Disney Channel's 'Let It Shine' Divines 5.7 Million Viewers, Becomes #1 TV Movie of the Year with Kids and Tweens

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June 16th, 2012

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Disney Channel Original Movie “Let It Shine” Divines 5.7 Million Total Viewers; Becomes the #1 TV Movie of the Year in Kids 2-11, Kids 6-11 and Tweens


Led by “Let It Shine,” Disney Channel Airs Friday’s Top 11 TV Telecasts in

Kids 2-11, the Top 23 TV Telecasts in Kids 6-11 and the Top 20 in Tweens 9-14


“Good Luck Charlie” and “Gravity Falls” Dominate Their Time Periods


Friday, June 15, 2012


In its premiere, Disney Channel Original Movie, “Let It Shine” delivered 5.7 million Total Viewers, ranking Friday’s #1 cable TV telecast, and becoming the #1 TV Movie of 2012 to date in Kids 2-11 (3.0 million/7.4 rating), Kids 6-11 (2.6 million/10.6 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (2.3 million/9.4 rating).


Overall, led by “Let It Shine,” an all-new “Good Luck Charlie” and a preview of upcoming animated series, “Gravity Falls,” Disney Channel held Friday’s Top 11 TV telecasts in Kids 2-11, the Top 23 TV telecasts in  Kids 6-11 and the Top 20 in Tweens 9-14.


Also impressive, with “Let It Shine,” and January telecasts on “Wizards of Waverly Place,” “Jessie” and “Fish Hooks,” Disney Channel currently holds the year’s Top 5 scripted TV telecasts in Kids 2-11 and Kids 6-11.


  • “Let It Shine” completely dominated its time period, ranking as TV’s #1 telecast across all target demos, surpassing runner up, Nickelodeon, by 275% in Kids 2-11 (3.0 million/7.4 rating vs. 799,000/1.9 rating), by 311% in Kids 6-11 (2.6 million/10.6 rating vs. 633,000/2.6 rating) and by 252% in Tweens 9-14 (2.3 million/9.4 rating vs. 625,000/2.6 rating).


  • At 7:30 p.m., an all-new “Good Luck Charlie” stood as the #1 TV telecast in the half-hour, more than doubling runner-up, Nickelodeon, across Kids 2-11 (+110% – 2.1 million/5.1 rating vs. 1.0 million/2.4 rating), Kids 6-11 (+125% – 1.7 million/7.0 rating vs. 755,000/3.1 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (+132% – 1.5 million/6.3 rating vs. 646,000/2.7 rating).


  • At 9:55 p.m., a special preview of “Gravity Falls” was easily TV’s #1 telecast in the time period, more than tripling the #2 network, ABC, in Kids 6-11 (+278% – 1.7 million/6.8 rating vs. 450,000/1.8 rating), and more than doubling in Kids 2-11 (+193% – 2.0 million/5.0 rating vs. 682,000/1.7 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (+164% – 1.3 million/5.6 rating vs. 493,000/2.1 rating).


 (Source: Nielsen Media Research (National Ratings, Live + Same Day, 6/15/12). Ratings based on national rating unless otherwise noted. Competitive % advantages based on 000s).


  • disney rocks

    no way icarly will get 10 million; i’m guessing 4.5 million; the show’s not good anymore

  • disney rocks

    I’m a Disney Channel fan, but I thought Rags (nick), which had a similar premise was just as good as LIS. I did like the music of LIS though. “What i said” by coco jones was catchy. LIS ended kind of abrupt. Royx was so mad at Cyrus and them comes to church and they big and sing. They didn’t even have a conversation!

  • disney rocks

    hug not big

  • ajsy0905

    I think in this era (post Selena Gomez/Camp Rock era), none of them so far will become a big popstars or can do a arena type concerts except BTR. High TV ratings do not guarantee a popstar success right now.

  • RHONJd

    I honestly think Bella Thorne can be a really big pop star. She is probably the #1 Disney girl right now.

