How Will the New 'Dallas' Rate in its TNT Premiere?

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June 13th, 2012

Update: the ratings are in. The premiere of TNT's Dallas drew a 1.5 adults 18-49 rating and 6.9 million total viewers.

Dallas, a continuation of the classic primetime soap, premieres tonight on TNT. How well do you think the return to Southfork will do among adults 18-49? On one hand, everyone knows the show and the marketing campaign has been stellar. On the other hand, a lot of people who loved the original are now over the age of 49. Hawaii Five-O has proved that a classic show can be successfully updated, but the short lives of the Melrose Place, Bionic Woman and Charlie's Angels reboots have shown that the audience does not always respond to reboots.

To aid in your prognostication, you can read my interviews with the show's stars  Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray.

  • Andy

    This Dallas is awesome, can we get a Dynasty continuation also?

  • MC

    I just finished watching it and I loved it. 20 years later and I’m hooked all over again.

  • RandyL

    I say 2.0 18-49 and possibly 10 million viewers.

  • awdanskiii

    i say 2.0+ but it will drop to the 1.5-2.0 range

  • jessica

    In the same paragraph you acknowledge it is a CONTINUATION and then compare it to mostly failed REBOOTS. You actually have me wishing Bill had written this. Couldn’t you find one CONTINUATION to compare it to to add some credibility to your argument before you under-cut yourself. O wait, how about DOCTOR WHO as an example of a continuation after a long absence from tv. That continuation seems to be doing quite well. Perhaps you avoided it so as to focus on the most negative things you could. Classy journalism that is.

    Anyone who was 15-18 when the show premiered in April 1978 is going to be 49-52 today. But that is just basic math. So the life-long fans won’t matter. Shame. Some people lived in areas where they got it in second-run syndication when they were growing up and would be in their 30s these days. I saw some DALLAS but didn’t watch much because i felt like i had missed way too much of the story. Patrick Duffy :D

    As for the ratings, i am thinking it will be very impressive though not likely the 20M 6.0 i read here. A US cable show is typically delayed in Canada. We are still on season 2 of White Collar, but that is an extreme. DALLAS is the other end of the spectrum – it is being simulcast. Funny thing is both shows are on Bravo! here. I am thinking something like 12M and 2.7 in the US and 1.1M in Canada (which would be a record for Bravo!).

  • Holly

    Couldn’t you find one CONTINUATION to compare it to to add some credibility to your argument before you under-cut yourself.

    Love Boat: The New Wave?
    Golden Palace?

  • Albert

    This is definitely no remake or reboot it is a continuation which are rarely made as remakes are way more common.

    Either way it goes Dallas was really good and lived up to the expectations and for me it exceeded them as I’m actually hooked right now and can’t wait to see it next week. I was planning on just sampling it and leaving it alone and if I didn’t care for it but the exact opposite happened I can say I’m a fan now.

    There were a lot of Revenge fans on the net who was going to watch Dallas and Revenge is a pretty young soap so Dallas might do relatively well in the demo.

  • Tiffany

    I think it was great

  • RC

    This is the first time I encounter European enthusiasm for an American show that has not yet premiered. Networks are announcing it in a big way, the trailers are being shown everywhere,… Will it be a global hit or an epic fail?

    Really looking forward to the numbers…

  • Albert

    @ RC

    The original Dallas was big on a worldwide level even in Europe and its good to hear that you guys are over there are stoked for it and that the networks are hyping it up. This version has a chance to be huge on an international level as well.

  • Justin121

    90210 reboot got a 2.4

    I say > 2.0

  • Justin121

    90210 is more of remake than a reboot, and more of a reboot than a continuation.

  • Justin121

    Dallas / Dynasty


    Revenge / Dallas

    Only wish this was on a major network

  • alffan

    I watched. Many forget that “Who Shot J.R.” was one of the first classic real cliffhangers in American TV history. The use of the season ending cliffhanger concept can be traced back to this show. It left a footprint on TV that may not be matched for that reason. Hagman was great, and the actors cast on the young side played the roles well. I realize now I like Revenge because it has Dallas DNA

  • Fielding

    @ alfan

    The producers of Revenge are obviously big Dallas/Knots Landing fans – you’ve got the Southfork Inn, the casting of William Devane as Conrad’s father (Devane was a regular on Knots Landing) and the character Mason Treadwell (Treadwell was the name of the baddie in the final season of KL). I’m sure there are are lots of other little homages sprinkled throughout the show.

  • A House Divided

    Yeah Alffan the “Who Shot JR” cliffhanger was special if you were around back in the summer and fall of 1980 that’s all you would hear about is who shot the dude and people would constantly have debates about it. It was so fun back then that’s why we need these type of shows back on air because people need to start watching the same stuff again that’s what’s wrong with TV today.

  • Networkman

    I agree Justin121. Why didn’t CBS picked this up again? If CBS was to air Dallas during the Summer, it would do huge numbers for the network. And it would be more perfect if it aired after Big Brother. That could help the show get some of the younger audiences watching this soap as well. And then maybe CBS could of aired The Good Wife after Dallas to get some more people interested in it come Fall. Blue Bloods would also fit perfectly after Dallas if CBS decided to air it on Friday in its original timeslot.


    I grew up watching Dallas regularly every friday night and I am so happy Dallas is back. TNT has done an excellent job at continuing the Ewing saga. Cable is where all the best dramas are now. The so called Big 3 networks ABC, CBS, and NBC just air trash shows now. CBS especially and all of its procedural junk. Dallas will do big for TNT and they have done great at promoting Dallas. LONG LIVE DALLAS for another long run. AWESOME.

  • Tim

    I watched it and was very surprised with how good it was. I got lured in to each character’s story, it was just like 30 years ago! I agree with most of these comments, but I’m a little afraid that because it’s not lousy like most of today’s show, it may struggle but I hope many fans of the original watched it and will continue!
    There was so much treachery in the first two episodes, I just hope they didn’t blow it all in one night. I have to admit, I actually like every character but my favorite has to be Jon Ross, he’s a cool customer and down right evil. He has almost no good qualities as a human, yet he’s like-able lol!. I don’t think i’d want the original JR as an enemy though!


    I’m in my 20’s and I watched the show and it was great. I predict around a 2.0, settling into the mid 1.5’s…

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