DVR Stockpiling: What's Piled Up On Your DVR?

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June 23rd, 2012

I watch a ton of TV and with the exception of live sports, almost all of it via DVR. I knocked a lot of stuff out over the previous September-May TV season including every new episode of The Good Wife, Homeland, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, New Girl, Modern Family and 30 Rock. But lest you think I’m TV show snob, I also knocked out all the new episodes of Bones, House, Law & Order: SVU, NCIS, NCIS: LA and Hawaii Five-0 (I  might have been drunk while watching Five-0). Further, I plowed through pretty much every original Law & Order which amounts to over 400 hours-worth of TV viewing that through my DVR viewing habits I knocked down to around 200.  And that doesn’t count my daily Monday-Friday dose of Around The Horn, PTI on ESPN and Intentional Talk on MLB Network.

But a lot of stuff piles up on my DVR.  As you can see just from the sliver above I’ve got 9 episodes of Archer, 23 episodes of Castle and 17 episodes of Grimm (along with some stuff I stored around Matt Cain’s perfect game). But there’s a lot you can’t see ranging from 22 episodes of Parks & Recreation, 11 episodes of The Middle, 6 episodes of Common Law. I even still have the final six episodes of Men of a Certain Age which I’m saving like a fine wine.

Though I have plenty of storage space (currently I have 3TB allocated) there are definitely periods of “DVR Bulimia” where I binge on a ton of stuff and then purge it off my DVR. For example I knocked out the entire first season of New Girl over a few days in late May and saved the second season of Louie up for a marathon over the Christmas holidays.  We’ll have some period this summer where we’re socked in with fog and I’ll blow through all the Parks & Recreation and Archer episodes.

Sometimes though there’s a big purging without any binging. My guess is that’s what will happen with season two of The Killing.

There are a lot of shows I like just fine but am happy to wait to see them some other time. If not for this blog, I’d probably let everything pile up because I’d much rather watch 2-3 episodes of Game of Thrones at a time than wait for them to be doled out a week at a time. But I also hate spoilers.  The DVR stockpile does give me an idea of which shows I like more (certainly Game of Thrones among them) and I’d have to cop to liking Suits and White Collar (no DVR stockpile) more than Royal Pains (8 episodes piled up).

What’s piled up on your DVR?


  • Aby

    Right now I’m stockpiling Burn Notice. I still have episodes from last season. Usually if I get to a certain amount of episodes I realize I have a decision to make, take the time to catch up or dump the show. I dumped House, Glee and Smash after seeing how many episodes were stockpiled.

  • Danak

    One of my two Tivos is chock full of PBS documentaries that have been sitting there for a good long while.

    As for regular TV series, I’m finishing up on Idol and Scandal. I was behind a few weeks on those, but I just have the finales left. Other than those, I think I’m actually caught up on the regular season. Which is pretty good for me, because last season was far worse, as I was behind on several shows and it took me at least a few weeks into the summer to get caught up.

  • RJ

    I have only part three of Hatfields and McCoys on my DVR.

  • KS

    I can’t tell what’s piled on my DVR. But right now, Fringe and White Collar are piled on my laptop computer. I am watching Fringe and its just awesome.

  • Dan

    I wish I had the DVR space you did. My DVR gets piled up pretty quickly even though its not the regular TV season. So I need to watch and erase just as quickly as the shows pile on.

  • Ryan

    17 episodes of Person of Interest.

    The only thing I dumped was Smash after it got to 10 episodes. I just finished the whole season of Awake I had piled up.

  • KS

    What’s the amount of space available on DVR? 50 GB?

  • IRA SY Valfer

    I have Cable on-demand, so I don’t need to stock up on episodes – except L&O which is not available. Right now i have old movies from TCM and a Great Performances from PBS.

  • Dan S

    I’m all caught up on regular series & have a pile of movies from HBO, Showtime et al on my DVR. Summer is just a wasteland with the exception of some cable shows like Dallas & Breaking Bad

  • Julie

    The entire 7th season of Supernatural (to stay there until the Blu-Ray comes out), 4 episodes of Whitechapel (BBC series), about 30 eps of Lois and Clark (guilty pleasure recorded from cable re-runs), 2 eps of The Ricky Gervais show, 1 ep of Continuum, season finales of Fringe and Grimm (watched but keeping for now), 4 eps of Top Chef Canada, abt 15hrs of various things recorded from Discovery and History etc, 5 movies recorded from Canada’s Movie Network and todays F1 qualifying.

