Soap Opera Ratings: 'Days of Our Lives' Bounces Back after Series Low

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June 10th, 2012


Ratings for the week of May 28 – June 1, 2012

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,248,000 (-40,000/-448,000)
2. B&B 3,075,000 (-3,000/+297,000)
3. DAYS 2,396,000 (+102,000/+56,000)
4. GH 2,323,000 (-45,000/+71,000)

1. Y&R 3.2/10 (same/-.1)
2. B&B 2.2/7 (-.1/+.2)
3. DAYS 1.8/6 (+.1/+.1)
4. GH 1.7/5 (-.1/same)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 889,000 (+67,000/-89,000)
2. B&B 728,000 (+48,000/+224,000)
3. GH 666,000 (+63,000/+27,000)
4. DAYS 504,000 (+24,000/-129,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.4/9 (+.1/-.1)
2. B&B 1.1/7 (same/+.3)
3. GH 1.0/7 (+.1/same)
4. DAYS 0.8/5 (+.1/-.2)



Source: Soap Opera Network

Numbers are based on Live+Same Day ratings

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Y&R = The Young & The Restless, B&B = The Bold and The Beautiful, GH = General Hospital, DAYS = Days of Our Lives.

Nielsen TV Ratings Data: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Sean


  • Richard

    Sean, Do you mean the highest since Ron & Frank took over or are you saying the highest ever?

    It is the highest under Frank & Ron I think but definitely not the highest ever. They were higher than this in 2011 when it was announced AMC and OLTL were cancelled.

  • animal1

    only soap that is good right now is GH, the others are sooo boring.

  • Richard

    I couldn’t remember what they were but thanks to Soap Opera Network you can find things like this.

    Here are the 18-49 at the end of Feb 2011 and start of March 2011.

    Women 18-49 Viewers
    1. Y&R 912,000 (+38,000/-247,000)
    2. GH 811,000 (-63,000/-48,000)
    3. DAYS 694,000 (-45,000/-172,000)
    4. B&B 572,000 (+53,000/-128,000)
    5. OLTL 543,000 (-127,000/-195,000) * <—- new low
    6. AMC 469,000 (-107,000/-262,000) * <—- new low

    Women 18-49 Rating
    1. Y&R 1.4/10 (+.1/-.4)
    2. GH 1.2/8 (-.1/-.1)
    3. DAYS 1.1/7 (same/-.2)
    4. B&B 0.9/6 (+.1/-.2)
    5. OLTL 0.8/6 (-.2/-.3) <—- new low
    6. AMC 0.7/5 (-.2/-.4) <—- new low

    Y&R even though it has dropped is still close to what it was in the key demo, and B&B is way above where it was at.

  • Dave.A

    In all fairness to One Life to Live, I don’t believe that General Hospital is being turned into OLTL. I never watch full episodes of GH. But I regurarly watch a few random scenes here and there and I can clearly see that it is GH, not OLTL. Even when they are showing OLTL characters, the show looks more like GH than OLTL.

    That being said, I still believe that the OLTL characters were uneccessary. Putting them on recurring, no problem. But on contract, very ridiculous idea. The only character that could have potentially made sense on a contractual status is John McBain. But with GH being the show where the bad guys are the good guys, McBain’s presence is pretty much obsolete (at least, when it comes to being on contract).

  • Richard


    I just don’t understand the need for Llanview sets or more characters at all.

    One of the most looked down on times in GH’s history was the Laurelton story where months were spent on characters that no one cared about. And they built sets for this whole town and focused so much time on the town of Larelton and characters from there.

    The press panned it, fans hated it, and many of them still talk about it to this day.

    And yet here we are having stories built around these characters that most GH fans don’t know or don’t have attachments to. And now they are building sets for this town.

    I just don’t understand it at all.

  • Sean

    @Richard of course i meant, the highest ratings under frank & ron so far!!! GH is really doing good in what matters!

  • alex

    Could it be since at times have changed that maybe in order for soaps to survive at least the networks should consider cutting them down to half and hour that way they would be spending less money than it is to produce an hour show each day. I know that soaps went to an hour because of their popularity but times haves changed sadly and this could be the solution to avoid another cancellation.

  • MoneyCard

    Y&R seriously needs a reboot that show is god awful right now.

    B&B is really annoying with Hope & Liam but at least its not terrible thanks to Steffy.

    Good to see DAYS up but that show needs some changes also.

    GH hanging on here!

  • JayTN

    One thing that soaps can do to ‘reinvent’ themselves, in my opinion, is to try and emulate the storytelling of the Spanish-language telenovelas. These telenovelas are extremely popular, but they also have a clear beginning, middle, and end. They do not have the luxury of stringing out storylines for years on end (as most only run for about six months). I’m not saying to entirely discontinue the long-form storytelling, but limit them to only the big stories, kind of like how the ABC soap “Port Charles” did.

    The short-term storytelling did not really help “Port Charles”, but one can argue that nothing ABC did could have rescued PC, as its 12:30 p.m. time slot put it in direct competition with the top-rated Y&R on CBS and local news on NBC affiliates. That 12:30 timeslot had also been home to bottom dwelling soaps like “Ryans Hope”, “Loving”, and “The City” for years, as well.

    The soap genre is not dying, but the daytime version of the soaps needs to be revamped, as already mentioned, to be more in line with today’s financial considerations and limitations.

  • robert sprague

    keep are old favorites and bring back bobbi and the show will keep rising.

