How Will the New 'Dallas' Rate in its TNT Premiere?

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June 13th, 2012

Update: the ratings are in. The premiere of TNT's Dallas drew a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating and 6.9 million total viewers.

Dallas, a continuation of the classic primetime soap, premieres tonight on TNT. How well do you think the return to Southfork will do among adults 18-49? On one hand, everyone knows the show and the marketing campaign has been stellar. On the other hand, a lot of people who loved the original are now over the age of 49. Hawaii Five-O has proved that a classic show can be successfully updated, but the short lives of the Melrose Place, Bionic Woman and Charlie's Angels reboots have shown that the audience does not always respond to reboots.

To aid in your prognostication, you can read my interviews with the show's stars  Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray.

  • FiddleStickxFiddler

    Not that I plan to watch myself, but I would like the show to continue on successfully. My fear is that it will be crazy popular tonight but be dead by the end of the season. I voted 1.7 – 2.0 but would really love to see above 2.0.

  • Rob R

    No way will I miss “Dallas” tonight. There was nothing more entertaining back in the day and the production quality looks stellar, with 100 percent of the show filmed in Dallas. The USA Today review was brutal, but Entertainment Weekly’s review was very very positive. TV GUIDE was in the middle.

  • Melanie

    I was a fan of the original also and hope this does well. Such a great iconic show and it is great they are bringing back JR, Sue Ellen and Bobby because without them, I don’t think it would be able to survive.

  • One

    Honestly, a 2+ wouldn’t stun me, but I think the audience that will respond to this is far too old to guarantee that. It will almost certainly break a 1, though…

  • xwiseguyx

    There will no doubt be initial curiosity tune-in… and I think the young faces will bring in new viewers who hadn’t seen or watched the original.

  • Dan S

    I’m guessing 0.9-1.2 drawing a lot of Harry’s Law viewers. At those numbers I’m sure TNT would still declare it a hit

  • Niall31

    This is a tough one to call. The original show was a massive ratings tank, but I am expecting a large-ish total viewers but the 18-49 demo is hard to call as people today may not have seen the original who are in the demo.
    But the new cast are people we know, like 3 from desperate housewives, so that might convinve people to watch. I am going to say in or around a 1.5. I dont want to aim to high but if they broke a 2.0 I would be over the moon.

  • iggy.

    I voted “above 2.0.” There’s not much else on tonight.

  • Matto

    I’m guessing around a 1.8-2.2 with around 6.5-9.5 million viewers. Anyways, it will rate well.

  • Sf. Travis

    This is *not* really a reboot which is why I think it will ultimately fail. (2 Seasons Max) The new ‘Dallas’ is a continuation of a horribly outdated plot using many of the same actors. This show will not appeal at all to the 18-49 demo but will probably do *OK* in the series premiere thanks to good marketing.

  • Jon

    It’ll open big, i think anywhere between 6-8m will be a hit, wouldn’t surprised if it opened even bigger. Fallies Skies did 5.9m last year so Dallas could go higher.

  • Mark

    2.5 18-49
    11 million viewers

  • sofaslug

    I think high 2s… a lot of people will tune in just out of curiosity

  • Ralph Hahn

    Anyone thinking that “Dallas” is an older skewing program should think again.

    Like people who drove 4×4 SUV’s that never left the blacktop, I finally sucumbed and bought one myself. I hated hearing talk about “Dallas,” until I became a fan. Superstation WWOR used to air reruns nightly at 6pm. My children grew up watching Dallas originals and repeats as they had grown up listening to 60s & 70s music. My three daughters are between the ages of 31 and 36. Desired demo!

    As was the case during Dallas’s final years, as they tried to focus on the younger cast, the audience interest was still with the originals. I’m pretty sure this will happen again, hoping that many other “Dallas” characters from the past appear in the new show who haven’t been killed off already.

    This attempt to lure younger people to an old show may end up they way “The West Wing” did. The show was originally based on Rob Lowe, who played the President’s Deputy Chief of Staff. “President” Martin Sheen was only to appear in a few “WW” episodes. But, it wasn’t too long before Sheen stole the show and Lowe left the cast.

    So, J.R., Sue Ellen and Bobby Ewing may eventually become the focus of Dallas 2.0 because late-20-somethings, and folks in their early 30s now, still remember the show that they watched with the parents. Just like those same “kids” got addicted to daytime soaps in college during lunch and study hall breaks.

  • Jase

    I say above 2.0 for sure. I’m within the target demo and remember (just barely) watching this as a kid. Got goosebumps just listening to the opening theme several minutes ago.

    As long as they maintain a balanced story line between the vets and newcomers, Dallas will do well. Plus, the potential/upside here is great imo. I could care less about what very few negative reviewers had to say. If Larry, Patrick and Linda have given their blessing, then that’s all I need to hear.

  • Harry

    This Dallas is already super good right now this is some serious stuff right here. I would recommend anybody that misses it tonight to catch the replays.

    If you want to get into a soap especially if you were a Desperate Housewives or a Revenge fan you need to watch Dallas this is the business right here.

    This better score really well in viewers at least.

  • Dontryl Alexander

    Even though I live in the Dallas area, I can predict that the series could go way up and a lot more.

  • CKM

    Such fun to watch this “redo”. JR is still the best villian around. While this is not great drama…it is fun and better than most dribble the networks put out to us. Wish is were on Friday nights…best time for this was as the original at 9pm eastern on Fridays. JR is still the best villian on TV.

  • Shaun Daily- Las Vegas

    I think 8 – 9 million viewers with a 1.9 or a bit less in the 18 – 49. More images of John Ross and Christopher shirtless and maybe in a threesome with one of the hot chicks will pull in more of the younger

  • Bob

    I just watched it and it was GREAT. Way better than I expected. I think 20 million and a 6.0 demo rating….well maybe not that high but it COULD be the highest rating in this network’s history.

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