Stanley Cup Final Game 3 Airs Tonight on NBC Sports Network

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June 4th, 2012

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Al Michaels to Appear on Pre-Game Show

Devils @ Kings – NBC Sports Network – Coverage Begins at 7:30 p.m. ET

Kings lead 2012 Stanley Cup Final 2-0


NEW YORK – June 4, 2012Day 55 – NBC Sports Group’s exclusive coverage of the 2012 Stanley Cup Final continues tonight between the Eastern Conference Champion New Jersey Devils and the Western Conference Champion Los Angeles Kings at 8 p.m. ET on NBC Sports Network from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif. Coverage begins tonight and every game night on NBC Sports Network at 7:30 p.m. ET with a half-hour pre-game show, NHL Live. NBC Sports Network will also present a half-hour post-game show after every game of the series.

Tonight’s and Wednesday night’s telecasts will be the 51st and 52nd by the NBC Sports Network of 2012 Stanley Cup playoffs. The NBC Sports Group’s coverage of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs – across NBC, NBC Sports Network, CNBC and NHL Network -- is the most by a single media company of a sport’s post-season in U.S. television history (82 games so far).

Games 1 and 2 both ended in overtime with Kings victories – their record ninth and 10th consecutive wins away from home – further continuing their reign on the road. The Kings are home tonight for the first time in the Final. There is hope for Devils fans despite losing the first two games. The Kings only two losses of the 2012 playoffs occurred at Staples Center, and two of the last three Stanley Cup champions also lost the first two games of their respective series.


With all 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff games airing nationally for the first time, the NBC Sports Group created a channel finder to help fans find NBC and NBC Sports Network in their area by simply entering a zip code.

Click here for the channel finder.


All 2012 Stanley Cup Final games will air exclusively on NBC or the NBC Sports Network. Following is the remaining schedule (all times ET and subject to change):

Monday, June 4
8 p.m. New Jersey Devils @ L.A. Kings (Game 3) NBC Sports Network
Wednesday, June 6
8 p.m. New Jersey Devils @ L.A. Kings (Game 4) NBC Sports Network
Saturday, June 9
8 p.m. L.A. Kings @ New Jersey Devils (Game 5) * NBC
Monday, June 11
8 p.m. New Jersey Devils @ L.A. Kings (Game 6) * NBC
Wednesday, June 13
8 p.m. L.A. Kings @ New Jersey Devils (Game 7)* NBC

* If Necessary

COMMENTATORS: Emmy-award winner Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick (play-by-play), Eddie Olczyk (analyst) and Pierre McGuire (‘Inside-the-glass’ analyst) will call the action during each game. The studio team will feature host Liam McHugh and analysts Mike Milbury and Keith Jones, the latest highlights, news, analysis and player interviews, live on-location from either the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. or the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The team will cover intermission reports during games, and pre-game and post-game coverage on NBC Sports Network. Additionally, Jeremy Roenick and Darren Pang will conduct on-ice segments and demonstrations as part of the coverage.


For the first time in the 95-year history of the NHL, every Stanley Cup Playoff game will be televised nationally. The NBC Sports Group is providing unprecedented access to the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs in April, May and June, televising as many as 87 playoff games and possibly more than 262.5 hours of programming. Games will be presented on NBC, the NBC Sports Network, the NHL Network, and NBCUniversal’s business channel CNBC in primetime.

NBC Sports Network 50*
NBC 14
NHL Network 6
Total 83*

* Includes Devils-Panthers Conference Quarterfinal Game 7 that was joined in progress. The game also aired on NHL Network. There have been 82 games this NHL post-season.



  • Lynn Albanese

    I absolutely love NBC Sports but I cannot understand how they can employ a commentator that was a Devils’ broadcaster and Devils’ lover to do the Stanley Cup games. To be a good commentator, you have to be fair and impartial. Please don’t you realize that you cannot be one-sided when it comes to poor plays or great plays, just report what is happening. Screaming when the Devils score and much more quiet when the other team scores. That is why the ratings are not as high as they should be. Thanks for listening to a disappointed sports fan.

