Hip-Hop Artist Nelly And Musician And Actor Joe Jonas Join 'The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep'

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June 4th, 2012

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Hip-Hop Artist Nelly And Musician And Actor Joe Jonas Join The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep



June 4, 2012 (Burbank, CA) – The CW has filled out the cast of its upcoming singing competition series as Grammy Award-winning rapper and actor Nelly and Grammy Award-nominated musician and actor Joe Jonas have joined THE NEXT: FAME IS AT YOUR DOORSTEP (formerly titled “The Star Next Door”) as the final two celebrity mentors.  The series premiere date and time will be announced at a later date.


From executive producer and hip-hop icon Queen Latifah, along with executive producers Dave Broome (“The Biggest Loser”) and Shakim Compere, THE NEXT: FAME IS AT YOUR DOORSTEP will go on a nationwide search for undiscovered artists on the verge of stardom.  In this new take on the music competition genre, superstar mentors Jonas, Nelly, pop legend Gloria Estefan, and country star John Rich will travel to where the talent is, immersing themselves in the lives and towns of these local performers and preparing them for the chance to represent their home city on stage, live, in front of America.  THE NEXT is produced by CBS’s Raquel Productions Inc., in association with 25/7 Productions, LLC and Flavor Unit Entertainment, Inc.


Nelly, who will be releasing his highly-anticipated sixth studio album in the fall, charged onto the hip-hop scene in the summer of 2000 with his groundbreaking debut album, Country Grammar, much to the delight of the legions of fans that now rank him among hip-hop’s premier artists.  Ranked No. 3 on Billboard’s definitive list of the best-selling artists of the 2000s, Nelly has not only sold more than 30 million albums/singles, but he also tied with Elton John for the most consecutive weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart by a male solo artist. Beyond music, Nelly also released a fitness DVD called Celebrity Sweat in September 2010, and his hugely successful Apple Bottoms clothing line for women has expanded to include fragrance, handbags and accessories, footwear, intimates, swimsuits, plus sizes, scrubs, sunglasses, optical, jewelry, girls wear, and infant apparel. In addition to recently acquiring the rights to the Troop clothing line, Nelly is the CEO of his own label, Derrty Ent., co-owner of the Charlotte Bobcats NBA expansion team, and founder of two non-profit organizations, 4Sho4Kids and Jes Us 4 Jackie.


Joe Jonas is an international talent in both the music, television and film arenas.  Joe and his brothers burst onto the music scene in August 2007 with their self-titled debut album, which made the top five albums on the Billboard charts and was soon certified double platinum.  With the release of the band’s second album, the Jonas Brothers became the first artist ever to have three albums on the Billboard Top 10 at once – Jonas Brothers, A Little Bit Longer and the Camp Rock soundtrack.  In 2009, they released Lines, Vines and Trying Times, a global hit that



became their second #1 album in one year.  Since then, the Jonas Brothers have sold a combined 20 million units worldwide and earned over 40 Gold & Platinum record certifications.  They received their first Grammy nomination in 2008 for Best New Artist, and have won nearly 50 awards across the globe, including an American Music Award.  Joe and his brothers have embarked on eight world and regional tours over the past six years, performing for over three million fans.  “Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience” opened to become the second highest grossing concert film of all time.  With an unrelenting passion for music, Joe’s solo album, FastLife, debuted in the Top 15 releases for the week of October 11, 2011.  Joe and the Change for the Children Foundation have teamed up with Special Olympics to host fun runs around the world to raise money for Special Olympics.  The Jonas Brothers have raised $4.5 million for Change for the Children to date.  Currently, Joe is back in the studio working on highly anticipated new music with his brothers.

  • Sid

    I wish The CW well in tackling their first singing reality show. Casting Nelly was good but I’m not so sure about Joe.

  • A2V

    I wonder how people are eliminated on the show. The format is a little unclear.

  • CharlieSheen

    The CW really needs something to start hitting soon so they can have protected timeslots and start to grow their new crop of shows.

  • jamie

    I don’t like the new title.

    The cast is really good, though.

  • thetruth

    @Sid , Joe had judged in American idol and other things including a charity things that he judges their music and talent. He’s a great mentor I’m sure of that. :) don’t worry he will be good for the show of course the others are good,too.

  • Freyja

    Cool more crappy pop stars who cares… Maybe they can actually get real musicians oh wait that will cost to much for the CW, so they stick with the crappy ones. ;)

    Not impressed next please!

  • lola

    @Freyja what a bitchy attitude you have, i bet you can do it better right? Oh wait. You ain’t nobody, therefore, your opinion is irrelevant.

  • Sid


    LOL, nicely done. :D

  • Freyja


    Sorry but I don’t care for manufactured music, I prefer real artists who write their own music and play their own instruments, and not copy something that’s already been done. I know sheep people like you don’t care, but I do.

    So yes, I am a bitch and have an attitude when it comes to music, I am even a music snob.. I just don’t follow something because everyone else does. ;)

  • Anna

    Sounds like another fail for the CW. Can they please stop with these cheesy reality shows already?

  • EatMorePez

    I predict a 0.3 demo rating for the premiere.

  • Sabrina

    I love Joe! I think he’ll be a great mentor. He’s young, talented and has been writing/performing his own music for years. He is experienced in multiple styles of performance and I think that he will do very well for the show. Plus, he’ll bring in younger viewers who might not watch the CW otherwise. :)

  • Rhymes and Reasons

    If you like hip-hop, you might like my blog, Rhymes and Reasons. It’s a series of interviews with hip-hop heads who discuss their lives and a few songs that matter to them. Pretty powerful stuff. Check’em out here:


  • Tori

    @Freyja Um, Nelly and Joe Jonas write most of their own music. Joe, sometimes with the help of his brothers considering that he is in a band with them. Otherwise, I wouldn’t call it manufactured pop. Especially when Nelly is a creative and fun HIP-HOP artist and Joe plays the piano, guitar, and can sing live and well without auto-tune. They’re definitely far from “manfactured pop.” So your argument is invalid. ^_^ (Btw, I wouldn’t take pride in being a music snob. Everybody I know has the same opinion on them: They’re pretentious and annoying as f*ck.)

    And to everyone else complaining “OH NOT ANOTHER REALITY SHOW!! *goes to hang themself*” Please STFU. You’re probably STILL gonna tune in anyway. Otherwise, quit bitching and talk about something you LIKE for a change.

  • Ultima

    Can they please stop with these cheesy reality shows already?

    Because running repeats all summer has worked so well for the CW in the past?

  • david

    I did like the original name of the show The Star Next Door. I think the two editions for mentors will help the show. and i really hope it is a success for the CW because they really need a hit and they need it soon.

  • Noelle

    Isn’t this concept the exact same thing as “Duets” without the actual duets?

  • Kaylie

    I like the cast a lot!! But not the new name.

  • Freyja


    You don’t know what Manufactured POP is do you? The Jonas Brothers are a product of Disney, that makes them Manufactured POP.

    Correction Nelly was a good artists, but he is using the show to re-launch his career.

    I don’t like anything recent at all, Well I do like Adele because she unlike the rest of the pop crap out there, can sing, and she doesn’t need to be auto-tuned or manufactured. She just goes out there and sings.

    I am proud to be a music snob, it means I am an independent thinker and not a sheep when it comes to music. I don’t just accept anything because it’s popular to do so.


    I agree with you at least the CW is trying this summer unlike the past years. But there is a reason my TV goes dark during the summer ;) I catch up on reading or playing computer games like WOW or D3..

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