truTV's Breakout Hit 'Hardcore Pawn' Returns with Sixth Season Tuesday, July 10

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June 18th, 2012

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truTV's Breakout Hit "Hardcore Pawn" Returns with Sixth Season Tuesday, July 10

After a chaotic season of sibling rivalry and epic backroom feuding, truTV's breakout hit Hardcore Pawn returns for a sixth season. The series, which ranks as truTV's most popular, is an eye-opening look at one of the country's largest pawnshops and the family that runs it. The new season of Hardcore Pawn is set to launch Tuesday, July 10, at 9:00 p.m. (ET/PT).

The sixth season of Hardcore Pawn kicks off with Rich returning to speak to Les about their confrontation. In a last-ditch effort to regain Les' trust, Rich spots what he thinks are stolen goods. If he's right, he'll look like a savior. If he's wrong, he will undoubtedly be handed his final walking papers. Meanwhile, Seth continues on his path to take over the store from his father, all under the disapproving eye of his sister Ashley. TV RATING: TV-PG-DL

Hardcore Pawn is executive-produced by Zodiak USA's Natalka Znak, Mike Gamson, Claire O'Donohoe and Richard Dominick. For truTV, Anthony Horn serves as executive in charge of production and Mark Anstendig serves as executive producer.


  • Joe Jackson

    Six season in less that 2 years

  • teevee time

    A buddy told me about this show and now I am hopelessly hooked

  • JR

    Some of the people that go into the shop are crraaazzzyyy- whether they’re egged on to act even more outrageous or not, it’s funny.

  • dcindep

    Six seasons? What a joke! “Season” means nothing these days!

  • sgaines

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Les is great, Seth and Ashley need to tone it down quite a bit in all the arguments, if not for their father, do it for your viewers who gets tired of it several times during every show. We welcome the two of you being so competitive, only just so much. Siblings will argue, no matter what, but they could also act like adults. Ashley is definitely part of the family & what I have seen she does the job just fine. Seth needs to back off & stop running Ashley down in front of customers, and the world, while he acts so superior when he is held accountable on camera for all his wrong doing. He never gives Ashley a break. He always bull dozes his way in every sale Ashley tries to make and treats her like she is a nobody.

    Also if we had a vote in who is going to run what store, we respect & sincerely hope that Ashley be given the newer store so she can be on her own and make it another success for their family. That way Seth can have full control of his store and not argue with Ashley so much. They could have real competition then – store against store. Good Luck Ashley

  • Roy

    It is a shame that people have to live like this. Of course, a lot of it is choreographed for sensationalism.

  • Jeff

    I used to work there. The store is real, the scenes on TV are fake and often are a reenacted scene that happened in the store at another time.

  • eugenio


  • Gene Chambers

    I personally woud relish the opportunity to slap Les face to the back side of his head. This s— of family fued week after week stinks is not for tv. Congress should shut the show down because of the language. This crap is a display of how low our society has reached. I sure as hell hope this gets to the powers that be.

  • Tyrone

    Les and Seth are number one!! Seth will take over AJ&L eventually. He deserves it. Les is just hardcore cool and rocking negotiator.

  • Burtonmom

    Ok, I really like this show even though I’m sure at least 90% of it is fake! However, I like the entertainment of it. Ok, now, let’s get to what I’m fairly certain everyone agrees with. Seth, you actually know what your doing. Your deals are a little cheap usually but you are good at what you do. Les, you have done well. You have built a great business and again, you offer way less than items are worth very often but you still do pretty good. Ashley, you well, your a baby. You have children but you act like you are a child yourself. I have never seen you do any actual work. You look like an annoying little child following Seth around like a puppy watching him, it’s creepy. Then you seriously admitted, a grown woman, that you couldn’t wait to tattle on your brother. Do you let your children tattle on each other? Not to mention that you think you know about everything there and les and Seth usually end up having to bail you out. You shouldn’t ever be left to run the store if your father wants to stay in business. Grow up kiddo. And that’s sad because I’m 25 years old. You talk to people like they are trash no matter what they bring in, you look down your nose at everyone because they need help and you have plenty. Oh and btw, you should not be boss over Rich. Who cares if your dad is the owner, Rich has been there for many many more years than you and he actually knows what he’s talking about. Again I say, if you want a store, leave Seth in charge!! Put Rich in a higher rank than Ashley and grow the hell up!

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