Disney Channel's 'Let It Shine' Divines 5.7 Million Viewers, Becomes #1 TV Movie of the Year with Kids and Tweens

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June 16th, 2012

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Disney Channel Original Movie “Let It Shine” Divines 5.7 Million Total Viewers; Becomes the #1 TV Movie of the Year in Kids 2-11, Kids 6-11 and Tweens


Led by “Let It Shine,” Disney Channel Airs Friday’s Top 11 TV Telecasts in

Kids 2-11, the Top 23 TV Telecasts in Kids 6-11 and the Top 20 in Tweens 9-14


“Good Luck Charlie” and “Gravity Falls” Dominate Their Time Periods


Friday, June 15, 2012


In its premiere, Disney Channel Original Movie, “Let It Shine” delivered 5.7 million Total Viewers, ranking Friday’s #1 cable TV telecast, and becoming the #1 TV Movie of 2012 to date in Kids 2-11 (3.0 million/7.4 rating), Kids 6-11 (2.6 million/10.6 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (2.3 million/9.4 rating).


Overall, led by “Let It Shine,” an all-new “Good Luck Charlie” and a preview of upcoming animated series, “Gravity Falls,” Disney Channel held Friday’s Top 11 TV telecasts in Kids 2-11, the Top 23 TV telecasts in  Kids 6-11 and the Top 20 in Tweens 9-14.


Also impressive, with “Let It Shine,” and January telecasts on “Wizards of Waverly Place,” “Jessie” and “Fish Hooks,” Disney Channel currently holds the year’s Top 5 scripted TV telecasts in Kids 2-11 and Kids 6-11.


  • “Let It Shine” completely dominated its time period, ranking as TV’s #1 telecast across all target demos, surpassing runner up, Nickelodeon, by 275% in Kids 2-11 (3.0 million/7.4 rating vs. 799,000/1.9 rating), by 311% in Kids 6-11 (2.6 million/10.6 rating vs. 633,000/2.6 rating) and by 252% in Tweens 9-14 (2.3 million/9.4 rating vs. 625,000/2.6 rating).


  • At 7:30 p.m., an all-new “Good Luck Charlie” stood as the #1 TV telecast in the half-hour, more than doubling runner-up, Nickelodeon, across Kids 2-11 (+110% – 2.1 million/5.1 rating vs. 1.0 million/2.4 rating), Kids 6-11 (+125% – 1.7 million/7.0 rating vs. 755,000/3.1 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (+132% – 1.5 million/6.3 rating vs. 646,000/2.7 rating).


  • At 9:55 p.m., a special preview of “Gravity Falls” was easily TV’s #1 telecast in the time period, more than tripling the #2 network, ABC, in Kids 6-11 (+278% – 1.7 million/6.8 rating vs. 450,000/1.8 rating), and more than doubling in Kids 2-11 (+193% – 2.0 million/5.0 rating vs. 682,000/1.7 rating) and Tweens 9-14 (+164% – 1.3 million/5.6 rating vs. 493,000/2.1 rating).


 (Source: Nielsen Media Research (National Ratings, Live + Same Day, 6/15/12). Ratings based on national rating unless otherwise noted. Competitive % advantages based on 000s).


  • lawl

    even with more promotion and a good lead in no one would watch icarly and victorious…

  • britt

    Nickelodeon Rocks 2012 I don’t care if u r African American so I’m I let it shine has to be one of the best Disney movie ever! And another thing icarly is just bad okay they have 2.3 rating the finale will never surpass wizards of Waverley place because wizards of Waverley place is original funny and interesting icarly is boring and after 3 episodes it was like what the hell I’m I watching I don’t mean to start any fights but I needed to say this
    Let it shine 1000000/100000

  • Airjordan

    I loved let it shine it was an awesome movie I hope they make a let it shine 2 I want to know what bling says after he got beat in the rap battle and I also want to know if Roxie and Cyrus date and if Cyrus will start being truth and Chris become Cyrus dancer but this movie is the best movie I have ever seen I have watch this movie 5 times and I have bought all the songs and ring tones. Please make a let it shine 2 :)

  • Zman

    Let it shine was the best Disney Channel movie i have ever seen the only complaint that i have is that they didnt kiss at the end of the movie.Let it shine will surpass any numbers that Nickelodeon will ever get.

  • JJ

    Well Let it shine was boring the only person that was a good actor and singer on the show was Coco Jones. Tyler James Williams never could act even on Everybody Hates Chris he broght the show down, even though I always throught EHC was one of the most anti white shows on television.So really if it wasn’t for Coco the whole movies would have fell so low it would have ended up in the basement it was so lousy. As for the other Disney shows they are good with the exception of the Ant Farm which I hope won’t last although I think that all the main kids actors on the show could make it on another show with the exception of China Anne McClain who just can’t act or sing the poor thing tries with all her heart,, but she sounds like she reading her lines and forcing her parts, she’s singing thru her nose while attempting to dance hoping a strong wind doesn’t blow her skinny frame away.

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