  • I luv Nickelodeon

    Okay guys let me clear this up 4 yall.!!! Yes let it shine got great numbers, but if it would of went up against a basketball game, like rags did it would of got at least 3 million.! The music in let it shine was not terrible but it wasn’t good either. Would I buy it.? No.! Rags in the other hand had great music and upbeat music dat kids listen to.!! I wish it didnt went up agains a basketball game and i wish it couldve aired during the summer.!! They both had the same meaning about following you dreams, but let’s be honest Rags was better.!! Okay and for icarly yes it’s coming to an end in November with the ep titled iGoodbye.! My prediction is about 12 million views, cuz it’s the most popular tv show in Tweens and kids.! Yes I do think it will beat wizards cuz its a Schneider orginal show and it’s more popular than wizards.. Let’s not forget that the season finale of the legend of Korra is next saturday.! It’s one of the top shows on Nick and it is very popular with kids, Tweens, and adults.! There is also going to be a Fred movie and I think It might pull of bigger numbers than let it shine, but we will have to see and find out.! There is also going to be new eps of victorious, Supah nijas, spongebob, fairyoddparents, Big time rush, bucket and skinner, figure it out, and how to rock.!!! So nick is also showing new ep in the summer.!! Nick will win though cuz they always had better programming.!! (;

  • disney rocks

    @ I luv niclelodeon, shut up. iCarly will not be pulling in almost 10! million! more than its last new episode. Thats a huge increase; and tv shows don;t pull those numbers; especially not a children’s show. Also, Supah ninjas and bucket and skinner do crappy ratings; how to rock is eh?- crappy; big time rush is decent; figure it out is decent; the only shows you named that are truly good are victorious, spnogebob, legend of korea; fairly odd parents and icarly are decent;

    ALL disney shows do good; compete with that!

  • Jon23812

    I thought it would get higher than 8 million. Oh well, hope it does well in DVD sales.

  • Jon23812

    @Nickelodoen Rocks 2012, iSaved Your Life was not the #1 telecast with kids and tweens. High School Musical 2 was with 17.4 million viewers, and in 2001 the 10th anniversary episode of Rugrats got 12 million viewers, then there’s the Wizards of Waverly Place movie with 11.4 million views, then iSaved Your Life with 11.2 million views.

  • sup

    the best the icarly finale will do is about 4.5 mil. The show is really losing interest to people and is becoming really boring. i mean come on, its been struggling to get over 3 million viewers per ep. now.

    and on a side note “nickelodeon rocks”, your opinion would be more legit if it wasnt obvious u were a fanboy for nick…

    let it shine was really good and im glad it got the ratings it deserved.
    and gravity falls may be similar to “regular show” cuz many of the creators and management from cartoon network have moved on to disney (if u have read the article on it)

  • jack

    @I luv Nickelodeon
    more annoying nick fanboys eh? 12 million my ass. let it shine went against a stunts show with 10 million viewers on abc. different demographics, i know, but so is rags with a basketball game. i mean people watching the game prob arent into lame rags stuff…

  • lol

    lol u 4 year old @I luv Nickelodeon, nothing on nick has ever beat hsm2/wowp movie numbers. lets be honest, rags was incredibly boring, and icarly is losing it s heat. it should get cancelled and then maybe nick can finally get a show that can compete with what disney channel offers. you honestly just have bout no cred in ur comments at all.