  • Larry Gonzalez

    Please explain why some of the series is on broadcast television and some is on cable. Does ABC do this with the NBA Final? No. Does Fox do this with the World Series? No. Hard as it may be to believe, not everybody has cable. There are a lot of fans in L.A. who won’t get to see these games. You guys are always moaning that there isn’t a bigger audience for hockey. Do you honestly think this helps? Our beloved Kings are on the verge of winning their first ever title, but we have to miss what could be the two last games, and for what? Up all Night and Whitney reruns? Dumb move.

  • Lisa Zurga

    Where is the 3rd game of the Stanley Cup finials? Why isn’t on any of the local or otherwise TV stations? Really?

  • Lisa Zurga

    NBC Sports? The Stanley Cup FINIALS is a sport!Your bad NBC

  • Rich

    Absolutely disgusting and pitiful. How can game three of the Stanley Cup Finals not be televised on a free station? That’s pathetic. Worse is that game four, the likely winner for the Kings will not be televised either. WTF? Is NBC run by a bunch of morons? This is unbelievable. We have Direct TV but we do not have access to NBC Sports and why should we? This is the Stanley Cup Finals for f**k sake. Televise them, already.

  • Market

    The worst thing possible happened for the NHL when the Devils beat the Rangers. A Kings-Rangers matchup was very much needed for the NHL, especially considering the exciting NBA playoffs. The Devils put up a much worse local market rating on NBC, compared to when they played the Rangers on NBC sports.

  • MIKE.D

    NBC Is LOSING!!! Really dimbasses?!?! Rotflmfao. No wonder nbc gets crushed constantly in the ratings. U have a winner here in the Stanley Cup Final and you broadcast the games on cable. Program director of NBC should be fired long long long time ago. Good job geniuses!!!

  • MIKE.D

    The likely close out game is Wednesday June 6th. Try putting the game on network t.v. and sell some soap in advertising. I have family that just retired from NBC. He says nothing suprises the moronic moves the executives make. Lmfao. Atleast u have game 5,6,7 on network t.v………. oh ya the season may be over by then. Even Charlie Sheen on crack knows how to say winning!!!! Get your s°°t together NBC

  • Janice D

    It doesn’t make sense that fans in Los Angeles can’t watch the Stanley Cup Finals on NBC 4! You want recognition for NHL, put it on local channels! You want to raise popularity for hockey, then televise it! You don’t see the NBA Finals games split up and televized in 2 different stations. That doesn’t show good business sense.

  • Todd

    what the f…? do you think roone arledge would have done this? He would fire the exec who made that decision in a heartbeat. I’m not even a big hockey fan and I’m disgusted just think of the real fans feelings? ….maybe they will re-think it before I boycott every damn sponsor and tv program on nbc….

  • Larry

    Sorry LA fans…NBC really needs to get a clue. Here in the upper midwest, we don’t have the ESPN wanna-be NBCSN, either. Have to pay extra on DishNet for the service. So we won’t be able to share in the historic event of the Kings skating with their first cup.

  • ILB

    Haha, I got on here to make an angry comment, but everyone else pretty much covered my thoughts on the stupidity of NBC here. This is ridiculous.

  • Lynn Albanese

    Sorry LA fans. It is ridiculouss that they complain hockey does not have a following. Well, give us fans a chance. The entire stanley cup games were terrible as broadcasted on NBC all the way down to their commentators. I am rooting for your guys. I am a Rangers fan and since we could not do it, go all the way Kings!

  • jason Miller

    Not showing the Finals on NBC broadcast and only showing it on NBC Sports station is exactly why I am not excited about NBC showing the olympics. You are an out of touch network who puts the easy dollar above your viewership, doing nothing but pushing away fans and hurting your bottom line in the future. Do you really believe that another episode of E! yields a stronger viewership than the advertising dollars earned by the finals of a national Professional sport? Bad choice, both for now and for the future.

  • Ernst

    You must be kidding – ZERO coverage for game 4 in LA? Is the NHL bush league now?

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