Report: 'Unforgettable' Not Forgotten After All?

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June 20th, 2012


Deadline is reporting that CBS may be reversing its decision to cancel Unforgettable and bring it back as a 13-episode summer series in 2013. Sony shopped the series to other networks (Lifetime, TNT) in the weeks following its cancellation but nothing beyond rumor and speculation ever came of those talks.

  • Dan S

    If Unforgettable is resurrected then I hope NBC will bring Harry’s Law back as a summer series. Sure beats what they have on now that passes for entertainment.

  • Ram510

    I guess this would be better than reality shows in summer (yes Dogs in the City, we’re looking at you), but I would like to see CBS get more creative than just procedurals. Take a chance

  • Leeve

    This is a great decision for CBS they need extra exposure during the summer for their fall shows.

    Unforgettable may grow its own audience by airing in the summer away from all of that competition like Flashpoint did. CBS should consider making this decision often if Unforgettable is successful for them.

  • David

    Content is king and it will bring you money for a long time so they might as well invest and try to keep it going.

  • One @ Robert Seidman


  • Brandon

    Unforgettable was a great show. CBS should go through with this plan.

  • One @ Brandon

    Poppy’s backside was great. I hope she gets a new job that allows her to show it off very soon. But I don’t want her stuck on this…

  • Tommy

    I enjoyed Unforgettable, especially after the first few episodes when it settled into a really good show. Poppy Montgomery and the team (particularly Jane Curtin) became a group of characters I wanted to watch on a regular basis. I much prefer watching it on CBS then trying to find Lifetime on my TV.

    I just hope that they will solve the sister’s murder.

  • Clarke

    YES! This must be a dream. Never in a million years would I have thought Unforgettable would come back . If this is true I will be so happy.

    The show got so much better in the second half of its first season (at first it was terribly boring). I began to love the show as the story lines got more interesting (the serial killer who taunted Carrie, going to Syracuse to track down Rachel’s killer) and the addition of Jane Curtin was a phenomenal choice as she added wit and dry humor to the show.

  • ProViewershipNumbers

    The following are far more entertaining to watch than Unforgettable: Harry’s Law, Man Up!, A Gifted Man, The Event, The Unit, Any Day Now, The Education Of Max Bickford, That’s Life, Boston Public, Family Law, Robbery Homicide Division, Everwood, Felicity, Pasadena, Medium, Invasion, Veronica Mars, The Cleaner (the reason why I will never watch a new scripted show on A&E), and Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip

  • Holly


    Man Up!


  • ProViewershipNumbers

    Man Up! was a laugh out loud show for me. It surprised me and I was always entertained by the characters and stories. I cannot stand The Big Bang Theory but I’d gladly watch Man Up! all day.

    MU = B
    TBBT = D

  • Dennis

    Bring back CSI: Miami too!!!

  • class of fitness

    I guess poppy, will look all hot & sweaty for the summer?

  • Michael Hadley

    I thought that Unforgettable was pretty good and it’s numbers at the end were a lot better than many renewed series. Some of the comments here are genuinely classless. Why not save your notes for the washroom wall in keeping with your apparent lack of intellect.

  • Debsafan

    I’d like to see Unforgettable come back. And CSI Miami. There are plenty of slow shows that could be dump. The Good Wife for one. That show puts me to sleep.

  • Kyle7

    @Bob: I imagine a lot of CBS hate is due to them being very conservative in the shows they greenlight. Basically all their shows are crime procedurals and sitcoms, with a few reality series thrown in for good measure. That business strategy certainly makes money for them, both in original airings (more people likely to jump on board a show with little continuity) and in syndication (same deal), but many people don’t want to see yet another crime procedural that’s only mildly different from all the other ones on the air. In addition, there’s a sizable population that likes much more serialized shows and at this point figures they’ll never get that on CBS since serialized shows don’t usually do well in syndication.

    This audience would seriously disagree with your statement that “CBS has the best shows around,” by the way. CBS has popular shows, yes, but popularity does not equal quality, especially since quality is a subjective thing.

  • rob60990

    “Either NBC or ABC would have been total fools to refuse to talk to Sony about airing “Unforgettable.”

    NBC may be desperate enough but why would ABC want a show that struggled to pull a 2.0?

  • Networkman

    I don’t feel CBS is really confident in their new fall shows. Out of all the networks,they really don’t have a drama that is buzz worthy. Just in case Made in Jersey fails, then Unforgettable should be ready to step in its spot. I think it would do well behind CSI:NY. Goldenboy would probably replace Vegas. That would fit better behind NCIS:LA.

  • Matteezy

    If they bring back anything, it should be A Gifted Man. Both NBC and CBS cancelled good shows to bring out more trash, but oh well. It was nice to have a great show to watch on fridays!

    Oh, unforgettable was a pretty good “DVR” show on a night with Southland, Justified, NCIS, and NCIS LA.

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