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June 20th, 2012


The New York Times is reporting that the search for a replacement for co-host Ann Curry is on only a year after she joined the iconic morning news cast. Rumors are swirling that producers are not happy with her hosting style, and some sources are going as far as to blame her for Today's recent dip in the ratings. Negotiations are currently taking place in secret, and may not be going well, as Curry has reportedly hired a lawyer to represent her.

  • Phil

    That’s a shame if that is true.

  • Ray

    I thought she was the best thing about the show – better than Meredith. Hard to believe not everyone sees it too.

  • Voltron

    I figured once GMA broke Today’s ratings lock, that someone would take the hit for it and now it has. She does her job just fine, but what she lacks is that stupid stuff that people want in a morning show, and its basically sexual tension with Matt Lauer. Hopefully she’ll land in a better spot of more news credibility. I wouldn’t be surprised if they back up the brinks truck to bring Katie Couric back since she failed so miserably as a real news host. These morning shows are fluff and Ann Curry just isn’t “fluffy” enough.

  • Rob R

    Sadly, Ann is a lovely woman and an excellent newsreader and assignment reporter. She is not anchor material and she pales in comparison to Meredith Viera and Katie Couric. The ratings decline occurred after Meredith left. It is pretty clear as to the reason why.

  • Chris L


    We’re not seeing it because it’s not actually true :) Ann was great as a newsreader, she’s terrible as a host. Sorry that it didn’t work out, because I do like her, but this was not the job she was suited for.

  • curtisfiles

    Hope Ann Curry gets a better Network to work for. Please give that lame ass Lester Holt a real job besides his Dateline gig, talk about a numb minding host he is pathetic.

  • Jiji Moran

    If Ann has been hosting for over a year, and it is recently that the ratings went down, then it’s not her!!!

    I LOVE Ann. She’s all class.

    Okay, so she’s on the serious type, but she can also be fun too. Like Matt.

    I think Matt is more of a drag than Ann, he seems bored.

    Good luck, Ann!!!

  • Jiji Moran

    To the person who made the Asian comment… if “Asian” is all you see while looking at Ann, then you are a sorry excuse for a human being. She is her own wonderful brilliant beautiful person, and she has achieved already way more than you will ever achieve in your entire life.

    People who generalize all others in groups, instead of as individual persons, are still in an evolutionary stage to become human beings. But, just not quite there, yet.

  • Chana

    That’s a shame. Ann has been the best thing about Today in recent months. I tuned into GMA a couple months ago to see why the ratings are rising & it is an overall better show. The Today formula feels tiresome while GMA seems fresher and brighter. NBC can swap out hosts but I don’t think it will help.

  • Kelly

    It looks like Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie, and Natalie Morales are the three top contenders for Ann’s spot.

  • Chuck_T

    Did anybody think that people are sick and tired of Matt Lauer? why does it have to be the woman?

  • AppleStinx

    Curry hasn’t been able to spice up Today and is being blamed for the dip.

  • Gardengal

    She is not the problem. She is not the reason viewers switch to another channel. The male cohost is the problem. He has outlasted his talent. His ego is beyond reason and his interview style comes across vain/arrogant and rude. I have quit watching your program. Get rid of him and more of us may come back.

  • class of fitness

    @jiji morgan (7:40) well some people have ever reason to think so, connie chung didn’t last long in any of news shows did she? and juju chang didn’t either.

  • Ben

    The only morning talk program I watch is the CBS Morning Show with Charlie Rose, because he gives the show credibilty. Something they lost a lot of when they dumped Harry Smith. I don’t watch Today or Good Morning America, because they look like pure fluff. I have nothing against Ann Curry, but, maybe the other morning programs need more people who act like news reporters, instead of light weight entertainners hired for their looks, and who can read the news, but, can not give it any meaning or any substance.

  • shelly

    i said at the beginning that ann was a bad choice..i thought darlene rodriguez would be good but she probably isnt what women viewers want as darlene is too hot for the gig..but ann proved even plain is not what the predominently women viewers want..i would team regis and kathy lee again

  • WM

    I think NBC needs to rethink the Savannah choice – I will not watch Today if she is cohost – think outside the box. Matt Lauer is the one who should be thinking about retiring…no value added there!

  • rehabber

    I stopped watching because they became so left leaning they were tipping over.

  • ab

    While I love Ann Curry, I have to admit, she is one of the most dry and boring cohosts ever. Her gift is true, hardcore journalism. That’s where she truly shines. She would make an outstanding lead foreign correspondant… which she has lots of experience in already. That’s where she truly shines. While I like Savannah Guthrie and feel she would make a decent cohost, no one was better than Matt and Meredith together (not even Katie Couric can top Meredith.) They had a great, fun, energetic chemistry which is what a morning show needs. I hope they bring Meredith back.

  • Ralph Hahn

    @KeithK: Very insightful and very funny. Before he joined NBC as an anchor at WNBC-4 New York, wasn’t Matt with MTV or some other fluff job? I think the last REAL news anchor on ‘Today’ was Meredith Vierra. Yeah, she was forced to do the campy routines of the past decade or so, but how can one question her journalistic credentials when Meredith was the first woman anchor on “60 Minutes?”

    Although Katie had news credentials, she was WAY too ‘cute’ for the job of doing serious interviews. People running for office are prepared to discuss the issues. Candidates don’t walk into a studio and expect to be asked what newspapers they read.

    Aside from Bryant Gumbel’s ego, he was a good interviewer. But, besides Meredith, the last credible co-anchor was Jane Pauley. She, of course, lost her anchor seat to Deborah Norville, who didn’t stay too long after the public hated her for ‘ousting’ Jane from her seat.

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