Report: 'Unforgettable' Not Forgotten After All?

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June 20th, 2012


Deadline is reporting that CBS may be reversing its decision to cancel Unforgettable and bring it back as a 13-episode summer series in 2013. Sony shopped the series to other networks (Lifetime, TNT) in the weeks following its cancellation but nothing beyond rumor and speculation ever came of those talks.

  • Gregg247

    I understand there are a lot of CSI:Miami fans out there, but let’s get real. You had 10 full seasons (about 220 episodes) of your favorite show. I can’t imagine getting mad at a network for cancelling due to declining ratings after a DECADE on the air.

    I feel bad for CBS, NBC, etc. You cancel a show after one year, you get beat up for “not giving it a chance to grow”. You cancel a show in it’s 10th year, you get beat up for “slapping dedicated, long-time viewers in the face”. Give them a break–they want to find the best shows with the best ratings in order to make the most money. CSI:Miami is no longer that show.

    Watch the show in reruns, buy the DVDs, find a new favorite show to watch; just quit crying about the Big Mean Networks.

  • Bunny

    The power of Sony Pictures

  • Robert Seidman

    The power of Sony Pictures

    Perhaps merely the power of CBS Television Studios/Sony Pictures whispering in Nellie Andreeva’s ear.

  • psychic

    Wow. Imagine Unforgettable spinoffs.

    …on second thought, don’t.

  • TheOneAndOnly


    all we want is a series finale

  • Gary A

    To all those requesting a CSI:Miami finale – didn’t the final episode serve as a finale in case the series wasn’t renewed?
    All the team gathered together in a tavern – including Horatio – having a drink and celebrating another good day and their comraderie.
    Why isn’t that a finale – it’s like we are all here, we are all alive and we will be going out to solve another crime tomorrow – just you won’t be able to watch.

  • tv#1

    I was kind of surprised when they initially cancelled it. Of course it didn’t have the best ratings, at least by CBS standards, but it is a syndication gold mine. It has the potential to make them money in the future. But honestly of all the great shows that were cancelled why does it has to be this one that is resurrected?

  • John A

    Why not move this to the cw? It might have done well with them.

  • DCIBlobby

    Shows returning from the grave seems to happen more and more these days. Then they get cancelled for good. It’s all bitter/sweet for the die-hards.

  • disney rocks

    Move this to the CW- start a Sunday night block-

    CW Sunday block (launches february 24 2013-May 18 2013)

    7-9= Movie
    9-10= Ungorgttable

  • Holly

    @John A

    Why not move this to the cw?

    Not enough teenagers.

  • harleymn

    lets see… there’s a crime, Poppy “see’s” more than everyone else. They track a killer through her visions, they catch the killer, in the last few moments she remembers one more detail of her sisters murder…. wow really? Did anyone care… oh no they didn’t. Poppy Montgomery is awful. 2013? OMG… no one will care or remember, oh except maybe Poppy in her overblown ego head!

  • #1MentalistFan

    When I first saw this, I thought it meant a fall season. I nearly had a heart attack. lol Summer series doesn’t sound bad.

  • David C

    I forgot about it after watching two episodes.

  • Bob

    CBS has the best shows around. They have an embarrassment of riches (is that right??? lol) I don’t understand the CBS haters around here. Success no matter where always brings out the jealous folks. Doesn’t make sense to me. Unforgettable was one of the few CBS shows I did not watch but wish them well especially the fans. I do love the comedies and NCIS’ on CBS for sure. Now if Harry’s Law could just be resurrected, we would be plenty happy around here.

  • Bob

    Oh in case anyone was wondering, I know that Harry’s Law was on NBC.

  • Ralph Hahn

    Ha, HA! Some of you thought that I was crazy….

  • carigis

    this show would be boring even by a lifetime shows standards. it was horrible.

  • Ralph Hahn

    When CBS did get around to announcing the cancellation of “Unfortable,” I swallowed my crow and moved on. Some of you posters who were so insistant that NO WAY NO HOW was CBS going to make any new episodes of “U/F”, are still caught up in their smugness and their own personal distaste for Poppy Montgomery.

    Either NBC or ABC would have been total fools to refuse to talk to Sony about airing “Unforgettable.” But, I KNOW, CBS is going to find that one, two or all of their new dramas may not exactly do well as “U/F” was doing. The show took off almost instantly last season because of all the years that Poppy starred in “Without A Trace,” and the W.O.T showrunner was the same who helmed U/F.

    I think, eventually, all series will have 13-episode seasons, like HBO with “The Sopranos” and “Mad Men” on AMC. It’s a lot easier for the actors and everyone connected to a show like that because it takes TEN DAYS to film just one episode of the show. It’s more quality than quantity.

    Remember when, some of you fellow “old timers,” when the networks had a 39 episode year?

  • Tom

    Today I opened the door of my house and saw CBS picking up my trash.

    True story.

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