TNT's 'Falling Skies' Ratings Down in Second Season Premiere

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June 18th, 2012



Among adults 18-49, Falling Skies earned a 1.5 rating, which is down from last year's 2.0 premiere rating.  Our polled readers were too optimistic in their predictions. Blame Lebron?

via press release:

TNT's Falling Skies Launches Second Season with 4.5 Million Viewers

TNT's epic drama series Falling Skies, basic cable's #1 new series last year, launched its second season Sunday night with strong numbers. The two-hour season premiere drew  4,461,000 viewers in Live + Same Day delivery. Falling Skies, which comes to TNT from DreamWorks Television and executive producer Steven Spielberg and stars Noah Wyle, helped TNT rank as basic cable's #1 network for the night with a 2.3 household rating according to early metered-market data.

The second-season premiere of Falling Skies is expected to grow to more than 6 million viewers when final Live + 7 deliveries are available. Among key adult demos, Falling Skies drew 1,869,000 adults 18-49 and 2,199,000 adults 25-54 (L+SD).

About TNT's Falling Skies
Basic cable's #1 new series of 2011 is back with its extraordinary story about life and survival in the wake of a catastrophic alien invasion. Noah Wyle stars as a college professor who becomes an unlikely resistance leader in this gripping series from DreamWorks Television and executive producer Steven Spielberg. Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton, Drew Roy, Maxim Knight and Connor Jessup also star in the series, which airs Sundays at 10 p.m. (ET/PT)on TNT. In addition to Spielberg, Falling Skies is executive-produced by DreamWorks Television heads Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank. Remi Aubuchon and Greg Beeman also serve as executive producers.

Following the East Coast premiere of each episode of Falling Skies, fans can go online to http// to catch a new installment of 2nd Watch, hosted by Wil Wheaton. The 15-minute digital talk show features discussions about each week's episodes, interviews with special guests from the cast and crew, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, fan questions, trivia and more.

  • John A

    The V people are still complaning? The show is dead get over it.

  • Nick the Greek

    Not sure how this is a failure going up against NBA Finals, US Open and Father’s Day. The episodes were great so i am expecting an increase in week 2. Let’s see if True Blood shows a drop as well.

  • Dillan

    How can people compare Falling Skies to V?! For starters, one of them comes on a CABLE network. For TNT and cable, Falling Skies’ ratings are good. I definitely think the sports on TV took some viewers away, and I’m sure TNT will look at DVR ratings which will be good.

  • AlcoholicsAnonymous

    @Robert G – You’re a moron.

  • Davis

    @Robert Seidman

    …I love your “Blame Lebron?” comment, as we all know Sci-Fi nerds are notorious for being closet sport jocks (Not so much) ;)

  • The End

    @Robert Seidman

    No problem, I tried to be as non spoilerific as possible for obvious reasons.

    Anyway to answer, there was quite a detailed interview published in a magazine quite recently, shocking how spoilerific it was, naming places amongst other things and events

  • Richard Steven Hack

    The premiere was somewhat better than most of last year’s episodes. The special effects were a bit better, too, especially the tall alien.

    Nonetheless, there is still a massive amount of implausibility to many of the scenes and character behavior, let alone the premise that the aliens wiped out the vast majority of the human race – but can’t adequately blow up a small bridge…

    Given the aliens apparent knowledge of history, perhaps they – of the writers – should view some WWII war movies involving bridges… :-)

  • Patrick G.

    @ Robert Seidman…WHATEVER!! You feel the need to have the last word all the time and imply that you are correct over everyone else. So be it. I was merely stating that “V” performed BETTER in both the demo and total viewership than “Falling Skies,” even at the former’s lowest ratings point over its 2-year run. As such, since it was a Warner Brothers-produced series, whereas FS is not, TNT would have done better with V than FS. But, they caved into the false aura that is Steven Spielberg, and like every other TV venture he has done in recent years, it has not paid off (at least not as well as it could have and should have, in this case).

    @ Dillan and John A…yes, V is canceled and gone. But, TNT recently rescued another WB-produced series, “Southland,” once it was canceled by the “Big 4″ broadcast networks since both the series and TNT are owned by Warner Brothers and thus will reap all the profits. I was merely stating that TNT should have (and theoretically still could) picked up V the same way and do better with it than they have with FS, particularly since FS has a huge cast, must pay Speilberg, and is not produced in-house. At the very least, pairing both shows back-to-back might have been beneficial to both shows, ratings-wise, for a cool “Alien Summer Sundays” night. C’est la vie :(

    @ RS HACK…no point in complaining about the implausibility of FS. ALL alien invasion series where the human race is not immediately wiped out require a large amount of disbelief suspension since any technologically advanced race powerful enough to fly to our planet and attack it would win within hours. There simply is no TV show unless you factor in the plot implausibility. Don’t watch it if you must nitpick this detail!

  • John A

    @Patrick G How is Falling Skies a failure? It got a 1.5 and sure its down from last year but when most TNT shows struggle to get a 1.0 id say Falling Skies is doing well. And u mention Southland which got a 2.0 on NBC and is getting 0.5-0.7 on TNT and thats nothing to brag about.

  • The End

    Comparing V to Falling Skies is pretty stupid, V aired on a network with a bigger audience share. One reason amongst many why you shouldn’t compare cable to broadcast tv in terms of ratings.

  • Robert Seidman

    @Patrick: and you don’t want the last word? Please. you complain about comparing apples to oranges and then compare a show that ran in the regular season on a brodacast network which had bad ratings for its network to a cable show that runs in the summer that has good ratings for its network. WHATEVER indeed.

    All your whining merely = “But I liked V so much more than Falling Skies!! It’s not fair!!!” Oh boo hoo. V’s finale could only muster a 1.9 adults 18-49 rating and that was up a couple of tenths from the penultimate episode. The premiere of Falling Skies several weeks later drew a 2.0 A18-49 rating and both episodes of its S1 finale scored a 1.9. Conventional wisdom strongly suggests V would’ve done noticeably worse on TNT than ABC.

    It doesn’t matter whether you like the show or not or whether Spielberg produces it. TNT is getting better ratings from a much cheaper show than ABC got from a much more expensive show.

  • Amy

    @Robert, all I’d love to know is IF these particular ratings are still good enough for a third season renewal of Falling Skies?

    I’m a huge fan of the show.

    What does it need to get in the key demo/total viewers to get renewed?

  • Holly


    Since Falling Skies was renewed for a second season with similar numbers, there’s no particular reason to think it will be canceled if it continues with these numbers. I can’t imagine TNT would have expected the ratings to improve. Most of TNT’s shows get around a 1.0, so a 1.5 is good for them. However, if Falling Skies costs more to produce than their other shows (I don’t know either way), then it would need higher ratings to stay on the air.

  • Amy

    @Holly, thanks for answering my question! I appreciate your input.

    I would assume that Falling Skies does cost more to produce than other shows. So that’s why it concerns me.

    However, as you’ve mentioned, the show had similar ratings in season 1. In checking the ratings, actually, 4.46 in total viewers for the second season premiere is higher than 6 of the episodes that aired in season 1. Only, the season 1 premiere and finale episodes got higher.

    I do hope that next week, the ratings will rise. I think NBA Finals had something to do with the ratings on Sunday.

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