Lifetime Original Movie 'An Officer and a Murderer' Starring Gary Cole Set to Premiere July 21 2012

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June 20th, 2012

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LIFETIME ORIGINAL MOVIE An Officer and a Murderer,

STARRING Gary Cole, Set to premiere July 21, 2012



LOS ANGELES, CA (June 20, 2012) – Lifetime will premiere the Original Movie An Officer and a Murderer, starring Gary Cole (The Good Wife, Office Space), Laura Harris (Defying Gravity, A Borrowed Life, 24) and Rossif Sutherland (King, The Con Artist, High Life), on Saturday, July 21, at 8:00pm ET/PT.  The riveting film is based on the true story of a powerful and respected military officer who committed numerous brutal crimes and was eventually brought down by a tenacious small town police detective.


Based on the true story of one of Canada’s highest ranking Air Force Officers, Colonel Russell Williams (Cole), An Officer and a Murderer follows the downward spiral of this public figure and the determined police work that brought him in.  Colonel Williams and his high-society wife (Nahanni Johnstone, The Kennedys) were considered one of Canada’s most respected “power couples,” with two beautiful homes and high-profile careers.  But on February 7, 2010, the entire nation watched in disbelief as he was arrested and eventually convicted of his crimes.  Starting with a string of home invasions, Colonel Williams would take women’s lingerie and photos, later carefully categorizing and labeling them for his home collection.  As he rose up in the ranks of the military, his lust and power grew and he eventually put aside all barriers to his deviant impulses, becoming more and more violent.  Ultimately, he received two life sentences for first-degree murder, as well as concurrent sentences for sexual assault, forcible confinement and 82 counts of burglary.  Brilliant at being stealth and obsessive in covering all traces, Colonel Williams was able to deceive his wife, friends, neighbors and even his military comrades until he was finally outwitted by a small town police detective (Harris), along with an FBI trained interrogation specialist (Sutherland), who together worked on the investigation that put an end to Colonel Williams’ string of disturbing crimes.


An Officer and a Murderer is produced by Solo Productions.  Mary Young Leckie (LMN’s Committed, Shades of Black) and Tom Patricia (Lifetime’s Homeless to Harvard, LMN’s The Devil's Teardrop) serve as executive producers and Norma Bailey (Lifetime’s The Pastor’s Wife) directs from a script written by Keith Ross Leckie (LMN’s Committed, Everest).


  • ND Mitchell

    I think Gary Cole is a freakin’ awesome, handsome and sexy actor. I love his films: American Gothic (TV), Brady Bunch films, Santa Fe, Lies He Told (another Lifetime military film), For My Daughter’s Honor (Lifetime film), Cadet Kelly, One Hour Photo, Family Affair (TV), Wanted (TV), Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law (voiceover), Forever Strong, Hart of Dixie (TV), Ricochet and my fave is Kiss the Sky. It’s good to see another Lifetime film added to his resume.

  • Stu E

    From a Canadian male’s perspective:

    1. They just spoiled the entire plot.
    2. It’s a blatant Lifetime Movie of the Week, with an evil husband and a pure wife (which ends up being more offensive to feminists overall)
    3. I notice this is the first time a Canadian soldier has a big role in an American film, and they had to pick the murderer/rapist/overall creep.
    4. Why do they even make movies like this, are there seriously that many self-hating women, who don’t believe their tough enough? For a channel aimed at women, they seem more misogynistic than Spike TV.

  • SF

    I love Gary Cole in tv movies! I’ll be watching!!

  • BB

    Are you F***ing serious??? This ‘officer’ doesn’t deserve the notoriety, or any more exposure than he got here. He is a disgrace to the military, and all who serve. For those who aren’t aware of his crimes you will likely agree. Surely there are better things in life to profile than this monster. What serves for entertainment is all warped.

  • Littleone1405

    As someone who knows many friends and family of Jessica Lloyd, and a lifetime resident of this “small town”, I think this is just too soon. The wounds from this disgusting man’s actions are still fresh. We will forever be scarred by this person’s atrocious crimes.

