'Rock Center with Brian Williams' Exclusive: First Accuser of Jerry Sandusky Speaks Out

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June 21st, 2012

via press release:


EXCLUSIVE: Travis Weaver is the first accuser of former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky to speak publicly about the sexual abuse he says he endured. He has testified in front of a grand jury but was not called as a witness in the current trial. He's suing Sandusky and the university. NBC's Kate Snow reports. PREVIEW: http://rockcenter.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/06/21/12341765-sandusky-accuser-details-years-of-abuse-hed-say-he-was-trying-to-wrestle-with-me-exclusive-interview-10pm9c?lite


In another exclusive interview with Matt Lauer, Madonna Badger, the woman who lost her three daughters and parents in a fire on Christmas morning, speaks out for the first time. Badger opens up to Lauer about the house in Connecticut she was renovating, her upbringing in a safety-conscious home, and what it was like to hear that her daughters and parents had not survived the fire. She also discusses the subsequent events following the fire and the unanswered questions about how the fire could have started.


“A Few Good Men,” “The West Wing,” “Social Network” … His work is instantly recognizable for the snappy, smart dialogue. Savannah Guthrie sits down with Aaron Sorkin who amongst a sea of celebrities in Hollywood, has become somewhat of a star himself.


A day in the life with Governor Romney’s right hand man, Garrett Jackson. In politics, he’s known as a body man and he is by the governor’s side every moment of the campaign. “Rock Center” gets a rare, personal look at life on the trail.


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  • Diana Spencer

    I watched the interview with the accuser of Jerry Sandusky. I can understand why he was not called to the stand. He has the eyes of a meth addict and when they explained about his “criminal” past, it did not surprise me at all. I totally believe that Sandusky is guilty and someone like this guy (who, by the way, looks like a money grubber) could have caused “reasonable doubt”.

  • Susan

    God bless Travis Weaver. He needs to forgive himself. I believe him and understand his life has been difficult but he does not need to define the rest of his life by that sickos actions. Hopefully, he can move forward and be the best dad possible to his children.

  • kat

    Diana… You seem pretty judgmental about travis. Let me ask you a question… Have you been through what he’s been through? I have a similar story and it changes who you are. It’s people like you that keep victims silent. He had the eyes of a victim. Of someone who was sexually abused. Not an addict or money grubber or whatever you said. He said he’s trying to find his voice and feels guilty cause he could’ve stopped it from happening to other kids. Don’t judge victims. Who are you to say he’s a money grubber.

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