Wednesday Cable Ratings: 'Dallas', + 'Royal Pains', 'Storage Wars', 'Barter Kings', 'Necessary Roughness' & More

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June 21st, 2012


Dallas was the top cable program Wednesday night with a 1.3 adults 18-49 rating down 0.2 from last week's premiere. The number two cable original was Royal Pains which earned a 1.0 adults 18-49 rating down from a 1.1 last week.

We only receive the top 100 cable shows for adults 25-54 for the whole day from our primary source, if you don't see your show it wasn't in that top 100 list.

The list below is long but you can use your browsers "find on page" feature (usually CTRL+F or CMD+F) to search - that's probably the easiest way to find last night's episode of Operation Repo.

Wednesday cable ratings highlights:

Show Net Time Viewership (million, Live+SD) Adults 18-49 rating (Live+SD)
Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 10:30 PM 3.012 1.3
DALLAS TNT 9:00 PM 4.755 1.3
Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 10:00 PM 2.984 1.2
Family Guy ADSM 11:30 PM 2.933 1.1
Family Guy ADSM 11:00 PM 2.673 1.0
Royal Pains USA 9:00 PM 3.874 1.0
Big Bang Theory, THE TBSC 9:30 PM 2.099 0.9
Storage Wars AEN 9:30 PM 2.276 0.9
BARTER KINGS AEN 10:30 PM 1.795 0.8
Family Guy TBSC 8:30 PM 1.677 0.8
BARTER KINGS AEN 10:00 PM 1.786 0.8
Necessary Roughness USA 10:00 PM 3.011 0.8
American Dad ADSM 10:30 PM 1.960 0.8
Futurama CMDY 10:30 PM 1.645 0.8
Futurama CMDY 10:00 PM 1.574 0.7
BARTER KINGS AEN 11:01 PM 1.441 0.7
MELISSA & JOEY FAM 8:00 PM 1.491 0.7
BABY DADDY FAM 8:30 PM 1.654 0.7
Family Guy TBSC 9:00 PM 1.621 0.7
Robot Chicken ADSM 12:00 AM 1.963 0.7
Daily Show CMDY 11:00 PM 1.777 0.7
American Dad ADSM 10:00 PM 1.706 0.7
Storage Wars AEN 9:00 PM 1.929 0.7
BARTER KINGS AEN 11:31 PM 1.334 0.7
American Restoration HIST 10:00 PM 2.364 0.7
American Restoration HIST 10:30 PM 2.430 0.7
FAMILY GUY TBSC 8:00 PM 1.357 0.7
HOUSE HUNTERS HGTV 10:00 PM 1.856 0.6
NCIS USA 8:00 PM 3.393 0.6
Storage Wars AEN 12:01 AM 1.265 0.6
Storage Wars AEN 12:31 AM 1.171 0.6
CAJUN Pawn Stars HIST 9:30 PM 2.124 0.6
Storage Wars AEN 1:01 AM 1.084 0.6
CAJUN Pawn Stars HIST 9:00 PM 2.029 0.6
FX MOVIE PRIME FX 8:00 PM 1.399 0.6
Hardcore History HIST 11:01 PM 1.877 0.6
Robot Chicken ADSM 12:15 AM 1.605 0.6
FAST N LOUD DISC 10:00 PM 1.392 0.6
SOUL MAN, THE TVL 10:00 PM 1.924 0.6
STORAGE WARS AEN 1:31 AM 1.012 0.6
Hardcore History HIST 11:31 PM 1.678 0.6
Pardon The Interruption ESPN 5:30 PM 1.003 0.5
LET IT SHINE DSNY 8:30 PM 3.378 0.5
Conan TBSC 11:00 PM 1.012 0.5
Colbert Report CMDY 11:31 PM 1.133 0.5
STORAGE WARS AEN 8:30 PM 1.492 0.5
NCIS USA 7:00 PM 2.156 0.5
STORAGE WARS AEN 8:00 PM 1.390 0.5
FRIENDS TBSC 5:30 PM 1.062 0.5
FRIENDS TBSC 5:00 PM 1.059 0.5
Suits USA 11:00 PM 1.419 0.5
FX MOVIE PRIME FX 10:00 PM 1.186 0.5
SEINFELD TBSC 7:30 PM 1.133 0.5
AMERICAN GUNS DISC 9:00 PM 1.164 0.5
NCIS USA 6:00 PM 1.946 0.5
Auction Hunters SPIKE 9:30 PM 1.530 0.4
PROPERTY BROTHERS (1 HR) HGTV 11:00 PM 1.278 0.4
TWO/HALF MEN FX 7:30 PM 1.127 0.4
Good Luck Charlie DSNY 8:00 PM 3.258 0.4
CAJUN Pawn Stars HIST 8:00 PM 1.456 0.4
KING OF QUEENS TBSC 6:30 PM 0.997 0.4
CAJUN Pawn Stars HIST 8:30 PM 1.595 0.4
SEINFELD TBSC 7:00 PM 1.004 0.4
American Restoration HIST 7:30 PM 1.334 0.4
KING OF QUEENS TBSC 6:00 PM 0.925 0.4
Royal Pains USA 12:00 AM 1.271 0.4
Operation Repo TRU 10:00 PM 1.186 0.4
Operation Repo TRU 10:30 PM 1.239 0.4
STORAGE WARS AEN 7:30 PM 1.101 0.4
DALLAS TNT 11:00 PM 1.373 0.4
LAW & ORDER TNT 8:00 PM 1.621 0.4
CSI: NY TNT 12:00 AM 1.174 0.4
Mentalist, THE TNT 10:00 PM 1.713 0.4
EXES, THE TVL 10:30 PM 1.241 0.4
FRIENDS TBSC 4:30 PM 0.909 0.4
TWO/HALF MEN FX 7:00 PM 0.964 0.4
Auction Hunters SPIKE 9:00 PM 1.431 0.4
Million Dollar Listing LA BRVO 9:00 PM 0.844 0.4
MYSTERY DINERS FOOD 10:30 PM 0.872 0.4
CSI: NY TNT 1:00 AM 1.232 0.3
BUBBLE SKIN MAN TLC 10:00 PM 1.060 0.3
NCIS USA 5:00 PM 1.379 0.3
LAW & ORDER TNT 7:00 PM 1.185 0.3
PROPERTY BROTHERS (1 HR) HGTV 12:00 AM 1.115 0.3
LAW & ORDER TNT 6:00 PM 1.176 0.3
American Restoration HIST 7:00 PM 1.043 0.3
SOUL MAN, THE TVL 11:02 PM 0.956 0.3
Hannity FOXNC 9:00 PM 2.673 0.3

