Debut of 'Bethenny,' A Talk Show Starring Bethenny Frankel, Improves Time Period Ratings on FOX Stations

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June 12th, 2012

Bethenny, a new syndicated talk show hosted by Bethenny Frankel of Real Housewives New York fame, launched its six week, six FOX affiliates, trial run on Monday, June 11. It averaged a 1.5/5 overnight household rating, improving its time period by 88% versus last year. Bethenny's strongest market was New York CIty, where it earned a 1.9/7 on WNYW. More information about Bethenny can be found on Deadline.


  • MBmomof3

    Chrisann, I think GH has been awesome lately. Really enjoying it. I believe they are building at least one Llanview set based on an interview I read with Michael Easton on Michael Fairman’s On-Air On-soaps website. Great interview.

  • Tara

    I think she’s trying to play off what Wendy Williams is doing on her show. Wendy’s first guest Vanessa Williams…Bethenny’s first guest Vanessa Williams…hmm cute idea maybe not.
    Her show could be good, but her freaking voice is annoying I swear I want to stab myself in the head. Bethenny is good in little doses not day after. After I take 4 aspirins and in two weeks I may watch again. She’s no Wendy and Wendy even has a filter. It is good to see a female doing strong things but think about how you portray ideas and topics on the show. Bethenny needs a edit button.

  • Dyan

    What is the allure of this loud mouthed sarcastic woman who constantly berates everyone especially her spouse.This is funny? I admire nothing about this woman and wouldn’t watch anything she was on.

  • Liz monroe

    Bethenny’s show is terrible because she is just not likable. I predicted the
    Kate Gosselin trainwreck even when Barbara Walters named Kate
    one of the 10 most facinating people. I was right because she is also
    not likeable. They are both like nails on a chalkboard!! Bethany’s
    talk show will fail. 100% sure!!

  • A Bethany Supoorter

    Wow! I cannot believe what I am reading! I bet those who are so cynical about Bethany have severe issues in their own lives…or lack there of a life. I have been watching her blossom since TRHNY, and I feel she is doing a great job entertaining us. She is the girl next door w/the N.Y. in your face attitude that I love! She is extremely intelligent, says what’s on her mind, and tells it like it is…kind of like what Ramona Singer (below) claims she is doing on TRHNY now, except Bethany isn’t crazy and self centered like Ramona. Bethany to me is someone who is strong, extremely hard working, honest, and put herself out there for everyone to see how real life riches (childhood) to almost rags, to riches again truly works. From scraping the bottom of the barrel being single and trying to make ends meet in expensive N.Y. City, to finding her niche in life, finding her true love (no matter what the tabloids say about it), bearing a beautiful baby girl, starting her own company, and then to having her own talk show! For those who feel it’s so important to criticize someone who has given her all, how many of you have even come close to completing all that she has accomplished in her life? And…at a whirlwind pace! It’s easy to put other people down when you are not someone who has accomplished a lot yourself…and Dallas, really? You are so dating yourself if you watched it in your past and are watching the new episodes now. And General Hospital? What a joke! Just goes to show you what type of people you are…low class, up tight, and nothing better to do w/your life!

  • joy

    Bethany Frankel is the last human on earth that should have her own talk show

    she has a voice for blogging

    she is the neighbor that I hope to avoid in the street

    she is devious and fact her skinny girl company is being sued because she sold it knowing that the ingredients were not ‘all natural”

    and Ellen, you are the exec producer…hmm.this speaks volumes about your characher..or lack thereof….a new low…im discusted

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