History's New Series 'Shark Wranglers' Premieres July 1 at 10 p.m.

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June 14th, 2012

via press release:

Special Forces of fishermen take the business of shark tagging

to the next level in


New HISTORY® series premiering July 1 at 10 p.m. traces the most ambitious Great White Shark research expedition in history,

led by ocean explorer Chris Fischer


June 14, New York, NY – World-class fishermen and ocean explorers risk life and limb doing a job no one else on the planet has even attempted – conducting hands on research of massive Great White Sharks in a dangerous, high stakes attempt to save them from oblivion. Pre-eminent ocean explorer and elite fisherman Chris Fischer is on a quest to decode the secrets of the deadliest creatures in the ocean in SHARK WRANGLERS, a new series premiering Sunday, July 1 at 10 p.m. on HISTORY.


The series chronicles the most ambitious shark expedition in history. The crew must track down the world’s most deadly – yet threatened – sharks, maneuver them onto the cradle of their 126-foot boat in rolling waters, and tag each one – by hand. Their goal is 50 sharks in 40 days – a near impossible mission that will test the team’s resolve as they battle through every conceivable setback.


The setting for the expedition is South Africa, home to giant great whites. Fischer and his elite team are the only people in the world who tag sharks this way. Once they hook a shark, they maneuver it onto a watery platform next to the ship, then risk life and limb jumping into the water with the shark and raising the cradle so the shark can be tagged and studied. This hands-on approach allows them to attach transmitters that deliver data for years instead of months. The various studies include one that could help develop antibiotics for shark bites, potentially decreasing the fatality rates from secondary infection. The process puts Fischer and his crew in danger, as they must steer clear of the shark in its own domain, while working quickly to protect the shark itself.


“This journey tested Fischer and his crew in every way. They dealt with issues and dangers beyond the scope of anything in their career, but they kept on going because they believe the more sharks they tag, the more they can ultimately save,” said Dirk Hoogstra, SVP of Development and Programming for HISTORY. “We are thrilled to elevate Fischer’s story to a new level. SHARK WRANGLERS is about a group of guys on a dramatic crusade to do the right thing.”


The information Fischer collects will help solve the worldwide puzzle of where Great White Sharks and other large sharks gather en masse at various times of the year. This data could allay the fears of nervous swimmers by telling them when Great White Sharks are cruising off their local beach, but it will also protect sharks from shark-finners who kill up to tens of millions of sharks of all species every year. If this trend continues, Great White Sharks and other species could soon be gone, causing complete havoc to the ocean’s food chain. Fischer wants to find out where sharks spend their time so those areas can be protected from finners.


Chris Fischer, a lifelong adventurer, has made it his mission to be “the voice of the world’s oceans” to create awareness and appreciation for marine environments on a global scale. His non-profit, OCEARCH, was created to shape public policy to protect the world’s marine resources.


SHARK WRANGLERS is produced for HISTORY by Fischer Productions in association with Undertow Films. Executive Producers are Chris Fischer, Matt Renner and Ethan Prochnik. Dirk Hoogstra and Mike Stiller are executive producers for HISTORY.




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  • Jon

    Someday they’ll show ‘history’ again…

  • cra

    Why is this History? There is no longer any history on History. I guess the History Channel has run out of any history to talk about and now must rely on cheap reality programing and an occassional mini-series.

  • MRC

    OCEARCH should be more involved in ocean research instead of focusing on white sharks with an argumentative crew made so for reality TV.

  • Cali

    Awesome!! I can hardly wait to watch!!

  • SNB

    Bet this will be worse that ice road truckers… Maybe even worse the swamp people… Where’s the history????

  • j1988c

    Sharks and alligators re history idiot!!

  • Jules

    There is no history on the History Channel anymore because it’s hard to make a reality show about something that happened in the past. It seems every TV producer in existence believes that all humans who watch TV only want to watch reality shows. I guess they should change the name to the “History in the Making Channel”. For anyone watching Shark Wranglers, perhaps some research about Chris Fischer is in order. He isn’t a biologist. There is no official research organization affiliated with this project. No one is standing in line to use the so called “data” they collect. Shameful. This show is nothing more than sport fishing an endangered species while by-passing the laws meant to protect these species.

  • todd

    sharks have been around longer than humans!theirs gotta be history in that!!

  • Ace

    Its history because no one else has done anything like this before. Or did we not see that on the beginning of the show. And history is not all about the things that have happened in the past. It is also about what is happening in the here and now as well! And it doesn’t matter if its sharks or something else because I am pretty sure with what I am reading here you guys would find something to bitch about on here. Thats whats wrong with people today. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it. Why complain about something you can’t change. And if the man wants to do research and he’s got the money and will to do it whats wrong with that? And why say something about the research when the Chinese are doing what they are doing to not only the whales but the sharks as well! How brutal! And they aren’t fishing the sharks to kill them they release them again!

