Michael Trucco Talks to 'Fairly Legal' Fans Live During the Friday, June 15 Finale on USA's Character Chatter

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June 14th, 2012


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Chat with Michael TruccoLIVE Friday, June 15 at 9/8c

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Michael Trucco, who plays Justin Patrick in the hit USA Network original series FAIRLY LEGAL, joins fans live during the east coast airing of the finale episode to talk about the episode and answer fan questions during the show’s season final this Friday, June 15 at 9/8.

On the season finale, Kate (Sarah Shahi) digs deeper when a news station fires a lesbian couple for fraternizing in the workplace and the scandal she uncovers may involve District Attorney Davidson (Guest Star Esai Morales). Lauren (Virginia Williams) must ask a favor of the man she just dumped. Kate must choose between Justin (Michael Trucco) and Ben (Ryan Johnson). Also guest-starring Lloyd Owen, Lindy Booth, Ted Atherton, Rebecca Staab.

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  • Jenna

    Woo! So in love with this show. Too bad this season is so short with only 13 eps. Any word…rumors…etc. on whether or not we’re getting a season 3 yet? *bites nails*

  • Jamie

    Jenna, I totall agree. I love this show and have been scouring the web looking to see if there will be a season 3!

  • Jenna

    Me too! From what I have read we probably won’t know the answer until late June/early July.

  • Marcus

    Me either! i’m checking every days to see if there will be a season 3! i’m obsessed with this show since day one! i just freakin’ love it! :D

  • MLM

    Oh my, now i really love this show, i love ben’s character and the way he has changed (before i continue with my comment, i must ask, has anyone else noticed that the men change for Kate, but she hasn’t changed or well adjusted for any of the? hmm!) well onto my comment. I hope it does come back, i was disappointed with the ending, because its the finale, and may return this time next year..THAT’S A LONG WAIT. I feel that the show more caters for the writers, rather than the views, allowing them to write and stretch out the show and not rush anything, but that’s all well and good, but not for short season of the show.

  • TDK

    I am on Team Ben! Was that the same apartment Ben was in at the beginning of the show when you see him shirtless waking up and at the end of the show on the balcony? I hope it is otherwise he will be crowding out Kate’s lifstyle. If Kate had not done her homework & was clueless that she moved in next to Ben, then its OK.

    Or they could leave it as Ben just teasing her on the balcony since his friend is the real estate agent who introduced the apartment to her. But in reality, Ben’s apartment where he lives is somewhere else.

    It could be that Ben bought the apartment for her not knowing that she had already bought it perhaps thru a different real estate agent as she did not want to deal with Ben’s agent.

  • MLM

    TDK……..i think that it is the apartment he woke up in and that he is indeed her new neighbour. I guess Kate didn’t have a clue of where he lived, she never had cause to go to his place before, and she was so busy running from him and denying her feelings for him, that i think that she somehow tried to think him non-existent, well at least in her heart.
    What this shows and have been showing us for the past few episodes is that Ben has been learning her, about her ways and likes and dislikes, and he gets her and knows her and that seem to frighten her some. That’s how i think he was able to find this apt for her through his real-estate friend then have Leo suggest it to Justin. HE KNOWS HER…..and pretty well too. SWEET!!!

  • DMR

    My take is that Ben probably owns the building….and started artfully managing Kate’s move (obviously without Kate’s understanding) from the moment he heard her say she was going to move in with Justin. When Ben kept saying that he knew “a guy” with some apartments, I believe he was talking about himself.

    I agree with MLM…Ben really knows Kate (much better than Justin)…knew Kate would like the apartment and that eventually she would become strong enough to break away from Justin. As Ben told Leo…”It’s a marathon, not a sprint”….and he was willing to bide his time. My favorite moment in the finale was when Ben found the rock on Kate’s desk. The look of surprise-hope-happiness on his face was beautiful!

    Now — another interesting question is with Lauren and Robin, and why she dropped the FBI recorder/necklace she was supposed to wear? My guess is that she is not, as Kate suggested, taken with Robin and ready to start a relationship — but that she wants to investigate him on her own, without feeling like an FBI snitch….What do y’all think?

  • Cate

    DMR…I think that the necklace dropping was an accident and leaving her exposed if he intends to hurt her (e.g. kidnapping). Kate has threatened to expose him and might use Lauren as leverage some way.

    And I can’t remember the rock reference. Someone please remind me! :)

  • CAM

    Cate – Ben was sitting at Kate’s desk looking for a clue about her recent behavior in the hallway and found the heart shaped rock Ben had picked up on “Borderline”. He had it at the hot tub before their conversation on first love and/or love being easy. I assume he left it at the hot tub. Kate brought it home in secret, but now he knows she kept it.

  • MLM

    maybe he does own the building…I just love this show.

  • JP

    DMR i thought that Robin is the one that trashed the necklace, maybe without Lauren noticing?? Maybe I misread it but i thought that it fell from Robins hand and that Lauren reached around her neck when she was getting into his car and kinda noticed that it was missing.

  • george

    Good show, plenty of story lines. Good cast. Surprised season so short.

  • Cate

    Thanks CAM…great excuse to go back an rewatch the Borderline episode!! :) As far as Lauren and the necklace, i think the well-executed acting leaves many possibilities…Robin knocking it off, Lauran knocking it off, Lauran noticing it’s absence as she gets towards the car. Hoping for a season 3 to let us know!!

  • jackie

    This show MUST be renewed… Its great and I love love Justin !!!

  • MLM

    Actually i think that Lauren actually and on purpose dropped the necklace, whether it be for her own private investigation or to just let go for once and give in, though she knows deep inside that he isn’t good, but it seems she wants this time to throw all caution to the wind and just be free and in love and somehow wish that he is a good man.
    but Ben ben ben ben………gosh i love him, i love his banter with kate. i just love them. as much as i hate that the season was so short and that the ending was so abrupt, especially since we will have to wait till next year IF it comes back and i hope it does. but i love them together and i would like them to take their time…like ben says its a marathon and just have him woo her socks off. :)

  • Bill

    I’m so glad that everyone is thrilled with Kate not choosing Justin and (in effect)is with Ben now. Never mind that in reality, office romances nearly always end in disaster. Reality be damned! And to say that Ben knows Kate better than Justin is a fairy tale. The fact that they knew each other so well and that Justin was willing to change to keep Kate in his life, of course, means nothing to “Team Ben.” But the most important thing I think to most of the female fans of this show, which I’m sure is the majority gender, is that Justin will continue to be punished for his cheating on Kate when they were together and that another marriage bites the dust – for good. That makes sense, given that the failure rate of marriages in TV Land is probably about 95%.

    So now Justin will get to see Kate with Ben on a regular basis and agonize over that. I’m sure they will find a new and innovative way to immasculate Justin on each episode. How entertaining for most of the fans of FL, but not me. I recorded the season finale but after reading how it ended (spoilers don’t bother me), I really haven’t had any desire to watch it. As far as I’m concerned the show last week was the final one of the series.

  • Erika

    Why do so many of the shows that have really good story lines, excellent legal or is some cases Medical story lines and great actors get cancelled? Why can’t they cancel some of those stupid reality shows where they throw a group of people in a house to see who fights with and sleeps with who? I will not now or ever watch them.

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