MTV Movie Awards Ratings Down Big; 'Teen Wolf' Season Premiere Ratings Steady Vs. Last Year's Premiere

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June 4th, 2012

The 2012 MTV Movie Awards scored a 2.8 rating with people age 12-34, and 3.2 million viewers down 29% from last years 4.5 million.

Teen Wolf averaged  a 2.0 rating in P12-34 and 2.1 million viewers, down a little from last year's 2.1 P12-34 rating and 2.167 million viewers for its series premiere which bowed behind last year's more-watched 2011 MTV Movie Awards.

  • RyanCanada

    love this show

  • Max

    Teen Wolf did HORRIBLE.

    All that buzz and all and that’s all they could manage. Just think how bad the show is going to do in its normal Monday slot throughout the summer.

    Geez, nothing on MTV is working right now.

  • Justin

    Teen Wolf is still going strong.

  • J

    Solid show

  • Juan

    thas what happen when you give an award to twicrap

  • layla

    LOVE teen wolf! probably would have gotten the extra .1 if russel brand would have realized his 1st mistake and corrected it by calling it ‘teen wolf’ instead of ‘teen mum’ last night.

  • Lane

    Teen Wolfe might just get cancelled if it doesn’t stay at these numbers if it stays it’ll be renewed but it’s sad to think the first episode of Punkd did better than the Movie Awards this season. Hopefully things will pick up with VMAs since it got like a 6.5 last year.

  • Leon

    Teen Wolf didn’t have an award lead in last year and did great ratings wise! Teen Wolf will do fine and will be renewed! Stop the hating

  • Lane

    I love the show but I just can’t see it lasting past season2 :(

  • msupdate

    I doubt we’ll have to worry about Teen Wolf or Awkward. when it comes around. I think they have their strong audience and will continue to be strong by MTV standards. The movie award rating is disappointing, but not surprising given MTV’s recently lacklustre results everywhere.

  • Rondo

    Thank god that Movie Awards crap is down.

    Teen Wolf is an amazing show, I was very surprised at how good it was last season. Hopefully ESPN keeps it for at least 2-4 more seasons.

  • Derek

    I remember the good ol days when that M stood for music. Now I’ll only tune in if they renew Beavis & Butthead.

  • Sheena

    I forgot the VMA’s were even on. Not that I would have watched. That’s too bad, though.
    But since they repeat it so much, maybe that is why people don’t bother?

  • jake

    Teen Wolf is safe, because is a decent teen show that has a suprinsingly talented cast, the only thing I could bother about is the CGI, they’re horrible, but anything else is right.

  • Sheena

    My mistake, I meant to type *Movie Awards.

  • Aedan

    MTV will most likely pair Teen Wolf with the Scream series they are developing. Not too fond of teen wolf but definitely curious how scream will do as a television show

  • Gaius Bolling

    how are people saying the teen wolf ratings are bad? it’s close to what it premiered with last year? and pretty close to the finale ratings as well? it’s steady. has a steady fanbase. good for them. i meant he CW would want those numbers lol

  • Travis

    I knew the Movie Awards were going to bomb. For the first time, I didn’t bother to watch live. I, with the rest of the nation, was focused on that Heat-Celtics game. Ashton Kutcher is not a ratings draw on MTV. It was such a dumb idea to force people to endure Punk’d during their red carpet pre-show. The only highlight was the cast of The Dark Knight Rises appearing on stage. Christian Bale getting emotional was a great highlight. Other than that, it wasn’t anything edgy. MTV isn’t for the cool kids anymore. If you want edgy, watch Adult Swim.

  • boogke

    I Dvred the vmas and literally fast forwarded through without stopping once.

    Teen Wolf is their best show, and those numbers were fine. Pants Back was another good scripted show that had potential and decent numbers, especially compared to other series recent numbers. Dumb, dumb cancellation.

    The big question is how will Snooki Show do….if it fails they’re in biiiiiig trouble.

    And btw, Punkd sucked this season, even Ashton said so which was refreshingly candid. Money from Strangers is better.

  • frank5869

    So the fake Nielsen rating stats tells 67000 viewers lost and Teen Wolf must be cancelled?
    If that ever happens it’s again just network managers doing dirty business and acting like a mafia gang. Which is rather common nowadays among these manager thieves.

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