Report: Last Season for Original 'Jersey Shore' Cast

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June 6th, 2012


Reports have surfaced (in in Touch weekly we saw it via the NY Post) that the current cast of  Jersey Shore was informed at the start of the current season that this would be their last, and to bring their "A" game to make the current season a memorable one. The cast,  which includes the ubiquitous Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, and Paul DelVecchio, who both have their own spin-offs series, has yet to confirm or deny these rumors.

There has also been no official word given on whether there will be a season 7 with new cast members yet, but given the success of the Jersey Shore brand, it seems unlikely that this reported last outing with the current cast will be the final chapter for the Shore.

  • XYZ

    Not that I’m a fan, but what’s your source on this?

  • Robert Seidman

    XYZ, should’ve been included – now is.

  • RJ

    I feel like this has been a rumor for the past four seasons. Its one of those “I’ll believe it when I see it” stories.

  • RJ

    Nonetheless, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true. The show seems to be wearing out.

  • Tommy

    I actually enjoy the show, it’s my weekly cotton-candy of trash television. I had a feeling from the beginning that season 6 would be the last – especially since a lot of people (myself included) really thought that the fifth season finale was actually a series finale.

    But I’m glad MTV is going guns blazing from the beginning and officialize this as the grand finale – perfect timing too with Snooki due to give birth 2 weeks before production ends…

  • A2V

    They should just do what the bad girls club does and replace the cast rvery season to remain fresh.

  • Joe

    Perhaps they finally ran out of VD’s to spread around! OH….SNAP!!!

  • Mr Mikey

    Yeah I believe they said this about season 5 and now we have season 6. Mtv’s ratings are junk so they need the shore.

  • Tommy

    @Mr Mikey,

    Season 5 was never announced as the final season, there was just A LOT of speculation, because it was the first time that the show had not been renewed before the previous season ended. Not to mention there was a huge salary / the star is pregnant issues to deal with.

  • Kaylie

    They should replace the cast members every season.

  • hardline_pro

    They should not replace the cast members. They should cancel this crap that is brainwashing our youth.

  • Joseph

    Snooki will probably get her own reality or talk show.

  • Tony

    I don’t know. I believe it but I don’t believe it. If it is true MTV will try to find a new cast for the seventh season but that won’t end well.

    If they changed the cast every season this would have just become another “Thre Real World” which isn’t the breakout that ‘Jersey Shore’ was or is.

    This show became a ratings juggernaut because of the cast.

    Remember Laguna Beach? While not the ratings hit as big as Jersey Shore but after two seasons of the same/similar cast. They renewed it for a third season with a whole new cast/beach. Didn’t end up well.

    I just think MTV can’t afford to lose this show. They just better hope Snooki & JWOWW is a smash hit.

  • psychic

    Kill it with fire, before it lays eggs!

  • One

    I hope it’s the last for this pig sh_t. Seriously, I’m tired of Snooki and her horrific face being in the tabloid rags every week.

    Now if only they’d get rid of Sookie, too…

  • Dillan

    Hmm, I’m not believing anything till its confirmed, I just can’t see MTV wanting to lose the cast and the show, especially with ratings not being amazing for the channel.

  • RHONJd

    I loved the show’s first 3 seasons. But when they were in Italy, it got very boring. I haven’t watched since

  • Jordan

    “Bring their “A” game”? What does that mean? Get extra drunk? Start using coke?

  • Sami

    I love Jersey shore! Hopefully spin offs for each cast member. !

  • Alan

    FINALLY! I can’t stand them anymore

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