  • Eric S

    @JayTN. Another thing that did Port Charles no favors was that affiliates weren’t required to clear the program at all. Many large market stations simply didn’t air the show, and even more aired it in the middle of the night. My station (Indianapolis) was one, and it was “scheduled” for 1:37 am, but depending on Nightline over-runs or whatever else, it would air at some point between 1:37 and 4:30. And I loyally recorded that way every night until I got SoapNet and a DVR!

  • MBmomof3

    I think the addition of the OLTL characters to GH was a great idea for numerous reasos. First and foremost, they have a built-in fanbase that I think will benefit GH in the long run. I don’t think they need to be contract players, but certainly have added a lot of compelling, well-acted story to a struggling show. I was happy to hear they built Llanview sets. I was so sad when ABC destroyed these iconic sets. I knew that meant the Prospect Park deal would never come to fruition, or they would not have destroyed the sets. Also, I hope it means the OLTL characters can progress their stories without the GH fans feeling they have “taken over” their show. I am realistic in that I believe GH won’t be around forever. If a production company can come up with a viable way to continue these shows, perhaps online, I’d be satisfied if all three ABC soaps blended into one, and they can use these new OLTL sets. As I have mentioned before…”Port Pine View” anyone? I’ll tune in.

    I’m hoping AMC’s Dr. David Hayward checks into GH. MANY storyline possibilities, including the fact that he was married to Anna Devane when she wsa on AMC! ABC soaps rock(ed) and I would support them in any format. Network TV is not the future for daytime soaps, but their audience is there! The loyal fans, iconic shows and dedicated daytime professionals deserve better.

    I am truly enjoying GH and all the daytime soaps, and will do so for as long as they stay on the air or online.

  • JayTN

    The numbers for the daytime talk shows for the week of May 28 (I don’t believe these have been posted, if so, please ignore):

    The View: 3.22 million
    The Chew: 2.07 million
    The Talk: 1.97 million
    The Revolution: 1.31 million

    As with the daytime soaps, the ratings for “The View”, “The Chew”, and “The Talk” did not include the repeat episodes that aired on Memorial Day (Monday). “The Revolution” also aired a repeat on Tuesday, so its weekly average included just three days (Wed.-Fri.).

  • MBmomof3

    Thanks, JayTN. As much as everyone knows I detest the ABC soap replacement shows, I can see why The Chew beat The Talk in the ratings. The Talk just stinks. Or as Bart Simpson would say, “How can something suck and blow at the same time?” The Talk manages to do just that,

    I think a foodie show aired during the lunch hour is the lesser of the two evils.

  • MBmomof3

    Oh, Chrisann, they have changed the date of the “Loving Llanview” event in Chicago! My sisters and I are definitely planning to attend! So excited. My first soap fan event!

  • Lisa

    I think dropping the remaining hour soaps to half an hour would kill them. With a shorter running time, they would need smaller casts, and some viewers would certainly quit watching if various characters left. I don’t think that sort of change in running time would attract very many new viewers–if they were interested in soaps, they probably would already be watching. Plus a half-hour show probably costs more than half of what a hour show does to produce, yet it brings in only around half as much ad revenue. Half an hour works all right for B&B because the show has always been that way. It isn’t so easy to convert a long-standing hour program into a half hour.

  • Justin121

    I don’t like the new generation.

    I liked Amber, Kimberly, Rick, Bridget, from 10-13 years ago.

  • Melanie

    I think some more of the animosity with the OLTL and GH stuff is what is going on behind the camera along with the actors. A few of the GH writers, directors and musical people are gone now and then we get some of those who came over from OLTl to replace them. Coincidence? Also, GH and OLTL aren’t “sister soaps” by any means, like Y&R and B&B so where their crossovers make alot more sense because many of them already have ties to each other through business. I know GH had its problems and was gloom and doom for all of last year, but I feel RC and FV are more stuck on OLTL and it is showing. Now they are building Llanview sets and more OLTL characters are coming on? When and why does GH have to be the “dumping ground” for the other cancelled soaps? I can totally understand why many GH purists are really upset about this and have stopped watching. With GH possibly coming to an end within the year, they should do more focus on GH characters and getting that show back on track without any OLTL stuff because I personally don’t see the point and ratings still aren’t that great either. RC’s recycled s/l’s aren’t helping either along with all the same GH airhogs still dominating the majority of the airtime as usual. The only people who are enjoying it are the OLTL fans who probably were not fans of GH to begin with. They are just happy that their show is getting “more life” at the sake of GH. There are many other characters on GH that I would love to see more than just five minutes a week, but it just ain’t happening much anymore. And Richard like you said, GH really won’t get the proper ending it deserves because its HW and EP are still way too in love with their other show. That is just sad and I really feel for all of the other GH fans who really hate this. This is the vibe I have gotten from many other messageboards.

    @Cath, I agree with the mob that it has always been on GH, but the problem over the last few years is that pretty much everyone coming to town has ties to Sonny. It is just repetitive overkill also with the same storylines. It is like no one can have their own storyline much without Sonny being involved whether directly or indirectly. I also agree though that soaps back in the day, did a better balance of storylines and character follow up than they do today. Too much stuff is rushed alot nowdays without much follow through. I think that comes from more plot driven storylines as opposed to character driven, where it was really easy to root for someone. Not easy to do nowdays.

    I too am impressed with B&B and how it can hold its own in the ratings without all the hoopla. It is neat they go do stuff on location also.

  • TimsDale4ever

    Good for you DAYS!!! Really surprised by Y&R numbers as that show was very good that week, and was also good this last week as well which goes to show you that the numbers don’t usually follow the quality of the shows which has always confused me…

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