Nielsen TV Ratings: ©2012 The Nielsen Company. All Rights Reserved.

  • Overdamoon

    Someone already mentioned on page 1. DALLAS should go above BBT on this list since it has more viewers and ties in ratings compared to BBT.

  • The End


    No because it’s likely BBT is beating Dallas in the 18-49 area.

    For example Dallas might only be 1.323 18-49, whilst BBT could be 1.394 in the 18-49. Naming examples as I don’t care enough to check.

  • Aerilyn

    Alright Melissa & Joey. Nice numbers here this week. I hope it keeps it up in the weeks to come.

    Same with Baby’s Daddy. Definitely enjoyed the premiere.

  • silvit


    No, Dallas should NOT go above BBT in the list. If TBBT came first, it only means that it actually had more 18-49 viewers. The numbers you see are rounded, they are not the exact numbers of people. But Robert and Bill receive the real numbers which they approximate. And in the real numbers TBBT beat Dallas in the 18-49.

  • Ram510

    TNT is getting a food start to its summer season so far, right when USA is starting to slip a little. TNT could take the title this summer. I know this is the most I have ever watched TNT in my entire life

    USA has gotten a little stale, but they are definitely stable. They are like the cable version of CBS and all of their shows have become the same Crimes Being Solved formula. The only stand out shows are Psych and Burn Notice. Even Raw is getting stale.

    USA can’t get it’s comedy series (and Political Animals) started any faster, I think it’ll breathe some life back into the network

  • j

    Wow BBT is a monster.

    Makes me wonder what the #s will be like when Modern Family gets off-network reruns. As big? Bigger?

  • 728huey

    I’m personally more of USA Network fan and watch Royal Pains along with Burn Notice and Suits, but I’m rooting for Dallas to succeed. Even though I’m not a huge fan of TV soaps, there’s a place for it on the TV bandwidth, and id Dallas can successfully integrate the new cast with the old veterans, it could be a huge hit relatively speaking. of course, if it succeeds, we’ll likely see a reboot of Dynasty, though I’d rather see a reboot of Miami Vice.

  • david

    I enjoyed Mellissa and Joey as usuall last night and good to see it higher in the ratings. I thought Baby Daddy was good too. Dallas was good again too. and good to see that Dallas did not fall to much in the ratings too.