  • I luv nickelodeon

    Hshahaha u guys make me laugh.!!! :D You guys must be out of your minds if you think icarly will get less than 4.5 million.!!! ITS A SERIES FINALE, and who ever said it got cancelled is wrong, it just ended cuz miranda cosgrove (carly) is going to collage, and jennete mucurdy (sam), noah munck (giby), jerry trainor (spencer) are all getting their own show on nickelodeon, and nathan kress (freddie) is moving on. So im pretty sure it will do very very well on its series finale. ALL GOOD SHOWS COME TO AN END. Yes icarly previous new ep got less than 3 million. SO WHAT.! Its not like any show on disney has gotten 2.3 millions veiws, cuz alot of them have, infact even less than dat, such as ant farm, jessie, and austin and ally. As a matter of fact NAME any show on disney that has gotten as many views in previous eps of icarly, from season 1 to their current season and then we talk. HAHAHA but im sure you cant find any. O and icarly is not struggling to get 3milion views cuz it doesnt need heavy promotion. O and icarly ep of iSaved Your Life did not get 11.2 million views it got more than 12 million views so who ever said nothing beats wizards of waverly place the movie needs to check again CUZ YOUR FACTS ARE WRONG.!! O and i forgot to mention that Rags is not BORING, who ever said that must have no good taste in movies and music. O and Rags not only went up against with a basketball game, but also with Alice in Wonderland, Madagasgar 3, Monday Night Raw, and american gots talent. Its actually pretty impressive on how it got more than 3 million.!! Just to clear this up im not hating on let it shine cuz the movie was pretty good, i just found it unfair. O and one more thing NOTHING ON DISNEY CHANNEL is better than any tv live action show or cartoon on NICKELODEON.!!!! Every single show on Nickelodeon is 100x better than any disney show. Nickelodeon is ranked the number one channel for kids every single year…Bucket and skinner and supha nijas are good shows if you might give it a chance. I hated them both at first but once i saw a couple of more eps, espically lasts week ep with jennete muccurdy and cody simpson, i pretty much enjoyed/liked them/it.!! O and how to rock (the newest show on nick) is really good.!! Way better than austin and ally and ant farm combined. The show is full of laughs and a ton of amayzing songs. On top of that it is all about being yourself. Like cymphonique miller says on her show ONLY YOU CAN BE YOU.!! SO GUYS AND GIRLS LOOK AT THE FACTS, THE SHOWS, THE MUSIC,THE COMEDY, AND THE ACTING, NICKELODEON IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE NUMBER ONE…(:

  • RHONJd

    Everyone, just don’t even try with “I luv Nickelodeon”. He is clearly dug into his own opinion and isn’t gonna change. He clearly can not read, and doesn’t understand television ratings, air dates, age demographics, etc…. These are all things that effect popularity of the shows that we are all talking about. My advice to I luv nickelodeon is things change, and Nick doesn’t have that number 1 spot. Dont even try with him because he will make things up to make Nickelodeon seem like its doing great and fantastic, when really its losing viewers each day.

    P.S. I luv Nickelodeon, lower your expectations with iCarly and it’s series finale. It isn’t gonna do as great as you think

  • Nickelodeon Rules

    @RJHOND Shut Up. Every time I See Your Name It’s Blah Blah Disney Blah Blah Nickelodeon Sucks. Well Tell Me what Ant Farm is gonna Do When Korra has its 1hr Season Finale.

  • I luv Nickelodeon

    Tell me what I’m making up.!! O and I do know everything dat effects a tv show or movie, I’m not stupid.! I was just proving/correcting the info of icarly’s special iSaved Your Life. O and nick is the number one channel for kids, look it up.! So shut up.!!

  • RHONJd

    @Nickelodeon Rules, first off, it is @RHONJd not @RJHOND. So learn how to read……..
    And second off, I speak the truth and have facts to back up each and everything I say, so I am not afraid to take on you Nick lovers, because all you guys do is make up lies and things on how Nick is #1. Well, guess what, things change and Nick has lost their number 1 spot. And it is sad when a channel relies on one show to bring in ratings while the other shows can’t bring any viewers. And Legend of Korra appeals to teens and adults, and that’s most of the audience it attracts. Korra has a very hard time to bring in numbers with the main demographic (2-14). Disney has many hit shows under their belt, and doesn’t need to rely on one show to bring in great numbers. All I can is the ratings speak for themselves…………….

  • RHONJd

    Lord, please teach these idiots how to spell! Maybe you guys are too busy watching Nickelodeon all day!

  • I luv Nickelodeon

    O and every tv channel looses viewers every day, but it doesn’t mean that their shows loose popularity, cuz many don’t have time to watch a regular ep, but when it comes to a series finale and a pilot people will watch.! So as for icarly u just watch when it gets more than what u expect.!

  • RHONJd

    All you have to do is look back at old Disney press releases and see the popularity it has gained, the huge numbers it’s attracted, and how it’s beating Nickelodeon now.

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