'Game of Thrones' Sets Series High for Viewers in 2nd Season Finale

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June 4th, 2012

HBO's Game of Thrones set a series high in total viewers in last night's second season finale with a total of 4.2 million viewesrs for , besting its previous high of 3.9 million viewers.  The encore drew another 910,000 viewers for a total of 5.1 million viewers on the night.

Separately, Veep saw its second most-watched episode of the season with 1.2 million viewers and Girls set series highs in its initial telecast with 1.1 million viewers.

  • Hugh

    Think I guessed 4.2

    and a 2.2 demo

  • Decker

    I would rather watch a continuous reel of Crybaby with Johnny Depp than sit thru an episode of Girls!!!! Really, I believe that show is going the way of HBO’s bomb John from Cincinati!!!!

  • Epic

    I don’t like Veep at all personally and never seen Girls. I’m looking forward to The Newsroom though b/c I’m a huge West Wing fan.

  • Ultima


    How did Stannis survive? Didn’t he get captured in episode #9?

    No, it was his men dragging him away from the fight.

    How did Daenari’s people survive? I thought they got slaughtered and she didn’t have that many people to begin with.

    Only three of Daenerys’ people are killed when the dragons are stolen – two guards and one of her handmaidens. The first group of dead guards you see were Qartheen, not Dothraki (you can tell by the short hair).

  • Penny

    I IMO think Girls is great and different, but not groundbreaking or original. But it’s just like a big long indie film. Glad it set new highs.

  • Sheena

    “Girls” has grown on me. Not so much that I would have been upset if it hadn’t gotten renewed, but enough to tune in. I just wonder what the motivation of the characters are sometimes. Hopefully, they get more into the psychology of the characters, since when they have, it has been interesting.

    I was a big fan of “The Thick of it”, so I have a sweet spot for “Veep”. (Spoiler warning)
    I was, however, frustrated with what they did with the pregnancy. They could have played with that idea for a bit longer, maybe ended the season with it, or at least kept it going for more than just an episode. For a moment, I thought they were intending for episode six to be a finale.

  • mayorofsmpleton

    Girls plays like a great novel. It’s going to unwrap as each new episode airs. It’s got 25-30 minutes to tell a story — it’s the kind of show where these supposed “unlikeable” characters are going to grow on the audience. These characters are real people — and Dunham isn’t afraid to portray them as a little spoiled, a little self-involved… that’s kind of the whole point of the show. I’m just surprised how people are having such a hard time accepting it. Though I suppose any great show will have detractors. It seems to be building great word of mouth.

  • Peter

    Girls is an awesome show. I mean you cant say its the worst when all cbs’ shows are on the air

  • Bob

    Big deal about total numbers as is told over and over again on this site. Now what was the demo???? That is what is important according to everyone here or is that just for Harry’s Law?

  • Bob

    If not for CBS, there would be nothing good on. Thank God for CBS. The only network that gets viewers.

  • Crazy Eye Broyles (AJ)

    To explain the Winterfell thing would spoil it even though it was explained at the end of book 2. I can only assume they intend for Winterfell to be sort of a cliffhanger. Just because the Iron Islanders left with Theon doesn’t mean they lived. Nor does it mean they died, the show is different than the book here because they killed Sir Roderick well before he died in the book. Robb said any of them could leave except Theon so they stabbed him in the back so to speak to turn over to the Northmen outside. But you’ll just have to wait and see what happens there. All is not as it seems….

    Oh and Book 3 starts off jumping back in time to before the battle of Blackwater, which was episode 9. Although they used parts of book 3 in season 2 to avoid that time shift (like what Arya was doing fleeing Harrenhall, what happened at the Fist, and the Jaime Lannister stuff), they must have intentionally left out what happened at Winterfell because they had not cast Ramsey Bolton or his squire Reek at that point. I assume it will be a big part of the first episode next season.


    Honsetly wikipedia has a breakdown of every book and event that happens in them that can probably explain it better than I can. There is also an ASOIAF wiki.

  • Crazy Eye Broyles (AJ)

    The white walkers and their wights marching on the fist is the prologue of book 3 btw. In a way anyway, the prologue ends with the 3 horn blows and Chett pissing himself lol.

  • Cody


    The demo doesn’t matter for HBO because they don’t have advertisers and are based entirely on subscriptions. A show on basic cable or network TV cares about the 18-49 demo though because they have to attract advertisers, and that is the demo that advertisers desire.

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