Thursday Final Ratings: No Adjustments for 'Duets', 'Take Me Out' or 'The Choice'

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June 8th, 2012


There were no ratings adjustments among adults 18-49 ratings versus Thursday's preliminary ratings - though The Choice was adjusted up a tenth from the fast national ratings, we saw that adjustment early since Fox ordered special time zone adjusted fast nationals.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Thursday, June 7, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM CBS The Big Bang Theory  -R 2.2 8 8.220
FOX Take Me Out 1.3 5 3.260
ABC Duets (8-10PM) 1.2 4 5.270
NBC The Office -R 0.6 2 2.010
CW Breaking Pointe 0.2 1 0.630
8:30PM CBS 2 Broke Girls -R 1.7 6 6.130
NBC Parks and Recreation -R 0.6 2 1.710
9:00PM FOX The Choice 1.8 5 4.360
CBS Person Of Interest -R 1.5 4 6.990
NBC Saving Hope 0.7 2 3.240
CW The Vampire Diaries -R 0.2 1 0.470
10:00PM CBS The Mentalist -R 1.5 4 6.610
ABC Rookie Blue 1.3 4 5.510
NBC Rock Center with Brian Williams 0.7 2 3.160

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  • Michael

    I can’t see ABC renewing Duets.

    Wow, Saving Hope didn’t premiere well.

  • Dan S

    Sorry to see Saving Hope go down in its debut. It was a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be & is a good alternative to the other summer fare being offered.

  • Colin

    Saving hope started very well in Canada, so maybe they will save it just for CTV.

  • Observer

    Saving hope did well in Canada, though. I think.
    I don’t really know what’s good and what’s spin in regards to the Canadian ratings system.

  • Craig

    So both Canadian shows that NBC picked up this year were the worst bombs in NBC history… Something tells me they wont be picking up any more Canadian shows.

  • disney rocks

    @Craig- what was the other one?

  • Norman Charles

    A rerun of “The Mentalist” got twice as many viewers as “Rock Center” in all categories. And Brian Williams actually managed to lose viewers from “Saving Hope”. Pathetic. When is NBC going to cancel that clunker?

  • Nick

    How these shows stack up against everything else’s averages.:

    Bachelorette: 2.27, 138% of unscripted average.
    Secret Millionaire: 1.5, 91%
    EM:WLE: 1.5, 91%
    20/20: 1.5, 91%
    Duets: 1.47, 89%
    Duets is sad, can’t even beat a Friday newsmagazine.

    48 Hours Mystery Tuesday: 1.5, 120%
    60 Minutes: 1.4, 112%
    Dogs in the City: 1.1, 88%
    48 Hours Mystery Saturday: 1.0, 80%
    DITC will die.

    So You Think You Can Dance: 2.53, 121%
    Hell’s Kitchen Monday: 2.4, 115%
    MasterChef Monday: 2.3, 110%
    MasterChef Tuesday: 2.2, 105%
    Hell’s Kitchen Tuesday: 2.1, 100%
    The Choice: 1.8, 86%
    Take Me Out: 1.3, 62%
    Ouch. TMO’s percent is worse than shows like Missing and Work It!

    AGT Tuesday: 3.48, 160%
    AGT Monday: 3.25, 149%
    American Ninja Warrior: 2.23, 102%
    Love in the Wild: 1.6, 72%
    Dateline Friday: 1.5, 69%
    Dateline Sunday: 1.0, 46%
    Woah! Dateline’s % is wotse than all scripted shows this season except Pan Am, A Gifted Man, and The Firm (I think). Love in The Wild is in danger too.

    (no scripted shows)


    ” The series now ranks as the highest rated series premiere for an original Canadian series for the 2011/2012 season* and is the highest premiere of any summer series this season, U.S. or Canadian.”

    i think it did well :-D

  • #1MentalistFan

    The Mentalist rerun wins its timeslot and BBT rerun wins the night. Wow, how disappointing for the new shows.

  • Norman Charles

    Breaking News: NBC announced today that they would be moving “Rock Center” to the ShopNBC channel. The show’s new title will be “Shop Center With Brian Williams and Suzanne Somers”.

  • Ji (g)

    Duets needs to change its name to No-ets.

  • Nick

    :-( I was hoping Saving Hope would be adjusted up. ‘Cause seriously, a 0.7 is CW #s

  • salim

    even with reruns all these shows are succuming to tbbt

  • brutony

    Saving Hope would have done better if it was a spin-off of Raising Hope! Seriously, this stunk, on ice! Unless Lois Lane shows up in Dr. Daniel Jackson’s coma dream coming out of the ocean in a string bikini, aint nuttin gonna be Saving Hope!

  • Tony

    I didn’t realize CBS aired 2 Broke Girls last night after TBBT. Good choice as TBBT repeats really well, hopefully they will continue to repeat it after TBBT during the summer so it could possibly gain some more viewers for when it anchors mondays at 9 in the fall.

