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June 22nd, 2012

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TLC is premiering the mid-season finale of SISTER WIVES this Sunday, June 24 at 9/8c. Directly following at 10/9c, the network is premiering SISTER WIVES TELL ALL, a no holds barred interview where Kody Brown and the Sister Wives speak to NBC News' Natalie Morales about polygamy, life in Las Vegas, and their new book Becoming Sister Wives, which details life in the Brown family before the cameras started rolling.


The family opens up about how each wife came to the family, the difficult adjustments along the way, and the personality conflicts that nearly drove them apart. In addition, Natalie sits down with five of Brown's oldest children to speak candidly about life in this very unusual family.



  • TimsDale4ever

    Isn’t this illegal? And these are the types of people that need to be eat up with aids. I know that’s harsh but why does our society put people who are obviously doing, what does the Lord call it, vile things put up on a pedestal?

  • Bob

    Actually Utah at one point was going to arrest him but decided (for a reason I don’t know) not to do so. I have seen the show once and it seems like he is a guy that goes from house to house trying to make some assemblence of a life. It seems like too much work to me….lol.

  • Craftykathy

    I wish that someone would report the truth about this family. They have told so many lies. For example, was he already married to Robyn before TLC came along. In the book Robyn said that TLC wanted to open the show with the wedding. What gives. Kody claims that he got a calling a 14 yet he went on a mission after high school. What kind of religion is he trying to portray. He has not been honest with the viewers. If Robyn did not have a crib for her kids when they were born, then why did she owe Victorias Secret thousands of dollars. Kody does not mention that his so called wives do not list him on the kids birth certificates and that the wives used to collect welfare. Howis this providing for your family. IMO they have lied in order to get benefits. How does he have the time to fully take care of all his kids and wives. I know that he can’t possibly be giving them his all when it’s their night. This man is full of crap. TLC should cancel this show. TLC did not do a good job of investigating this family. They wanted a polygamist family so bad that they settled on the Browns. Kody did a get job of telling them that he could create some drama like a new wife, a possible investigation, new baby and a move to Vegas. TLC ate this up. I feel so sorry for the kids. Kody sold out his family for some cash. So sad. Do they actually think that selling jewelry to their fans is going to make them enough money to take care of everyone. Kody needs to get a job. He drives around in his sports car going from bed to bed and acts like he is entitled. This is not showing how real polygamist families survive. They don’t go on fancy vacations, eat out all the time, spend money on guns and hair care products. This show is about Kody and not polygamy.

  • USAmerica1st

    Three of those women probably should be somewhere else with someone else. Gotta be something else on cable to watch.

  • Dana

    I personally feel if you people do not like this show, don’t watch it… That simple. I think that this shows more important things like love,trust,forgiveness, and raising kids to love and trust and forgive. Of course people are going to have something negative to say as always. I do not in anyway live this lifestyle,however I love the fact that they love each other and show love towards others. Maybe instead of so many negative comments maybe you people should love more,trust more,forgive more,live more…..Besides this world needs more love.

  • Marie Barlow-West

    After watching last nights episode, I feel as if I have a brilliant, workable idea. I would appreciate a response if you guys are in aggreement.
    I definitely see a bond between Meri and Robyn and all their children. It is obvious Mariah is crazy about Robyn, the kids and especially her new brother Solomon. Why not build 3 houses side by side. One home with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths and a large back yard with pool. This home would be for Meri and Robyn and children to share. They would be able to enjoy the pool amenity and all the children could come to their home for pool and fun.
    Another two homes with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, one each for Christine and one for Janelle. Christines home would host a large, oversized kitchen and huge formal dining room to seat 25+ people, as she is the cook for the family. The family would celebrate special occassions and large together meals there. Janelle’s home would host an extra large family room as that is where the kids love to “hang out”. Each home would have its own special niche, designed especially for each wife and family. I think this is a senisble, workable solution and would definitely please me if I were in their situation. I love this show and want them to all be a family. Let the kids be themselves, you have done a great job at raising them, let them fly and they will soar!
    Love you all,
    Marie in WS, NC

  • jackie, Lubbock, Texas

    If you don’t like the show and you disagree with their lifestyle, then don’t watch it. I personally love the show and I enjoy watching them doing their everyday chores and taking care of the kids and Kody trying to be with all of them. They are not hurting anyone, I think they really love each other so let them be and let the people that want to watch them have the right to enjoy the show. I do not practive this lifestyle and could never but that is my choice, this is their choice and i do not judge anyone.I do not know where they get their money, seem like they always have enough and yes Kody drives a nice car but hey, if they can pull it off then more power to them. It’s a good show so let us that love it continue to watch and those of you that don’t like it then change the channel, there is plenty to watch on other stations.

  • Donnie M.

    I have NEVER felt compelled to make a public comment before watching your program. I applaud the dignity displayed by the Brown family as they were cruelly grilled by Miss Morales (who was so obviously disapproving of them). You seem to me to be good people of strong faith. People should take heed of your efforts to share love instead looking for things to criticize. Stay strong and continue to share your happiness.

  • Lorie Maryin

    I just read the new book and I just loved it. I could actually hear each wife’s voice and Kody’s voice when reading each of their stories. I annotated a polygamist but I have been drawn to your story ever since it aired on TLC.

    I love the idea about having a sister wife or wives. What a wonderful way to raise children. To always know that if anything ever happened to a wife that my children would be raised in a very loving and nurturing way. To know that my kids would always have siblings to grow up with. I think your family is beautiful. After reading everything about the years of trials and tribulations I can see that you all now compliment each other through spiritual growth and through every day life.

    I feel like I know each of you now and the book really tells the whole story. Before when I would watch an episode I got an “idea” of plural marriage but the book really put it all in to retrospect for me. I applaud each and every one of you. Thank you for sharing your lives with me and with the rest of the world.

    Not to change the subject but Jannelle mentioned that she was really into Indian artifacts and relics and so I made her something very special and I would like to know where I can send it so that she gets it. I know you cannot give Me the mailing address

  • Lorie Martin

    But if you can let me know where I can send it so that she gets it I would really appreciate it. My e-mail is

    Thank you and God Bless
    Lorie Martin

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