  • CV

    In making this movie, lifetime has shown itself to be one of the most morally bankrupt and tasteless networks on television. They should be ashamed of themselves, such a movie will teach nothing, explain nothing, and will ultimately be the presentation of a serious human tragedy in the form of a shallow television narrative. For what? Lifetime is a disgrace.

  • D

    I think its sick and tottally disrespectful to glorify the crimes of this sicko only two years after the crimes. Yes, it is not being
    shown in Canada, but you would think the American stations would have just a little bit of tact and decency. I guess sex sells in the States, no matter how perverse.

  • BW

    Get a life. There are movies made every day about true life tragedies all over the world. It’s a movie, no different than an indepth news report on cbc or 20/20. @D states ” guess sex sells in the states”. WTF, is this a porn movie? It’s a movie about a tragic event. I suggest the family and friends don’t watch. It’s on a U.S. station, so shouldn’t be a problem. BTW i am canadian.

  • Barbara Coady

    You are truly uncaring and disgusting to release this movie about this piece of filth so soon after the deaths of 2 young women at this person’s hands. What about their families who are still grieving for their losses? Less than 2years have gone by while they suffered through the grieving of their loss, the shock of what happened and then the non stop court hearings. The Americans who are making money off this need to get a real life instead of making money off the pain of others so soon while they are still in pain and grieving.

    I hope that the real Americans as well as all others REFUSE to watch this movie and hopefully this channel or any other that air it until they act in a more humane and considerate manner towards the victims and their families. I am hopeful there are enough out there to also complain of this behaviour so in future other people are also saved the suffering.

    To those in the acting profession? PLEASE consider the victims before you act is such movies as well.

  • ben winder

    @ barbara coady. How long should they wait. You and others say this but none give a timeline.If you give them a specific date, perhaps they will abide.

  • Kathleen Lee

    I plan to watch this and enjoy it throughly, as I have all the other Gary Cole real life TV movies. Do you really think that waiting 10 years after a tragic event will make it less so for the families of the victims? Of course not. No one has to watch it, but I think that people need to realize that there really are evil people who are out there who might be your own neighbor or boss. I know a man who is in prison right now for killig his wife and they made a movie about it. She was a very good friend of ours and yes, it did make me remember her and be sad, but it was very well done and it had only been 3 years since the incident. If I had seen it 10 years later, it would have made no difference.

  • A

    Yes it is very tragic that this had to happen and be publicized. But really guys, this is no different than any other movie out there about real life tragedies. What about “monster” or “Karla” pretty sure Karla was one of the most sickening movies out there about a man and a wife raping and killing girls on film, and look now she’s back out on the streets.
    For the people that have something bad to say about this movie, simply don’t watch it. No one asked you to comment here or asked you to watch this movie. Whether they show this movie now, or in 10 years, it’ll make no difference to the families of the victims. It’s going to affect them the same way whether its tomorrow or even 30 years from now.
    Simple, if you have nothing but critical things to say about this movie then why are you wasting your time commenting on here, no one cares.

  • Rosie

    Would some one please tell me how to get programming like “An officer and a murderer” OFF” of the television. This type of violence against women is disgusting, offensive, and criminal.

    Sick and tired of it!

  • Jay

    Get over it, its no different than any other “True Story” movies. Its terrible that stuff like this happends but it will always happen. What I get out of this movie is that you should watch out for everyone, military, police officers, teachers, neighbors, friends etc etc, you never know who is capable of these crimes YOU might even have someone like this in your house and not know it.

    We all have choices and I chose to watch this movie and I think it was well made. KUDOS to LIFETIME Television. I will continue watching.

  • Sue P

    I watched this movie a few times this weekend and I thought it was well done. I had already seen the profile done on one of the news magazine shows last year. To me it wasn’t offensive, as “Jay” said stuff like this happens all the time. Frankly, it was amazing how these small town cops with the help of the FBI trained interrogator solved this case.

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