Jaw Dropping Season Finales of 'Nurse Jackie' and 'The Big C' Air Sunday, June 17 on Showtime

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June 12th, 2012

via press release:

On Sunday, June 17th, NURSE JACKIE and THE BIG C end their 10-episode runs with shocking and emotional season finales. At 9 PM, on NURSE JACKIE, All Saints is in chaos. Cruz (Bobby Cannavale) is suffering from a panic attack, which Jackie (Edie Falco) is using to her greatest advantage. Meanwhile, O’Hara (Eve Best) is in the throes of labor without her best friend for support. Enter Dr. Coop (Peter Facinelli), much to her horror. Later, when Cruz finally recovers, he calls on Jackie for help with the toughest case of his life when his own son, Charlie (Jake Cannavale) is brought into the ER as a patient.

Immediately following, at 9:30 PM on THE BIG C, the Jamesons and Andrea (Gabourey Sidibe) are on a Puerto Rican vacation. A scuba diving trip turns tragic after Cathy (Laura Linney) becomes entangled in fishing net and is set adrift from the dive boat. At first alarmed, she suddenly appreciates her situation and her newfound companion, Angel’s (Michael Ray Escamilla) inability to speak English. While sharing her innermost thoughts aloud, Cathy comes to some surprising realizations.

  • Rod

    so does that mean the big c is renewed? :p

  • Tommy

    I really hope Showtime renews “The BIG C” once more. I know the ratings are anything special, but it’s pretty consistent and at this point I feel like Cathy’s journey would end premature if the show isn’t given a 4th season (even if it’s half the normal # of episodes).

  • Ralph Hahn

    I don’t watch Showtime because I don’t pay for it. I’d watch “Nurse Jackie” because I love Edie Falco in whatever she does.

    But WHERE is any “spoiler alert” mentioned at the top of tbe page before fans go on to read the story? This is very unprofessional.

  • John A

    I think if Showtime wasnt renewing Big C it be out by now. Tara was cancelled last season before its finale. At least i hope. Just 1 more season please.

  • Jake

    if i remember correctly didnt the creator say the big c would last at least four seasons? each season represting a season of the year (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) and it would cover the first year of Cathy’s Cancer? so hopefully we get a fourth and final season to finish off the story.

  • Tommy


    That is the creators initial intention (which she outlined in the interview for the first season dvd set), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Showtime is going to order a fourth season…

  • IRA SY Valfer

    To Ralph Hahn: What part of “Jaw Dropping Season Finale” does not tell you SPOILER AHEAD?

  • MBmomof3

    LOVE Nurse Jackie. Awesome show.

  • Jordan

    Ha, I knew Coop would end up delivering O’Hara’s baby. I figured they would be stuck in an elevator or something when she went into labor.

  • JoeyDavid.com

    NJ: Liked the Season Finale. The emergency room situation reminded me of a couple hospitals in Toronto, waiting 6 hours to see a doctor, rude staff etc. Yay for health care system. Anyway, when does new season start in January? Why are the episodes only 1/2 hour long? So short!

  • stpeteblueslover

    According to Deadline Hollywood, it’ll be back next year: Tammy Blanchard has booked a three-episode arc on the Showtime dark comedy series The Big C. She will play Giselle, a sexy, married, and uninhibited pilates instructor who enters into an unconventional relationship with Cathy’s (Laura Linney) brother Sean (John Benjamin Hickey). Her growing affection for Sean and her adventurous sense of romance fulfills and complicates his life in ways he never expected. Blanchard, repped by ICM and Red Letter Entertainment, was recently seen in Moneyball. She is currently appearing on Broadway in How To Succeed and next stars opposite Kristin Davis in the Lifetime movie Of Two Minds.


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