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June 20th, 2012


The New York Times is reporting that the search for a replacement for co-host Ann Curry is on only a year after she joined the iconic morning news cast. Rumors are swirling that producers are not happy with her hosting style, and some sources are going as far as to blame her for Today's recent dip in the ratings. Negotiations are currently taking place in secret, and may not be going well, as Curry has reportedly hired a lawyer to represent her.

  • oink

    i guess it’s not a secret anymore…

  • andy

    Maybe Matt’s the problem?

  • cc

    Not a fan of the show, period. But good for Ann.

  • Jessie

    Ann didn’t seem happy in that gig, she needs to find a more journalistic effort to head to like “60 Minutes” or ABC News primetime show or something

  • RHONJd

    I really like Ann though…..

  • Lion

    Ann is the best thing about this show actually the only good thing about it he he so the ratings will dip even more if she goes

  • KeithK

    I’ve been watching the Today show for 40 years. So I’ve seen the different
    hosts, and the changes in news over that time. I started watching this show at 14 for the news. I did not care about the show business stuff,
    Joe Garagiola was a goof, but that was a trade off. Willard Scott, who couldn’t like him? When Byrant Gumbel left though, the show shifted to pure
    schill for the network shows, yellow journalism, get ratings, total bias for
    someone’s political view. I enjoyed the period when TV journalists at least
    appeared neutral, even if they were not. Gumbel asked hard questions of whoever he interviewed, and they should. Matt Laurer sucks up to who is supposed to, and attacks those he is told too. I like Ann Curry, and maybe
    she has a backbone to ask those things, and should be allowed too. They paid Matt a big salary to keep doing what the powers that be want, he’s not a journalist, just a schill, yes man. Where are the people with a backbone and give both sides of any story in a neutral way? I say just can the whole show, and put “Two and a Half Men” reruns on if all they want are ratings. How about a Morning with Sex show? It would do better then any news show. I rely on the net now for real news, and hardly ever watch morning news now. When you have to ask a parent who lost a child, how you felt, as they are required to do now, to bring the angst to any story, how stupid are you? There is no integrity in morning news now, just showbiz.

  • class of fitness

    I thought everyone likes to wake up to asian women in the morning? in the past they did, Now not so much.

  • Tested

    She’s an awful host. Better as a reporter or news reader. Her voice is too harsh for hosting duties and she can’t ad lib well.

  • David

    I barely wake up in time for work so these shows are just background noise for me when I do not already have it locked into ESPN.

  • JC

    She is definitely more suited for “Dateline” than the “Today Show”.

  • Luke

    I like Ann but she’s not well suited for the head anchor position. Her interviewing style is too personal and not fitting for more serious news. She’ll do well at Dateline. I think of all the hosts, Katie Couric struck the best balance between news and morning fluff.

  • roger

    Daaaa What took so long. Now get rid of Natalie and maybe the show can rebound.

  • TVGuy

    WHAT? I’ll admit, I’m pretty surprised. When Ann stepped in, I thought it was a done deal. But I guess she’s not the best morning show anchor, a better hard news reporter. Maybe they can beg and plead for Meredith to come back.

  • ProViewershipNumbers

    Out? Out of what? “Out” as in “out of the closet”? I always think that whenever I see the word “out” being used in the so-called TV industry. Eg. [fill in the name] OUT!

  • nickp

    Looks like Ann Curry will no longer be Today Show co-host.

  • Chris



  • jRobnyc

    Feel sorry for her, but I honestly lost my interest for the show since she co-hosted, but it wasn’t intentional, I felt myself not interested and willing to watch something (Good Day New York – Fox) else or not to watch anything at all. Good luck Ann.

  • RJ

    This has been a rumor for what seems like forever now. It’s another “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

  • sam

    It is about time. I stopped watching Today because of her. She is terrible.

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