  • jessica

    Observer, first thing is to accept that the only data publicly available 99.8% of the time is total viewers. Such is rather blasphemous here it is the reality of Canadian tv ratings data dissemination. 1.5M for a domestic drama is really good. For comparison look to The Borgias, which is actually Canadian despite what Showtime tells you, and you will see a stark contrast. The Borgias is on Bravo!, which is basic cable, and the second season is getting about 160K viewers per episode – about 10% what Saving Hope scored last night. Repeats of Murdoch Mysteries get around 230K viewers while new episodes tend to be about 2.4x that of late. Flashpoint varies greatly between 1.1M and 1.8M. Rookie Blue tends to be in the 1.2M – 1.6M range. The Listener is usually in the 850K – 950K range but of late is toying with the 1M mark. Republic Of Doyle has seen steady increase to its audience and s3 this year was just over 1M per episode. NCIS DC and LA are really popular in Canada and hover in the 1.8M – 2.3M range. House occasionally was close to that in its more popular years. The Big Bang Theory is the most popular non-sports programme in Canada and can be anywhere between 2.5M and 4.5M depending on the buzz for the episode.

    Craig, NBC has a bad record for Canadian shows. But i don’t think it is the shows’ fault. Lack of or just bad promotion combined with audiences that have different interests means not every success on one side of the border won’t be a failure on the other.

    $#!+ My Dad Says is an American show that was not very successful on CBS and was thus cancelled. On the other side of the border $#!+ My Dad Says was the #1 new comedy of the season and many people were quite upset that CTV didn’t pursue continuation of the show independent of CBS’ lack of interest in additional episodes. But that hasn’t stopped people from watching CTV or kept from CTV importing other shows made by WB or/and seen on CBS in the US. CTV keeps importing American shows. Citytv really imports a lot of American shows. If they fail they just pick a different one. Unforgettable didn’t do so well on CBS but it was quite popular on CTV. While NBC still has The Office it was dropped by its Canadian broadcaster because of poor ratings. It isn’t often a Canadian network ‘cancels’ a US show but it does happen from time to time. The Good Guys was also ‘cancelled’ in Canada 45% of the way through its run. Considering they are US shows the Canadian ‘cancellation’ means little but it does indicate that it might be harder to sell to other markets and might not be worth continuing beyond the current season. Detroit 1-8-7 was dead before it was ever broadcast. Why? No Canadian broadcaster would touch the show with a 10 metre pole. The show was partially filmed in Canada (ep 8) and starred a well-known Canadian and still none of the Canadian networks wanted it. Not a good sign. But they still do import other ABC Studios shows. Maybe the Canadian networks are better than NBC and The CW at picking what imports will work well with their audiences.

    Back to NBC and Canada… The Firm was actually doing quite well in Canada and then the flood of media coverage about the show being moved to Saturdays (in the US) submerged the Canadian schedule, which had The Firm still on Thursdays. People thought they had to wait until Saturday and so the Thursday eps in Feb/March took a massive hit. Shaw would have been wise to promote it as “still on Thursdays in Canada” but they didn’t. NBC did about all they could to make the ship sink faster. In Canada early eps of The Firm got roughly double what early eps Awake got. For some reason they valued the simulcast of Awake over the better performance of The Firm and both shows went down. Ooopsies.

    It might not be such a good thing that NBC has their own Twitter and Facebook entities for their imports because it means the Canadian producers and writers (and sometimes the cast too) who have the little treats fans crave will be not as involved in the social media entities NBC directs their viewers to and that can be a turn-off.


    One is the official Production Twitter feed of Saving Hope and the other is just NBC saying ‘watch the show’. Which would you think is more interesting? This morning there were more “like” on the Canadian Facebook page than on the US Facebook page for the show. It was bout a 10to9 ratio. Right now it is almost 13to11. If you want to say that NBC has a better website for the show i won’t disagree but actually look at it. NBC’s websites are designed to appeal to those who didn’t actually watch the tv broadcast and want to play catch-up. Some might call that counter-productive.

    NBC’s parent company turns to Canada regularly for programming their cable channels. Most of NBCU’s cable channels are filled with Canadian dramas or dramas made in Canada by UCP. And of course BBC’s Merlin. Necessary Roughness, White Collar, and Royal Pains are the few UCP shows actually made in the US. NBCU doesn’t have the grudge against Canada that you seem to think NBC is bearing today.

    “It’s Ghost Whisperer meets justanothermedicaldrama! See? That’s totally fresh and new!” I really hope that isn’t sarcasm. Jim Clancy was a paramedic and later a doctor so Ghost Whisperer was at times a bit of a medical drama.

    And now to watch some Hot In Cleveland. :)

  • monica

    Saving Hope was bad! STOP medical drama!!!! There is nothing original .

  • Person of Interest

    TBBT repeat beats everything yay

  • Michael Hadley

    Why isn’t Person Of Interest available on iTunes?

  • David Howell

    All of these got crushed by the basketball on ESPN let’s not forget. Heck, the 11pm SportsCenter beat everything on broadcast in 18-49.

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