  • Hmm

    I remembered last year when Falling Skies did okay the entire time, this whole site is saying that it is a flop. I have a feeling Dallas might be the new Falling Skies this season, with many people calling it a flop, or say it is way too expensive a show to produce, but I really don’t see how expensive a show like Dallas can be when like most soaps, it is just people acting and talking.

    But either way, I trust that TNT do not expect a super high rating. No networks should ever produce a show expecting super-high ratings, and therefore invest too much. The only show that seems to fall apart due to high costs is Terra Nova, whose 2.2 (?) rating is no longer good enough to cover the high costs. But this being a cable network, costs should always be substantially lower.

  • Jenn

    That’s a pretty good start for Baby Daddy. Very surprised that it did that well. Glad to see that it also helped Melissa & Joey out and gave them a ratings boost.

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Overdamoon: YOU are right. There are too many geeks on this board who LOVE BBT, so they’ll lie like hell. Both Dallas and BBT earned a 1.3 18/49 share. Dallas cumed about 1.7 total viewers over BBT. The 1.3 is NOT broken up in all fractions. Geeks: Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.

  • RHONJd

    Wow, Wizards of Waverly Place is still doing great. These midnight numbers remind me of when That’s so Raven ended, and had great late night repeat ratings, too. Maybe Disney Channel show consider a spin off with Jake T. Austin or Jennifer Stone. Or maybe a similar show……..

    And fantastic numbers for Good Luck Charlie. That episode was a repeat from last season, and it aired on Wed, and still did great. I’m confident in the one hour special, this Sunday @ 8PM/7C on Disney Channel! (cc). And great for Let it Shine! It’s aired so many times since its premiere, and still, gets over 3 million! Go Disney!

  • The End

    @Ralph Hahn

    Errr you’re wrong there.

    It’s broken up into total viewers in the 18-34, 18-49, 25-54 etc. Okay my example was kinda bad but there is no X-Files esq conspiracy going on here, BBT had more viewers in the 18-49 demo and that’s that buddy.

    I think the fact I follow neither show, and have a clue what I’m talking about should be a good indicator :)

  • Kaylie

    Wizards of Waverly Place repeat rate higher in the demo than an original Disney episode. WOWP always did well in the demo during originals. BTW, if Good Luck Charlie gets that in repeats for the week, imagine how the 1 hour special will do. ^___^

  • Camps

    I’ve been liking USA since they got WWE Raw back from SPIKE in 2005 and they rebranded but I’ve got to admit I’ve moved onto TNT this year. I usually only the various repeats and NBA action on TNT but I’m actually watching their original series this year. I’m in love with Dallas right now and I like watching Falling Skies and Rizolli & Isles. I can’t stand Franklin & Bash that show needs to go away. I also want to see Eric McCormack’s new cop series. I’ve never liked The Closer but it still remains the network’s all-time biggest hit after WCW Nitro went off air.

    I think TNT is a shoe-in to get the cable title this year.

  • Oliver

    I’d call Dallas a minor hit. I suspect TNT were expecting better ratings, though.

    Futurama is tricky to judge. Its ratings aren’t great but it’s hard to work out its production costs or Comedy Central’s licensing fees. I suspect the show is surprisingly cheap to make (CG has dragged down the cost of animation in recent years, plus the voice actors took a significant pay cut) and Fox subsidise the licensing fee for new episodes, since the show does well internationally and new episodes help keep syndication income alive.

    The question is whether that’s enough to keep the show alive if it hits a 0.5 rating.

  • peter

    just because TBBT is a show with geeks in it doesnt mean its viewers are geeks. i highly doubt it that geeks watch multicam sitcoms and especially those of cbs.

  • Dillan

    The drop in the demo for Dallas isn’t that bad. It held up well. I think it’s found it’s audience and will stay around this level.

    A third season for Melissa and Joey is looking more and more likely. These ratings are great, for a comedy, for ABC Family.

  • Patrick G.

    @ Colin…Dallas renewal expected any day now.

    TNT wouldn’t be so foolish as to renew “DALLAS” after only 3 episodes. Wake up!! There are still 7 episodes that could sink far enough in the ratings to warrant a cancellation, and it’s not like they need to decide now since they have almost a year to make the next 10 (or more) episodes for summer 2013. That being said, only a .2 drop from the episodes in last week’s premiere is pretty good retention. If the show stays above a 1.0 for the rest of its episodes, I would then expect a renewal. Anyway, I’m glad I finally have something to watch this summer! ;)

  • Oliver

    13% drop-off episode-to-episode is very low. It’s usually 25-30%.

    That said, I think TNT expected it to premiere much higher than it did, so it balances out.

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