    So I’m actually pretty well caught up now and able to watch most of what I watch in the summer live, but during the regular season it’s usually full of at least 1 or two shows from every night of the week.

  • Jeff R

    All season 2 of Happy Endings. 17 eps of Once Upon a time, 9 Parks and Rec, 5 Modern Family. Just finished all of Revenge, which is saved since its premiere.

  • Ryan Schwartz

    Stockpiling ABC’s “Shark Tank.” I don’t usually care for reality shows since very few aren’t scripted, but this one just fascinates me. I have about 6-8 episodes saved and I’m DVRing it all summer since I missed a bunch of these episodes. With a show like it, I can binge through on a rainy day.

  • Bfleet

    I’ve got nothing on my DVR but I plan on watching all 7 (or however many there are) seasons of supernatural this summer. :)

    The only summer shows I watch with must interest are Louie and Burn Notice, but I usually watch them within a day of when they air.

  • Ben Thompson

    I still have the entire third season of White Collar on there.

  • Gary A

    I have discovered that if I dvr something and haven’t watched in within a week, then I usually don’t. ( This refers to network, cbale and pay tv shows ). Also almost all network shows are on demand for up to one month after they air so I can always catch them there.

    Right now on my DVR – 4 episodes of My Family ( a British sitcom ), 8 EastEnders ( a British soap ), the finlae of The KIlling ( fell asleep watching it but woke up to the reveal but now am sort of curious as to what led up to it ), 1 epiosde of Bonanza ( Hoss and the Leprechauns – a classic ), 5 Bowery Boys movies from TCM and The Honeymoon Machine ( a Steve McQueen comedy ) and Deep End ( a British psycholgical thriller form the early 70’s ) both off TCM.

  • Melanie

    I have S7 of Supernatural, like Julie noted above, until the DVD’s come out; all 8 episodes of Magic City, Burn Notice & Suits – 2 episodes each; the Glee Project (for my daughter); and there might be a few other things I’m not remembering, but most of the stuff I was recording, I’ve watched already. I know I caught up (or deleted) the series (the Secret Circle, Awake) that are no more.

  • Mark

    7 episodes of Hart of Dixie
    7 episodes of 30 Rock
    10 episodes of Awake
    5 episodes of Alcatraz
    6 of House of Lies
    12 of the Killing
    12 of Dexter(I’m only on season 4 on dvd, but I saved six so I dont have to buy it)
    6 of The Secret Circle
    and all parts of Hatfields and McCoys

  • Gustavo

    DVR is killing slowly: live tv and with that:Advertisers!.

  • Baqinardo

    Dont have DVR here, but my laptop and external HDD full of shows that i havent watched it yet.
    1. 2BG ep 12-24
    2. Being Human ep. 4-13
    3. Community ep. 13-22
    4. Cougar Town S3
    5. Dont Trust the B S1
    6. Hot in Cleveland ep. 11-24
    7. HIMYM ep.15-24
    8. New Girl 15-24
    9. Parenthood 14-18
    10. Revenge 11-22
    11. R&I S2 13-14 and S3 1-2
    12. Royal pains s3 14-16, S4 1-3
    13. Shameless US 9-12
    14. Southland 4-10
    15. Suburgatory 9-22
    16. Switched at birth 12-22
    17. The client list 2-10
    18. The walking dead 8-13
    19. Touch 2-12
    20. Up all night 4-22
    21. White Collar 15-16
    22. Falling Skies 1-2
    23. Suits 1-2

    Fuih~ I have no idea i watch a lot of shows. lol
    Those r just what’s on my laptop. My external 1TB HDD almost full too.
    In my external i have 2 season of Castle and The Good Wife, NCIS LA, The Big C, etc.

    Some of them i already read/watch the spoilers. So i think gonna delete them.
    And i also already rented some movies that i missed last year.
    Oh my~ I need to take a year off. Hahaha…
    I miss being a college student.

  • Survivor Fan

    I wish that I had the Hopper so that I could record all of primetime TV (I would watch, with time, the vast majority of shows.

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