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June 20th, 2012


The New York Times is reporting that the search for a replacement for co-host Ann Curry is on only a year after she joined the iconic morning news cast. Rumors are swirling that producers are not happy with her hosting style, and some sources are going as far as to blame her for Today's recent dip in the ratings. Negotiations are currently taking place in secret, and may not be going well, as Curry has reportedly hired a lawyer to represent her.

  • Melanie

    This is too bad. I have always liked Ann. However, I think she does seem more like more of an investigative journalist like on Dateline or being on the NBC Nightly news as opposed to being a morning show co-host though. I wish her well in her future endeavors.

  • karen

    I love Ann Curry as an anchor. She is a journalist. I hate Lauer and he’s the reason I now watchGMA. Savannah is a ditz’ can’t stand her either. The entire show is politically motivated and if I wante
    d to see that crap,I’d watch CNN.

  • Kev

    I like how people think that Matt Lauer is the problem when a) he’s been ratings gold for the show for 15 years b) was just given a huge, ‘everything you want’ new contract by NBC and c) the ratings started to slide exactly when Viera left and Curry became host.

  • USAmerica1st

    I always thought Matt was the problem. Once Ann’s gone, and I do like her style, maybe they’ll be able to isolate the real problem. There are plenty of cable news/crime/court case shows for her to land on her feet. Bon Voyage!

  • Taffy

    Ann is awesome. After watching the Today Show for over 40 years , I plan to see what GMA is like if Ann goes. Will really miss seeing Al Roker!
    Other NBC programming has deteriorated in the past couple of years, so the problem may run deeper than casting the Today Show.

  • Conspire

    I only watch morning news shows to get sexually aroused enough (I don’t have cable) to motivate myself to get out of bed. Ann Curry has been a big part of that for me. Without her, the only hot woman left in English-language morning TV is Savannah Guthrie.

    Thank Christ for Telemundo.

  • Dawn

    Ann is a great journalist however what makes the Today show so great is the team’s chemistry and the comedic atmosphere other hosts (Meredith, Katie) had with Matt and Al. Ann just doesn’t fit. She’s too serious for this role on the today show. This is not a dig at her jourlasitic skills, it’s just she doesn’t have the chemistry and is just way to serious. I’ve been a Today show fan for 20 years and have been disappointed since Ann took over. She’s great, just not here anymore. :(

  • HT

    Pure discrimination. Why not get rid of ratty Matt? Ann is intelligent and she’s been on the show for years. This won’t go down well with viewers. I rarely watch it – more a CBS This Morning guy, but this is so bad of NBC. Maybe they should take Gayle and give Ann Gayle’s CBS hour? That would be awesome.

  • richard


  • theuresamaven

    Ann is the only journalist on the show, and should be allowed to roam the world submitting whatever stories that she wants. Matt Lauer should never have been allowed into the building. He is a news reader who got lucky. Srap the whole Today group except for Ann and Hoda (NBC must pay her extra to put up with Kathee Lee). The biggest problem for the Today Show is Charlie Rose at CBS and Soledad O’Brien on CNN. I stopped watching Today because of its incessant reporting on the royal family, and being beaten over the head relentlessly with politics.

  • marion

    Ann Curry and Matt Laurer have been the worst host in the history of the Today Show. I have watched the morning news, entertainment program, off and on since I was eight and Barbara Walters was the bumbling co-host. Bryant Gumbel is arrogant, but he is smart, tough interviewer and could ask and get answers for difficult questions. Matt Laurer couldn’t even stand up to Tom Cruise in what was suppose to be tough questioning about his obtuse beliefs concerning Katie Holmes being treated at home, while pregnant. I use to think that Diane Sawyer was the worst interviewer until Ann Curry stepped from behind the news desk. Curry was awful when she would have to substitute for Meredith Vieira, so did the powers that be think she would get better? With the Olympics coming up on NBC and the network forcing Ryan Seacrest on the public is bad enough, at least we won’t have to listen to Curry very much. My vote would be to bring back Bryant Gumbel for the Olympic coverage, then pay him to take charge of the Today Show.

  • Jiji Moran

    Who came up with the idea of having a musical group play at the end of a morning news show? I tune in for news, lively conversation, and helpful advice… not for music.

    Personally, as soon as the group starts singing, I’m off.

  • A Smith

    I have been a fan of Today for many years and I’m disappointed in the way
    this has been handled. I like Ann but the Today show has made other changes
    that I do not like. Why is Ann getting all the blame for the show’s loss
    of viewers? In my opinion, the addition of Savannah Guthrie and Star Jones
    has not helped the show. Maybe that could be a reason the show is losing
    viewers. I know if Savannah is Ann’s replacement, I will not watch.
    I think Ann should be given some more time and maybe they should review
    the content of the show.

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