CNN Cancels 'John King' USA

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June 13th, 2012

CNN has canceled its 6PM political news program John King USA.  It will be replaced at the end of June by Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room, which will expand from two to three hours and will now air from 4 to 7PM.

King will remain with CNN,serving as the network's top campaign consultant for the presidential election. For more details, read Brian Selter's article in the New York Times media decoder blog.

  • a p garcia

    another lib bites the dust

  • Coffee Steve

    Honestly? King will like his new job better, hes now covering the Election

  • KC

    Now if they (CNN) could only cancel the other 23 hours of programing and start from scratch they might, might be on to something!

  • tony

    Well he tries to pretend he’s not a lib…good-bye to one King now,hopefully another in November!

  • HT

    Seriously, can we leave politics out of it on here?

  • AppleStinx

    What?!? CNN resisting the temptation of moving another of its “ratings-magnets”, Soledad O’Brien, to John King’s spot?

  • d.d.

    I agree with KC. I dislike most of CNN & esbecially that twit Wolf Blitzer . Apple, I don’t like the eyebrow raising , smirking , Soledad either. I watched her huff & puff on Critical Race Theory & I loved this smackdown . Like I said , it was like whack a mole . Everytime she came up,Sununu whacked her again.

    John Sununu destroys her and network for using Obama talking points

  • Hillbilly

    Now Wolf gets to compete with The Five & Special Report. I doubt their worried. Now Tingles & Rev Al might need to worry. :)

  • Debsafan

    I think they ought to get rid of everyone including the people that run the network. Start all over with maybe a fair and balance network, That the American people deserve.

  • curt

    AC needs to go too.

  • JeffT

    17 viewers are crying tonight.

  • Nick Czar

    JOHN KING Loses his show !

    This isn’t news….News should be devoted to that which
    is important and of interest to the public at large.

    Anything involving CNN really isn’t newsworthy unless
    they announce a plan to introduce a new format free of
    left wing bias.

    Here’s a thought…how about broadcasting “NEWS” for a
    change !

  • Incognito

    Yeah, Debsafan, and get rid of everyone at Fox News also. There isn’t anything “fair and balanced” about that network.

  • betty

    John King is not so bad…..he’s better than many others….he wasn’t on very long so he wasn’t given much of a chance.Too bad.

  • Letmethink

    Nancy Grace beat AC—they have to be worried when that happens. Still wondering why Erin Burnett was not cancelled instead of King.

  • The Mike Factor

    One down, the rest of the network to go.

  • marvin

    Is Erin Burnett next?

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Incognito: You make absolutely no sense at all. FNC leads CNN in all dayparts and in the 25-54 demo. You’re saying because the Yugo was a failure, cancel the Honda Accord as well, right? (schrugs)

  • Former CNN Fan

    @marvin and @letmethink,

    Let’s suppose I’m a middle-aged, balding, pudgy white male who happens to be a CNN exec with the power to cancel shows. I must choose between Burnett and King – both have bad ratings. Burnett is young, attractive and flirts with me incessantly because she knows I control her fate. She’ll do ANYTHING to stay on TV, short of improving her journalism skills. The other, King, is a fellow middle-aged male who blames me for ruining the network that he has loyally served for years. He can’t do what she does for me. Hmmmmmm. I think I’ll keep the dimwitted girl cuz she’s *really* nice.

    Really its a no-brainer. That’s CNN.

  • Scandalfan

    I didn’t like John King’s show anyway, he’s a Republicant and his political bias showed during his show.

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