Will 'Fringe' Rate Higher Than 'Touch' on Fridays in the Fall? (Poll)

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June 1st, 2012

Each hour of the two episode season finale of Touch drew a preliminary 1.3 adults 18-49 rating down from the 1.7 adults 18-49 rating for its penultimate episode. The drop itself isn't really surprising considering Touch had a week off and didn't have American Idol around to pump it up.

Those numbers look pretty bleak, but it's not like Fox didn't see it coming having already slated Touch for Fridays at 8pm in the fall. Last night's 1.3 adults 18-49 rating does beg the question of how far Touch's ratings will fall on Fridays and whether it will be able to better Fringe. Indeed, Fringe fans may be playing the "its lead-in is dragging it down!" Fan Excuse Bingo square in its final season.


  • John A

    Touch will get a 1.0 for premiere and be below a 1.0 and then axed. Fringe needs a lead in to do well so 0.8-1.0 at best. Maybe higher cos its the final season but i doubt it.

  • dee

    Terra Nova pilot cost: $14 million, then each episodes cost $4 million each.

    Touch budget is believed to be about $2.5 million each. Another thing is, I read that UK’s Sky1 was funding partner. FYI: Sky1 is part of BSkyB owned by BBC (60.9%) and News Corp (39.1%).

    That means Touch 12 episodes cost $30 million total.
    Terra Nova 11 episodes cost $50 million (pilot plus 9 episodes).

  • Bob Keller

    The entire fall season looks abysmal with few exceptions. Fringe and Touch are two of the rare exceptions. I think both will do better than expected, especially when you add back in the +DVR time delay ratings.

  • The End


    Mostly my point, Fox have two shows doing dreadfully, one is very expensive, the other has an average budget but doing a bit worse. Do you go for the super expensive option which will only be more expensive with budget increases and hope the ratings hold, or do you go for the cheapest option with an almost stable viewership which you won’t lose as much money on?

    Although I’m almost certain Touch will be next seasons Awake in terms of viewership, I doubt Fox will mind, and will just view it as something decent to shove onto Friday night. I doubt it’l be renewed, this is likely Fox showing respect for Sutherland and giving his show a chance.

  • chrisss

    @ dee

    What?! The BBC has nothing whatsoever to do with BSkyB

  • Nick

    Terra Nova had 13 episodes. 2 hr pilot + 9 episodes + 2 hr finale.

  • Nick

    Touch costs $2.5 million each? Wow it’s cheap. Lets see:

    Total Cost: $2,500,000
    Sutherland’s Salary: -$2,499,999.99
    Rest of Touch expenses: $0.01


  • iggy.

    1.3 sounds about right for Touch.
    Chuck did pretty lousy in its final season, and Fringe will (allegedly) face Shark Tank in November, so I’ll go with 1.2.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I won’t predict anything about Touch. I do know Fringe will be doing Dollhouse season two and perhaps SUB-Dollhouse season two numbers.

    Anyone who thinks Fringe will be doing 1.1-1.3 (with the possible exception of the season five premiere) is delusional. It did 1.0 and .9 this spring, it will do lower during most of its 13 episodes in the fall.

    Although I have to agree that ANY ratings for Fringe are irrelevant.

    The real problem is that the Fringe fanatics will be crowing that Fringe will get a SIXTH season for no known reason – and since there was no reason to renew Fringe THIS season, it will be impossible to shut them up until it’s canceled in the spring…

  • Patrick G.

    Reaching for page views on this lonely Summer Friday?….

    Yes, but it worked. There are really few reasons to bother with TVBTN in the summer time…at least until “Falling Skies” and “Dallas” start airing. So a “FRINGE” piece makes sense, LOL ;)

    That being said, of course “FRINGE” will do better on Fridays than “Touch.” FOX only renewed the latter because of Keifer Sutherland. Anyone else, and it would have been canceled. And next year, it will be!

    I echo David F. at this point. Ratings for “FRINGE” are immaterial, since its final, abbreviated 5th season deal has been sealed. It could sink to CW-ish .5 and its 13 episodes and ultimate ending are secured. Though its core audience will keep it in the 1-1.5 range for all of its final season :)

  • Patrick G.

    Oh go back under the rock you crawled out from under, Hack. Your predictions about “FRINGE” have been wrong for the past 2 years, from your “it will sink below 1.0 and lower,” to your “predictions” that the show would be canceled after seasons 3 and 4. You have no merit in anything related to the show any more!

    Clearly, “FRINGE’s” fan base has settled in the low 1’s of the demo, and that’s where it will STAY for its final season. And none of us “FRINGE” fans expect or will be talking about a sixth season, except maybe that nutjob Bondoel or his other pseudonyms. Warner Brothers wanted a full 22-episode fifth season, but FOX gave them 13 to get them to the more lucrative 100+ episode total for strip syndication, where the show has already gotten a deal to air on Science, so they accomplished their goal. We have no delusions about a sixth season, or even a back-9 order, so shut your trap and stop speaking about that which you know not of!!

  • Rooks

    Touch is a walking corpse. I doubt it will last til the holidays. As far as Fringe ratings go, no one – not haters or crazy fans – gives a spit. It’s going to finish out its final order no matter what, and that’s that. Ratings are irrelevant.

  • John A

    RSH why always you have to have hate for fringe? The show got 13 episodes and then its cancelled so you got your wish. The way you act as if it got a 6 year renewel. I seen u say u like Nikita and look at that it got 22 episode 3rd season with a 0.4. Thats a more insane renewel.

  • David Howell

    Touch to do less-badly in live+SD, Fringe to overtake it in +7 DVR numbers, and the January schedule on Fox will be an all-Ramsey affair. As will the fall 2013 schedule.

    It’s a shame The CW promoted Supernatural to Wednesdays, as we could have seen them push Fox to #6 (Univision will beat both). Now that would have been quite something for the “#1″ (air quotes because it’s only the 10pm hour that pushes CBS down) network.

  • David Howell

    ^^ the above refers to Fridays being all-Ramsey. He won’t take over weeknights just yet. Fox isn’t in THAT bad a state. ;)

  • NJ Viewer

    Just wondering…suppose in some miraculous twist of fate, Fringe’s episodes are just spectacular stories, and manage to somehow increase (maybe even double) its viewers (and rating). Would Fox then renew it for another season?

  • RG-X

    I think TOUCH is going to lean into more of a Sci-fi story – I think it will be close…but Touch will be up against CSI NY – so I don’t think anything will get over a 2.0 demo ratings.

    Touch will be a little higher in ratings than Fringe – by a very small margin though.

  • JackB

    I’m really glad that Fringe will be moving; I liked both Fringe & Grimm, and if it came to a choice, I’d have watched Fringe. BUT, on my cable, Fringe was watchable next day via On Demand, Grimm wasn’t for some reason, so my Fringe viewing was Sat ipo Fri. I’m guessing there may have been others that did this…

  • Peter Mazz

    Fringe Ratings – Low (1.2) High (1.5)
    Touch Ratings – Low (1.0) High (1.4 or 1.6)

  • Nick

    @David Howell

    I agree with you. FOX jas announced that there will be a Hell’s Kitchen season on Fridays, along with a new season of Kitchen Nightmares. Also, Hotel Hell might appear somewhere, so that means one of two things:

    a) FOX only gave Touch the “don’t cancel all our rookie shows” renewal, and expect it to die on Fridays so it can be replaced.
    b) FOX is only giving Touch a 11-13 episode season.

    B is more likely, as TV people don’t think like A. If people thought like that, every network would be a NBC.

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