly “real” hair still didn’t look all natural because of the extensions in it. And I’m sure that Derrick J. and her assistant could tell when she walked in the room. That’s why they didn’t comment or say anything about her “real” hair. The only reason that I watch the show was to see her “real” hair and her actual wedding, but once again you can’t trust Kim on anything that she says or does. Once the wedding is over, I’ll be so glad that the show is over. You can only take so much of Kim.

  • patricia

    Kim’s wedding was so BEAUTIFUL it is so good to find a man that love you the way that Kroy loves Kim.The way he came into her life and showed her that true love is not a fairy tail how he came and showed her girls how a real man should love is great and when he put those rings on her girls the deal was done.

  • Stacey

    Such shenanigans! I thought the wedding was beautiful and Kroy vows were touching. My favorite part was the first dance, because I fell in love with the song they were playing. Turns out its called “Beauty in the Breakdown” by Seth Glier. I found it on iTunes. Just lovely.

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