  • MyPhD

    Jules this is in response to your earlier post. Your the perfect example of a person that doesn’t know what the show is even about. To adress your issues with the show: He doesn’t ever claim to be a biologist he actually says over and over again he is a professional angler and fisherman. I think you may need to do your research on Chris fisher. There are three scientists on the boat that are affiliated with a large portion of south African universities as well as a network of other scientists. There are over a dozen of nations standing in line waiting on his research information(data) including the United States of America. So I think I would be safe to assume that you are horrible researcher and probably aren’t that educated yourself. I hate to assume cause you know what they say but I’m betting that you are an impulse writer and have no data yourself to back up your statements. Be careful cause trust me I have plenty of research before I open my mouth.

  • Tokyo Joe

    How can you protect animals if you don’t know where they breed, give birth or feed? Nobody has ever put transmitters on these animals or collected tissue, bacteria and other samples to understand what is happening. Stop bashing and do your homework. These guys are making HISTORY, learning about the ocean’s top predator, to protect it, the ocean and every freedom that allows you to spout off on blogs about what you don’t know. Guess who’s funding the research? Chris Fischer is, tip your hat and stop bashing. There should be governments and universities lined up to help him. Great work Chris Fischer!!!!!!

  • Lupo

    You are 100% right Tokyo Joe. Another subject that could be very interesting doing some serious research and investigation is to be able to answer these questions: Where do these brainless people that comment STUPID things come from? And how can we prevent them from breeding? Humanity is already a big mess. We don’t need more people like them. Not only they need to get a life but also a brain…

  • Nick Trapp

    I have loved sharks for as long as i remember and you men are my heroes! I hope someday i can meet u and shake your hands. Your jobs are show people care. I know i will be as haply with a job involving sharks as you guys are out there! Please know people do care about sharks and you have done something here that will spark a new generation against shark fin soup! Sincerely , Nick Trapp

  • Bobby Radical

    I would like to get in touch with Chris Fischer and the producers of Shark Wranglers. My company (Makoman) manufactures custom handmade shark theme furniture. We presently have 3-chairs, 2-tables, and 1-mailbox available for sale. They are made of fiberglass and resin from a custom made mold, which allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Mako Shark without harming any sharks. For more information contact me at 786-987-9875 or visit http://www.sharkfurniture.com

    Thank you
    Bobby Radical

  • Larry Bo

    Mickey Mouse Show. Crew lacks Professionalism. Do you really expect people to buy into this nonsense.
    Reality TV has hit an all-time low.

  • D McGrath

    Awesome show, history in the making. Hopefully their efforts help save sharks.

  • M Stone

    This show is awesome the people that don’t respect the guys on this boat are crazy, stupid and uneducatid. These men are heroes and are backed by many countries to save the shark all species.

  • R Gannon

    Where’s the whale war dorks when you need them? At least the people hunting the whale’s kill them and put em’ out of their missery! These guys hook em, drill holes in the sharks fin, bolt electronics to em’. Slice em, shove more crap inside their bodies and try to sew them up intime. If I were the shark, I would rether be killed and studied, then molested by this so called caring group, then sent off to swim around with crap stuck to my fin and implanted in me! The sharks are one of the top predator’s in the ocean. They don’t need any help to survive. If they say they are endagered, its bull, they just want more money to go out and do this crap. I think they should go catch the crew of whale wars, tag and study those freaks. Leave other countries alone and leave the sharks alone!

  • MyPhD

    R Gannon I have to place you in the same category as Jules from my earlier post. Their are to many uneducated people just willing to spill their nonsense into blogs but don’t have the knowledge nor the sense to back up what they say. These small changes that are made to the sharks do not effect the sharks in a harmful way it’s as harmless as an ear piercing. with these electronics that don’t bother the sharks main functions we can help save the natural habitats that the sharks use to breed and feed, and in your response to them being the top predators of the ocean and having no problem surviving; you may be correct about them being the top predators on water but us humans are their biggest predator. Without you even considering how many sharks are killed in a single day by humans you boast that, “they can survive on their own.” yeah they can survive on their own just like the bluefin tuna, red fish(red drum), or even the Ivory billed woodpecker. This just shows your ignorance in what really is going on here.

  • Terry

    MyPhD-GO GET ‘EM!! It’s nice to see someone that knows what they’re talking about posting here! (I’m sure there are others that have too) I never post my thoughts on any subject but this time I just couldn’t hold my tongue. I too am sick to death of reality shows, and without meaning to offend ANYONE, I think too many people, with way to much free time, should learn to stop criticizing, and instead, thank those persons trying to make a positive impact on the world! As many have stated before me, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it!! It’s an easy fix!! To Chris, Brett, and all of you Shark Wranglers-I’ll continue to watch every episode. Thanks guys & thanks to the History Channel for bringing us their story.

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