Will 'Fringe' Rate Higher Than 'Touch' on Fridays in the Fall? (Poll)

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June 1st, 2012

Each hour of the two episode season finale of Touch drew a preliminary 1.3 adults 18-49 rating down from the 1.7 adults 18-49 rating for its penultimate episode. The drop itself isn't really surprising considering Touch had a week off and didn't have American Idol around to pump it up.

Those numbers look pretty bleak, but it's not like Fox didn't see it coming having already slated Touch for Fridays at 8pm in the fall. Last night's 1.3 adults 18-49 rating does beg the question of how far Touch's ratings will fall on Fridays and whether it will be able to better Fringe. Indeed, Fringe fans may be playing the "its lead-in is dragging it down!" Fan Excuse Bingo square in its final season.


  • Richard Steven Hack

    Since it annoys the Fringe bozos here, I’ll repeat myself:

    Fringe will do 1.0 and lower – maybe CW-level lower – during MOST of its FINAL season.

    Oh, and the plot will be even MORE STUPID than it was this season.

    Have a nice day. :-)

  • Matt

    @ Richard Steven Hack

    No one is going to be clamoring for a season 6! Season 5 is the FINAL season. It will wrap up the entire story. The ratings don’t matter anymore. Maybe some delusional fans (like the guy who runs Fringepedia) are still under the impression that the “Second Half” of season 5 (which doesn’t exist, its simply an abbreviated season) will air on another channel…

    Touch- 1.0-1.4
    Fringe 0.8-1.1

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Matt: I’ve seen at least one person here ALREADY claiming there will be a season six. So yes, starting in the fall, you WILL see some delusional fans clamoring for a season six. But of course Fringe will not get one.

    The problem, as I said, is that since there was no good reason to renew it this season, arguing with those people will be impossible. They have just as much – i.e., none – reason to believe Fringe will get another season as the fans did this season. Which will make them even more irritating than they were this season.

    I think your Fringe estimate is probably right. The 1.1 will probably be the premiere episode. It could drop as low as .6-.7, but given only 13 episodes probably .8-.9 is more likely.

  • Simon

    I think it is best that we ignore Richard Steven Hack from now on people, his predictions are lauaghable now. He has been wrong on sooo many leves this Season and last.

    On topic, think it’ll do just the same as Fringe i.e 1.0 – 1.3 maybe hitting highs of 1.5.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Simon: 1.5, HAH! I doubt even the premiere will hit that number.

  • were123

    Lalalalalalalalalala, ratings doesn’t matter, Fringe has it’s final season, so everything you say is like “blah, blah, blah, blah” worse than a broken record. Even the part in which you say the plot line is stupis feels like “meh, like this guy knwos….” so say what you want, if Fringe goes on a high note then good for Fringe, it deserves it, but if not it doesn’t change anything, so as I said before, lalalalalalala, your comments don’t matter ^_^

  • were123

    ^knows* sorry, typo :D

  • ruben

    Your website is really useful and practical, but you should be objective and neutral in what you write. For example, we can clearly identify that you don’t like Fringe. That’s not good for your credibility.
    Just saying…

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Were123: And by definition, neither do your comments…

    Except they mean even less because they’re based on even less logic…just as they were the entire current season…

    The fun part for me is that after another 13 probably poor episodes, Fringe will be GONE FOREVER…

    Suck on that fact! :-)

  • were123

    So what? It was going away some day, but it’s going with a propper ending, not like many shows does, so I count that as a victory, so I suck nothing ;)
    And another good thing: after Fringe is gone, I won’t have to read any of your post about it anymore :D
    I’m sure TVBTN will miss our fights about Fringe, they always led to some traffic.
    Now that is all ending, all I want to say Richard is that whenever I’m bored I like to argue with some trash head, like you! So thank you for making my Mondays a little less boring, it’s always fun to pick up at someone ;)

  • were123

    I sorry, I forgot to add: may I suck yours? It seems like fun!

  • Taz Man

    I have learned to never count Fringe out even when it looks horribly bleak. I’m not going to call it until the fat lady sings and there is a proper finale, even then it might still suprise us.

    In my opinion this is partially caused by what I like to call the “Firefly effect”, Fox dont want to miss out on juicy DVD and syndication revenue just because the ratings arent that great in first run telecasts. Over time money can be made by cult favourites like Fringe in future DVD sales and syndication. The “Firefly effect” is also the reason that Dollhouse got a second season in spite of shocking ratings. Fox are playing the long game for a change and for that I couldnt applaud them more. Its either that or someone powerful at Fox really, really, really, likes Fringe.

    Are you listening NBC?!?!? Give Community a full order for Season 4 and another couple of seasons it will pay off in the DVD sales and syndication in the long run.

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