Report: 'Unforgettable' Not Forgotten After All?

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June 20th, 2012


Deadline is reporting that CBS may be reversing its decision to cancel Unforgettable and bring it back as a 13-episode summer series in 2013. Sony shopped the series to other networks (Lifetime, TNT) in the weeks following its cancellation but nothing beyond rumor and speculation ever came of those talks.

  • gorde michaels

    the networks could do with a lot of reversing because of pvr ratings now factoring into tv rarings in general i think alot of mistakes were made in cancellations of shows like the brilliant unforgetable

  • Hugh

    “How about CBS gets some respect for it’s veteran series and gives CSI: Miami another 13 episodes to give it a proper send-off?”

    True that! CSI Miami would make for a great summer final season

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Another example of what I suspect is a trend – renew the low-rated stuff to avoid having to pay for developing new series… Rely on negotiated “bargains” for shows and give up actually trying to figure out what shows might actually be good or at least profitable…

    Typical management in any industry… When they start failing to do their jobs (if they ever could do them), they resort to anything BUT doing their jobs.

  • Justin121

    CBS has too any shows to enter the syndi machine to fit into the regular season.

    Saturdays didn’t happen. Summer is the way to go.

    Unforgettable (and some cancelled CBS shows) had ratings that were better than many shows on ABC, NBC, and FOX.

  • Justin121

    I could see The Good Wife move to Summer and run for as many as 7 seasons if this works.

  • KS

    I no longer believe that only ratings would decide if show is gonna be renewed or cancelled.

  • Dean_W

    What’s wrong with CBS this Season.
    – First they cancelled CSI: Miami
    – Now, they want to Renew Unforgettable

    Unforgettable will do bad maybe a 1.2 or less. This Show had very low ratings this Season (and it aired after the two most watched TV Shows) and CBS thinks it’s a good idea to spend money to produce it.

    If they really want to have summer programming they have to Renew CSI: Miami, Rob and A Gifted Man (13 Episodes order).

  • IAmNotSpecial

    Unremarkable show with an underwhelming actress in the lead. This however shows the persistence of Sony Pictures’ productions. If you’re developing a show, particularly a niche show, you could do a lot worse than Sony Pictures.

  • lolafan

    Whoever is posting as AlocoholicsAnonymous is a total d-bag

  • Chris

    The idea for the show was just too limited–as was the star. 13 more eps wouldn’t make it any less of a failure.

  • Ogla Sungutay

    I like the idea.

  • Sally

    Geez..I much prefer to watch Psych than this show.

  • Ricky (formerly tvfreak)

    Sooo…does that mean the cable talks fell through and we haven’t heard about that yet?

    Oh well. Even if it’s just for 13 eps in the summer, I would love for UF to come back. Definitely the one show I was most unhappy to lose this year, except maybe Alcatraz.

  • Anthony Parello (AP076)

    “How about CBS gets some respect for it’s veteran series and gives CSI: Miami another 13 episodes to give it a proper send-off?”

    As I have said before unless a procedural ends its season on a major cliffhanger (and they seem to avoid this) I will never understand the clamor for a proper send off. As @Gregg247 said, if the show ends on the note of the team sitting in a bar and having a drink why not assume they have gone on to fight a crime another day, just that it will not be televised for our viewing pleasure. Would you rather have some finale where the team is broken up and simultaneously move elsewhere in the country to fight crime separately?

  • LYNN


  • Ben

    Unforgettable could be the next Rules of Engagement. The show is put on standby to fill a time slot, formely occupied by a cancelled program. Also known as schedule spackle. What about Rob? Rob had decent ratings and did not cost much? I am not asking for me, because, I hardly ever watched it, but, Rob could also be another Rules of Engagement, or Unforgettable; a cancelled show that is brought by the network, because it did better than the show that replaced it. Unlike Futurama and Cougar Town which were cancelled by one network and picked up by another channel.

    One thing about Unforgettable doing well in the ratings, and in it’s time slot: It followed NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles. It would have be another Allen Gregory to follow a couple of ratings giants on the same channel and lose a large amount of viewers. Unforgettable was not Allen Gregory.

  • CarShark

    I find this interesting in light of CBS’s current ratings. Besides Dogs in the City and soon Big Brother, the channel’s gone dark. Big Bang does fine, but nothing else is capable of even getting a 2.0. Maybe they’re realizing it may not be wise to basically cede three and a half months of mindshare to the cable channels and fellow networks. Plus, it would be another option for dragging shows into syndication. The Good Wife’s likely undeserved fifth season will probably do less damage in Summer of 2014 than during Fall 2013.

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