Report: 'Unforgettable' Not Forgotten After All?

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June 20th, 2012


Deadline is reporting that CBS may be reversing its decision to cancel Unforgettable and bring it back as a 13-episode summer series in 2013. Sony shopped the series to other networks (Lifetime, TNT) in the weeks following its cancellation but nothing beyond rumor and speculation ever came of those talks.

  • hardline_pro

    How about CBS gets some respect for it’s veteran series and gives CSI: Miami another 13 episodes to give it a proper send-off?

  • One

    I guess Poppy’s ass has more pull than we expected – that’s what it would take for this to be reported w/out even an ounce of snakr, let alone on this site!

  • One @ hardline_pro

    How about CBS gains respectability and starts striving for Mad Men levels of quality in all of its shows?

  • Silvio

    Slow news day?

  • Holly

    Is Sony giving it away for free? I can’t see CBS being willing to pay full price for a summer series.

  • One @ Silvio

    It does have the byline of one of the new hires. Maybe Bill and/or Robert didn’t actually write this for once…that would certainly explain the lack of snark…

  • J.G.


    At this rate, it would be news if Sony was giving away something for full price.

  • J.G.

    I’m assuming the deal is fairly close to getting done since the options on the cast expire at the end of the month.

  • Holly



  • psychic

    One day, I randomly think, “Hey, I wonder whatever happened to Unforgettable?” I check TVBTN just for the heck of it. And I find this.
    Maybe I should start thinking, “Hey, I wonder if a million dollars will be delivered to my door in a suitcase today?”

  • One @ J.G.

    As Bill and Robert say when they actually write these articles “Always assume that ‘In talks’ means ‘Didn’t instantly hang up the phone laughing when the producers called'”.

  • John

    Maybe CBS is afraid if they let it go it might do for another network what JAG did for them when they picked it up back in the day after NBC cancelled it after the 1st season. Can you imagine had CBS not picked up JAG? No NCIS or NCIS:LA!

  • TheOneAndOnly


  • One @ John

    I doubt that. The chain of events that led to where NCIS is today is something that probably can’t be duplicated – certainly not intentionally.

  • Blake

    I liked the show. It would be a nice watch during the summer.

  • Greg

    That has failure written all over. The show will be off the air for more than a year, people will have forgot all about it at that point.

  • AlcoholicsAnonymous

    Can’t believe we’re now living in a world of CBS where ‘minus one’ CSI is now on CBS.

  • a p garcia

    You mean NBC passed on it! Sure it had bad numbers, but they were certainly better than most NBC shows! Yes, it would be a good summer show as well as CSI: Miami.

  • Red Jane

    I found Unforgettable really boring but seeing how little there is to watch in summer, perhaps an improved Unforgettable could do better than reality shows and repeats esp. if it is being offered for free….

  • Holly

    improved Unforgettable could do better than reality shows and repeats

    It won’t do better than Big Brother, and I have serious doubts that it would do much better than most of CBS’s repeats.

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