MTV's 'Retro Mania' Marks Return of 'Laguna Beach', 'The Hills', and 'Daria' on Weekday Mornings

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June 20th, 2012

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Some of MTV’s Most Beloved Franchises Return for a Nostalgia Filled Six Week Morning Run Including the First Two Seasons Of Laguna Beach, the Entire Series of The Hills and Daria

New York, NY, June 20, 2012   Fan favorites Laguna Beach, The Hills and Daria return to MTV for six weeks as part of its new Retro Mania programming block, starting weekday mornings on Monday. June 25 from 9AM to 12PM ET/PT until August 3, 2012. MTV’s Retro Mania includes the drama filled first two seasons of Laguna Beach, the entire fabulous series run of The Hills and a selection of MTV’s favorite episodes across five seasons of the show that featured the coolest and wittiest anti-heroine ever, Daria.
Throughout each week of MTV’s Retro Mania, several guest stars and super celebrity fans provide commentary, interviews and hosting duties in celebration of these shows including Stephen Colletti for Laguna Beach, Audrina Patridge, Lo Bosworth, Stephanie Pratt & MTV's Layla Kayleigh (The Hills superfan) for The Hills, and Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer, hosts of the upcoming Nikki & Sara Show, as the superfan Daria commentators.
MTV’s Retro Mania Schedule:
June 25 – June 29
Laguna Beach (Seasons 1 and 2)
In 2004, MTV unleashed the first season of Laguna Beach, which featured gorgeous teens leading glamorous lives, and viewers discovered what lay beneath the surface of this seemingly perfect community. It was time to get to know the real Orange County. This series featured Lauren (aka LC), Lo, Christina, Kristin, Morgan, Trey, Talan and Stephen as this tight-knit clique grew up together while granting MTV an all-access pass inside their lives. These rich kids did anything they wanted all day long but their lives weren't perfect, and money definitely didn't buy everything. From spring break to prom to graduation, the Laguna Beach posse took us along for the ride of their lives and showed us the real-life drama that unfolded during their pivotal senior years in high school.
July 2 – July 27
The Hills (Seasons 1 – 6)
When season 2 of Laguna Beach ended, MTV followed LC to The Hills of L.A. to watch her as she embarked upon a new fabulous journey. It's one thing to be young and beautiful in Laguna Beach. It's another to be young and beautiful in the city that values it most. The Hills followed Lauren ("LC" from Laguna Beach) as she made the move from her O.C. digs to Los Angeles, where she chased her dreams of entering the fashion business while balancing a full course load at college and a full social calendar. Through Lauren we met her new roommate, Heidi, who aspired to make the LA nightlife her whole life, Audrina, a receptionist who moved to LA in hopes of becoming a model/actress, and Whitney, Lauren's fashionable co-worker and confidante at Teen Vogue. These four girls took full advantage of being in the "in" crowd of LA, hopping from club, to party, to hot restaurant as they lived the Hollywood lifestyle to the fullest.
July 30 – August 3
Daria (Selection of MTV’s favorite episodes from the series)
In 1997, Daria spun off of Beavis and Butt-head into her own self-titled series, a biting social satire about popular culture's obsession with fashion and conformity, and fans quickly embraced the teen who was willing to take on the world.  Daria never wanted to be "popular." In fact, she despised anything that even remotely pandered to the masses.  However, for five seasons, Daria’s sharp intellect -- and even sharper tongue -- dissected anyone she deemed superficial – which was basically just about everyone. With her trademark big, round glasses, combat boots, blazer and pleated skirt, Daria unintentionally became a cultural icon and the star of MTV’s wildly popular animated series.
  • RHONJd

    Yay! I’m so excited! I love all 3 of those shows, especially Laguna Beach!!!

  • TimsDale4ever

    I just love cable channels. Nothing ever really dies with them — they just run things over and over and over again. Cool! When LC and the rest of the HILLS gang are senior citizens, they will STILL be able to see themselves on TV because some cable channel somewhere will STILL be running blocks of that show.

  • BB

    Laguna Beach and The Hills are two of my favorite shows ever, their the shows that made me love reality tv. I didnt get into Housewives until after the hills went off, I will be catching these when i can. For Daria ive never heard of it and doesnt sound interesting to me.

  • Sean


  • Melanie

    I am glad. I only saw a few episodes of Laguna Beach, but I really liked the Hills. Never watched Daria though.

  • RHONJd

    Maybe MTV is planning a Laguna Beach and/or The Hills remake??? That would be interesting….

  • RHONJd

    I would love a remake of these shows!!! Maybe the show can be focused on the next generation! (Lauren has a younger brother and sister, Audrina has a younger sister and brother too, Whitney has many younger siblings)! And the show’s main star can be one of the less important stars, like Lo or Stephanie. I think that would do really well.

  • Tiera

    @RHONJd They already tried that a few years ago, twice. Both failed miserably. They did a season of Laguna Beach with Lauren’s sister Brianna & her friends and that bombed. Then they tried to go to a different school and did one season of Newport Harbor and that tanked as well. I loved The Hills but the main cast has been out of the spotlight for so long now that not enough people would be interested.

  • BestNewErotica

    DARIA!!! I wonder if they’ll include the original music fromt the show, or that lame Muzak-esque music?

  • RHONJd

    Tiera, you do have a point.

  • Leah

    Whats with the music?!?!? The Hills episode when LC has to rush to her Teen Vogue interview didn’t have Rhianna playing!!!

  • dsr

    So excited about daria. i forgot about that show. i used to always watch it.

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