'Lost Girl' Renewed by SyFy

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June 5th, 2012

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NEW YORK – June 5, 2012 – Syfy has renewed its hit series Lost Girl the #1 cable drama among Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54 in its time period – for a third season of 13 episodes, beginning January 2013.

During season two to-date, Lost Girl is averaging 895,000 Adults 18-49, 930,000 Adults 25-54 and 1.64 million total viewers, based on available Live +7 data.

On July 20, Lost Girl will move from Mondays at 10PM (ET/PT) to Fridays at 10PM.

Anna Silk (Being Erica) stars as seductress Bo, a Succubus (a powerful female entity in folklore) who feeds off sexual energy. Raised by human parents, Bo had no reason to believe she was anything other than the girl next door until she “drained” her first boyfriend to death.

Bo discovers she is one of the Fae, creatures of legend who pass as humans while secretly feeding off them. Faced with choosing between an allegiance to the Dark or Light Fae clans, Bo takes the middle path between the human and Fae worlds while embarking on a mission to unlock the secrets of her origin.

Returning for season three are Kris Holden-Ried (Ben Hur, The Tudors, Underworld 4) as “Dyson”; Ksenia Solo (Life Unexpected; Black Swan) as “Kenzi”; Zoie Palmer (The Guard, Instant Star, XIII) as “Lauren”; Rick Howland (Billable Hours, Murdoch Mysteries) as “Trick” and K.C. Collins (Owning Mahowny, Doomstown) as “Hale.”

Joining the Lost Girl cast this season is Rachel Skarsten (The Vow; Flashpoint) in a recurring role as “Tamsin,” a thrill-seeking, sexy new Fae who ruffles many feathers. Emmanuelle Vaugier (Two and a Half Men, Covert Affairs) will reprise her role as “The Morrigan,” the leader of the Dark Fae.

Lost Girl was developed by Prodigy Pictures, in association with Shaw Media and Showcase. Executive producers are Jay Firestone, Emily Andras, Plato Fountidakis, and Paul Rapovski. James Thorpe is co-executive producer, Vanessa Piazza is co-producer and Wanda Chaffey is producer.

Lost Girl is produced with the participation of the Canadian Media Fund created by the Government of Canada and the Canadian cable industry, and with the assistance of the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit and the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit Program. This acquisition agreement was brokered by Tim Mudd of Mudd Media.

Syfy is a media destination for imagination-based entertainment. With year round acclaimed original series, events, blockbuster movies, classic science fiction and fantasy programming, a dynamic Web site (www.Syfy.com), and a portfolio of adjacent business (Syfy Ventures), Syfy is a passport to limitless possibilities. Originally launched in 1992 as SCI FI Channel, and currently in more than 98 million homes, Syfy is a network of NBCUniversal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies. (Syfy. Imagine greater.)

About Prodigy Pictures
Founded in 2006 by Jay Firestone, Prodigy Pictures leads the way in the production of quality film, television, and cross-platform media. Prodigy is responsible for the critically acclaimed television series Lost Girl, which has electrified viewers around the world and is currently in production on its third season in Toronto. In January 2012, Lost Girl made its highly successful U.S. broadcast debut on Syfy channel and will begin airing season two on Syfy in April.  Also in production is XIII.2, the second season of the Canada-France coproduction and international success, XIII: The Series. Prodigy’s other credits include the critically acclaimed feature Stuck and the television mini-series XIII, broadcast on NBC. The company has several feature film and television projects in development, including William Gibson’s Neuromancer and Weapon, in partnership with Studio 37.


  • karin

    Lost girl is a Showcase show.

  • The End

    Yes, technically the network has bought the rights to Season 3. Season 3 was announced a long time ago for Canada.

  • The End

    Should replace renewed with *Picks up*.

  • Observer

    That is the worst “hit” ever.

  • Big D

    Great news regarding Syfy for a change. This is a fantastic show. The fact that I have a huge crush on Bo is only part of the appeal.

  • psychic


  • DeeAgeaux

    Isn’t it the first season of Lost Girl on SyFy?

    Or are they running the first two seasons back to back?

  • Alvin

    Lost Girl sucks as a show but the two girls are hot and that’s the only reason why I occasionally sometimes watch it.

  • The End


    Both Season 1 and 2 are being aired back to back weekly.

    The show was renewed a while back in Canada and is in production now. Syfy didn’t ‘renew’ it.

  • spacyz

    DeeAgeaux, they are running the seasons back to back. The season 2 premiere aired the week after the season 1 finale on SyFy, without a break.

    This is great news.

  • scifi

    lol… something wrong with this press release.

    (And one more time: Syfy, not SyFy. SyFy is logo of airlockalpha.com site.)

  • The End
  • Hillbilly

    Yee Haw Cowboy! More Lost Girl & Alphas. I agree with Big D..Bo is yummy. ;)

  • The End

    So much false information being posted around. No one at Syfy has called this a renewal. The network has picked up the shows third season and nothing more.

    More confirmation here

  • DeeAgeaux

    @ the end & spacyz

    Thanks. It felt like a season finale a couple of weeks ago.

    The show fell below my expectations but good enough for me to continue to watch it.

  • EatMorePez

    “No one at Syfy has called this a renewal.”

    Except for the people at Syfy who wrote and approved this press release. You guys realize you’re arguing over semantics right?

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    Except for the people at Syfy who wrote and approved this press release.


  • dryr

    I tried to stay interested in this show, but the main character is an awful actress and the second least-attractive main character (though, some might find dwarfism attractive).

    I really thought the show was dead with how awful the story was for most of season 2.

  • cimmer

    Makes perfect sense, I’m sure it’s cheap and it does as well as Merlin.

  • The End


    Lost Girl was renewed for a Season 3 a little over 7 months ago by Showcase.

    You can’t renew a show twice I’m afraid. Picking a show up and renewing are two different things.

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