With Triple Crown Opportunity Gone, NBC Sports Group Makes Statement on Belmont Stakes Coverage

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June 8th, 2012

via press release:

Doug O'Neill's 1 p.m. ET Press Conference to Air Live on NBC Sports Network and Streamed on NBCSports.com
“While we are obviously disappointed that our show won’t feature I’ll Have Another going for the elusive Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes is still an iconic event on the sports schedule, and the NBC Sports Group broadcasts will treat it as such. We’re working now to adjust the game plan accordingly.”

Statement from Adam Freifeld, VP Communications, NBC Sports Group

NBC SPORTS NETWORK AND NBCSPORTS.COM TO COVER PRESS CONFERENCE LIVE: I’ll Have Another trainer Doug O’Neill will conduct a press conference today at 1 p.m. ET about the decision to scratch the horse from tomorrow’s Belmont Stakes. The press conference will be covered live on NBC Sports Network and streamed live on NBCSports.com.

  • Northwind

    That statement pretty much sums it up. No Triple Crown this year (again), but if the horse is not well, then the horse should not run.

    Hope it is still a great race and perhaps next year the drought will end.

    I would be surprised if the ratings are anything other than average or low now.

  • Walter Bishop

    “Ill Have Another” wont be having another after all. Was a good name up until now. Change the name to “Ive Had Enough”.

    Off to the glue factory for the poor horsey? So sad. “Willlllburrrrrrr!!!”

  • SalaciousCrumb


    You do know that the horse will most likely retire & go to stud & be worth millions & millions of $$.

  • Joseph

    This is the second piece of bad luck NBC Sports has had within about twelve hours.

    First, the NBA playoff series between Boston and Miami is going to a seventh game. Since Game 7 will be tomorrow night (June 9th), it will impact viewing of Game 5 of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals.

    The hockey game will now probably get only half of the number of viewers it might have had were it not opposed by basketball.

    And of course, I’ll Have Another’s withdrawing from the Belmont Stakes will likely result in the telecast getting fewer than half the number of viewers it might have received otherwise.

    And, millions will miss the every-15-minute promos NBC will probably do for the hockey game during the Belmont telecast.

    NBC obviously now hopes that the Stanley Cup Finals go to at least a sixth game; with no NBA playoff game to oppose it, it may draw as many viewers as Games 1, 2, and 5 combined.

  • JR

    So are they putting that horse to sleep? Lol seems like if the horse can’t run its put to sleep. It’s all about money

  • Joseph


    I’ll Have Another’s racing career is over, but it looks like he won’t be put to sleep.

    He could still be used to “stud”.

  • TatiG

    Seems ironic that I will have another won’t have another. smh

  • TatiG

    @Joseph, why can’t they re-schedule the Hockey game? I mean, games are rescheduled all the time. It’s not like it’s that hard to do.

    Plus, Sunday is a better day for ratings, Saturday is not a good day to televise sports.

  • Nick

    It doesn’t work that way. NBC has no control over the NHL’s schedule. The NHL gives the TV rights to NBC Sports for a set price. The NHL will get that same amount of money regardless of whether 1 or 1,000,000,000 people watch. It’s NBC who’ll lose the money. It won’t affect the NHL enough to change a game time.

  • Nick

    ^ What I wrote also applies to the Belmont Stakes.

  • Connman

    @TatiG, I’ll Have Another may be finished on the “Track”, but has a studly future in the “Rack”, so to speak…

  • Some dork


    I’m pretty sure the CBC would cry bloody murder if the NHL rescheduled a finals game off of Saturday at the last moment because NBC had ratings concerns.

  • Regulus

    Race Tracks, Casinos and Off-Track Betting Venues must be disappointed as well, as many people who were going to go there and place bets on I’ll Have Another will now go somewhere else, saying “Batter Luck Next Year!”

  • teevee time

    I’ll Have Another is actually in good overall health. The injury is NOT life threatening. He COULD run in the Belmont but they don’t want to chance it and possibly make his tendon injury worse. It would take 3-6 months to get him back to 100% running levels and the trainer said that horses usually are missing a step after suffering this type of malady. This is why they are retiring him to stud.

  • Aok

    I don’t think there is anyone more disappointed than the press where there isn’t a triple crown.

  • USAmerica1st

    A totally unnecessary statement from NBC. It’s a great race, with or without a triple crown try. And “Union Rags” made it a great race down to the wire. And “I’ll Have Another” is headed off to stud and great memories.

  • JS

    I’ll Have Another could have walked the mile and a half faster than the other horses ran it.

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