Sci-Fi Megahit 'Misfits' Makes US Television Debut on Logo

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June 7th, 2012

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BAFTA-Winning, UK Series Premieres July 19th at 10PM ET/PT

NEW YORK, NY - June 7, 2012 - If you were suddenly granted superpowers, would you save the world, or just get laid? Meet the most unconventional group of anti-heroes yet in the most provocative sci-fi series ever made. And only Logo has the guts to bring this breakout hit from across the pond to American television. Fans can look forward to all four seasons of "Misfits" in the upcoming months. Sexy, dark, and defiantly British, the first season of "Misfits" (six, one-hour episodes) premieres Thursday, July 19 at 10PM ET/PT on Logo.

When a group of law-breaking 20-somethings are suddenly vested with supernatural powers during a freak electrical storm, their already out-of-control lives are plunged into even deeper chaos. The rough and rebellious clan includes characters Nathan Young (Robert Sheehan), Simon Bellamy (Iwan Rheon), Curtis Donovan (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), Kelly Bailey (Lauren Socha), and Alisha Bailey (Antonia Thomas). Whether it's turning back time, or throwing people into a sexual frenzy, their newfound abilities prove to be as troublesome as they are strange. As they come to terms with their powers, these teens will have to decide how to use them and whether to do so for good or just for good times. Take the supernatural formula, give it a bad attitude, a punk haircut, and hit of ecstasy - and you'll get an idea of just what makes this series so wildly different. "Misfits" joyfully crosses lines, defies expectations, and could only appear in the U.S. on Logo.

"We're proud to introduce the U.S. television audience to this beloved series, which is like the mutant offspring of 'True Blood' and 'X-Men,'" said Marc Leonard, Senior Vice President of Multiplatform Programming, Logo. "'Misfits' is the perfect series for our Logo viewers who will appreciate how the show's underdogs rise up, take center stage and start blurring the lines of morality, sexuality, gender and reality itself."

Produced by Clerkenwell Films and distributed by BBC Worldwide, the series has enjoyed acclaim from critics, winning multiple BAFTA Television Awards including Best Drama Series in 2010, as well as earning an impressive 1.9 million Facebook fans across the globe, with over a hundred thousand stateside Facebook fans eagerly anticipating the U.S. premiere.

For more information on "Misfits" and to view sneak preview clips of upcoming episodes, go to Join the "Misfits US" Facebook page" for up-to-date "Misfits" news and exclusives.

  • KevinSW

    OMFG!!!!! This is like the BEST show ever created..I’m SURE it will be slightly edited lol. BUT amazing amazing SHOW!!

  • calvin

    I don’t see how this belongs on Logo, there are not gay characters and are plenty of homophobic jokes.

  • SJ

    What’s the point of the Logo network if they’re not even going to cater to the audience they’re supposed to be catering to?

  • Bjm

    No network has to “cater” to any particular audience if they chose not to. They can show whatever they want. Every network is in business to make money.

  • TimsDale4ever

    If MisFITS is a mega hit why have I never heard of it????????????

  • Daniel

    Great show. Watched it on Hulu. Havent seen season 2 yet.

  • Ally

    TimsDale4ever: Did you know that there are other countries?

  • Anne Noise

    Comics like X-Men have long catered to a segment of the comic and gay communities – is it really so hard to believe that a genetic difference that you might not be able to see but makes you different from everyone else isn’t relevant to the gay rights movement? Given the upswing in popularity of (some) genre television, I’m not surprised Logo would take the opportunity to branch out with a low-risk, already-finished run of a popular show about a group of fish-out-of-water types being slutty with each other…

  • Michael

    TimsDale4ever, maybe you just could not hear for all the question marks?

    When Hulu premiered new episodes of Misfits on a weekly basis last summer it was their most watched show, and consequently widely reported on TV and industry sites and blogs.

    The series won the best drama at last year’s BAFTA awards (British equivalent of the Emmys) and this year was again nominated in a field of only four shows, this time losing to Sherlock (PBS/BBC).

    Josh Schwartz announced he was developing an American remake of the show last fall, with a pilot to be shot late this year or early 2013.

    If you have not heard of it then it says more about you than it does the show.

  • Julie

    About time you guys got to see this (on something other than Hulu, although not being familiar with Logo I’m not sure how available that channel is).

    In Canada we’ve seen each series pretty close to its original UK air date – and yes it is brilliant – especially the first and second series.
    Looks like Logo is expecting to have the 4th series on par (or just about) with the UK, since it’s still being made and not expected to air there until late fall……

  • Steve-A

    @BJM. This network was created specifically targeted at the LGBT community. Now they’re not. Yes. They’re selling out because their gay programming was crap and it didn’t fly so now theyre trying to go mainstream.

  • BJM

    Mainstream is good. I live in Arkansas. If Logo remained a gay targeted network, I would never have a prayer of seeing anything they ran whether is was good or not. BTW-Misfits is already available on I-tunes.

  • info

    I suppose its a fit for logo. One character’s ability is changing back and forth from male to female, I think it wasn’t until season 3 though. There is a lot of sex in general. I’m afraid the great script will lose alot of its kick with editing though.

  • Jase

    This show is AWESOME. I’m right in the middle of season 2 now. I would rather it be on a lower tier, basic cable channel channel (like Syfy, FX, etc…) so that more people could watch it.

    Not sure about a U.S. version however. I have a feeling they could really mess things up by taking a few too many creative liberties.

  • MikieB

    Ok, I’m gay so it’s not an attack on Logo, but it’s totally the wrong network for this. I hate to say it, but it needs to be on one of the pay channels otherwise it’s going to lose too much when it’s edited. I also worry that unlike Doctor Who and many other UK shows, this one really is much harder to understand. It always takes me a few episodes to pick up the lingo again when I haven’t seen it for a little while. An American version could go either way but again for full effect it would need to be on a pay channel.

  • sitruc

    This is one of those cases where it will likely be true that people are unlikely to watch this show because of the channel it is on. That isn’t because they are homophobic, but because the channel caters to the LGBT audience and it hasn’t had good programming in the past. It’s a strange fit, but it does say something about the direction of the channel. Should we expect a full relaunch or rebrand?

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