Lifetime Releases First Official Photo of Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor in Original Movie "Liz & Dick"

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June 4th, 2012


via press release:


FIRST OFFICIAL photo from the Lifetime Original Movie, Liz & Dick, debuting later this year on Lifetime.

The film started principal photography in Los Angeles today and stars Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor and Grant Bowler as Richard Burton.

Photo Credit: Richard McLaren/Lifetime

  • tommy

    I had to stare at that picture for a good 10 seconds before I realized it WAS Lohan!

  • Justin

    It doesn’t even look like Lindsay! Wow.

  • poppycarew

    I thought Megan Fox would have made a better Liz, but we’ll see what Lohan does with this role.

  • Ralph Hahn

    Linz-Linz may resemble Liz, thanks to plenty of make-up and a wig. But, let her try to do Ms. Taylor’s in one of Liz and Dick’s best movies together(IMHO): “Who’s Afraid of Virginal Woolf?”

    If any of these TV producers and directors have to put up with her past bad habits about showing up late and active “The Diva,” they should have the
    b—s to blackball this Product of Hollywood P.O.S. from show biz forever.

  • BoB

    Most likely that Photoshop is L-L’s best friend.

  • RJ

    Holy crap! That looks NOTHING like Lindsay Lohan. Good job!

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    People forget that Lindsay is very talented, so I’m rooting for her, and to the person who suggested Megan Fox, while she’s stunning, Lindsay can act circles around her. Grant Bowler is super hot, I loved him on Ugly Betty and GCB.

  • bsp

    With all her experience as an actress, and all that she’s been through in her personal life, remember that LL is still only 25 years old. If she wants to get herself together and actually be an actress, she still has plenty of opportunities ahead.

  • jongleur

    I’m sure there is some level of photoshop like every other Hollywood photo but there is no wig. Lindsay died her hair for the role. Which is surprising considering how often wigs are used in television and film productions.

  • Sheena

    Beautiful picture. I really hope this ends up being a reflection of how the movie will be. This makes me want to see it.

  • Bob

    Lindsay has the unfortunate timeing of having to deal with the internet. When Robert Downing Jr and Rob Lowe were having their problems, they did not get daily news about how awful they are or that they are washed up. They both did things that were probably not the smartest things in the World to do when they were young, but they both got up, brushed themselves off, and matured. Lindsay hopefully will do the same.

  • a p garcia

    I hope the picture is a precursor of how good LiLo is as Liz.

  • joey

    Linsanity! Love You all the way

  • M. Daly

    Robert Downing,Jr. and Rob Lowe were on Entertainment Tonight when they were going through their trials and tribulations so plenty of people knew about it. My hope is that Lindsey gets her act together like these guys did but talk is cheap, so far she hasn’t shown very much other than what she can’t do-like arrive on set on-time, etc. This gal needs help and if she doesn’t get it because she wants it she’ll never get out of Hollywood alive. It doesn’t help that she has people surround her who don’t necessarily care any more about her than a paycheck.

    Plus, lifetime is such a repugnant network, making money off Whitney Houston’s death by making the remains into a reality show I wonder how many people will even bother to watch this when it’s finished. I know I won’t.

  • Jolie R H

    I guess Lindsay finally found a role that seems to be made just for her, or at least the pictures, since she did The Parent trap movie. Hope she does right by Liz. I wonder what she would think had she known Lindsay Lohan was going to play her role.

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