DVR Stockpiling: What's Piled Up On Your DVR?

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June 23rd, 2012

I watch a ton of TV and with the exception of live sports, almost all of it via DVR. I knocked a lot of stuff out over the previous September-May TV season including every new episode of The Good Wife, Homeland, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, New Girl, Modern Family and 30 Rock. But lest you think I’m TV show snob, I also knocked out all the new episodes of Bones, House, Law & Order: SVU, NCIS, NCIS: LA and Hawaii Five-0 (I  might have been drunk while watching Five-0). Further, I plowed through pretty much every original Law & Order which amounts to over 400 hours-worth of TV viewing that through my DVR viewing habits I knocked down to around 200.  And that doesn’t count my daily Monday-Friday dose of Around The Horn, PTI on ESPN and Intentional Talk on MLB Network.

But a lot of stuff piles up on my DVR.  As you can see just from the sliver above I’ve got 9 episodes of Archer, 23 episodes of Castle and 17 episodes of Grimm (along with some stuff I stored around Matt Cain’s perfect game). But there’s a lot you can’t see ranging from 22 episodes of Parks & Recreation, 11 episodes of The Middle, 6 episodes of Common Law. I even still have the final six episodes of Men of a Certain Age which I’m saving like a fine wine.

Though I have plenty of storage space (currently I have 3TB allocated) there are definitely periods of “DVR Bulimia” where I binge on a ton of stuff and then purge it off my DVR. For example I knocked out the entire first season of New Girl over a few days in late May and saved the second season of Louie up for a marathon over the Christmas holidays.  We’ll have some period this summer where we’re socked in with fog and I’ll blow through all the Parks & Recreation and Archer episodes.

Sometimes though there’s a big purging without any binging. My guess is that’s what will happen with season two of The Killing.

There are a lot of shows I like just fine but am happy to wait to see them some other time. If not for this blog, I’d probably let everything pile up because I’d much rather watch 2-3 episodes of Game of Thrones at a time than wait for them to be doled out a week at a time. But I also hate spoilers.  The DVR stockpile does give me an idea of which shows I like more (certainly Game of Thrones among them) and I’d have to cop to liking Suits and White Collar (no DVR stockpile) more than Royal Pains (8 episodes piled up).

What’s piled up on your DVR?


  • Fischer

    I got a about 7 episodes of Terra Nova I should prob delete.

  • KansasGuest

    I’ve stockpiled episodes of BUFFY, ANGEL & FIREFLY from the Chiller channel to watch when there is nothing on. Also some classic movies from TCM that I’ll watch with my kids so they don’t veg out on SpongeBob episodes this summer that they have already seen. And, a few Great Performances from PBS that they also need to watch. Nothing wrong with introducing them to a little culture!

  • SVU: The Revolution

    All of Psych since November, a few episodes if Covert Affairs from last season, Rizzoli & Isles (last and current season), House since February, Bones since they came backk from hiatus, Nikita since Christmas, and a few movies from HBO free preview weekend.

  • Ricky (formerly tvfreak)

    @Fischer: I advise you not to delete those Terra Nova eps. Even though the show is canceled doesn’t mean it’s not solid entertainment. Firefly got canceled ten years ago, but that doesn’t make it any less worth watching. TN is the same way.

  • Austin

    For me:

    I’m still catching up on stuff. This year I didn’t miss one episode of Parenthood (my favorite show ever), 2 Broke Girls, The Biggest Loser, The X-Factor, Survivor, The Apprentice, Modern Family, Alcatraz and Terra Nova. Also, I watched the 1 of the 2 seasons of The Amazing Race on time. I also caught up a week after the shows ended: Raising Hope and Parks and Recreation.

    I currently have on my DVR:

    Alcatraz (1, I only missed one :P)
    Fringe (17)
    Grimm (1)
    Hawaii Five-O (3)
    Mike and Molly (5)
    New Girl (5)
    Once Upon a Time (7)
    Person of Interest (17)
    The Big Bang Theory (7)
    The Office (5)
    Touch (6)
    Two and a Half Men (2)

  • Ram510

    I’m really surprised to see so many people have almost full season and beyond of shows. I don’t get the point, I can’t wait that long to watch a show I like to hurry and watch and delete ASAP.

    However there are some thing I watch and keep for a while. Like right now I have 6 Cougar Town but will be deleted ones the DVD comes out. I had kept Eli Stone for the longest time and just let it go recently, same with Always Sunny in Philadelphia cause I bought the season. I have kept a few Melissa & Joey and Blue Mountain State cause those are great to watch over again

  • Suzy

    I don’t have anywhere near the amount of space on my cable company DVR that you have.

    On my DVR:

    8 episodes of Are You Being Served? (Got to the pilot in b/w, smashing!)

    Lots of TCM movies, especially very old ones including:

    A bunch of Barbara Stanwyck films
    Way Out West with Laurel and Hardy

    The last episde of last year’s Burn Notice and the first episode this year.

    The last episode of Mad Men from this year; I want to watch it again!

    Cars, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, and The Princess Diaries 2.

    ABC Family has had some great Disney movies!

  • Jim Kosmicki

    people saying they have On Demand kind of confuse me. Maybe it works differently on your system, but here we only have two of the major networks On Demand, and the system blocks and fast forwarding or 30 second jump buttons from working. Add to that the fact that the On Demand channel apparently only has 3 or 4 commercials available and not only do you have to watch commercials, but you end up memorizing the darn things because you see them over and over and over again.

    I would never consider On Demand to be a DVR replacement.

    but as to the question of the moment – our cable company provided DVR is small, so we can’t save too much, but I do have the last 5 episodes of Mad Men, 6 episodes of Common Law (we may just skip it altogether), and 4 episodes of Lost Girl, among many other single and double episodes of shows that we get to more quickly.

  • rehabber

    The only ones I save on the DVR until the DVD comes out are Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, the rest are watched and deleted. If I have not watched something within a few days, I figure I am not going to and delete it.

  • Mary

    S7 Supernatural and S3 TVD (I’ve watched all but will save until DVDs come out), an episode of Being Human, TWD S2, Two and a half Men, an episode of Dallas, CSI NY 3 episodes, 2 Hawaii five-0s, and the latest episode of Saving Hope.

  • Cory

    The only things on my DVR right now are Thursday’s episodes of Suits which will be watched tonight or tomorrow, and the last couple episodes of Awake, which I saved because I liked them so much. I don’t really binge on certain shows all at once, I just DVR everything and watch them over the course of a week trying to keep up.

    This season I watched every episode of:

    Dexter, Homeland, American Horror Story, Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Missing, The River, Alcatraz, New Girl, Raising Hope, Archer, Modern Family, Suburgatory, Happy Endings, Don’t trust the B, Last Man Standing, 30 Rock, The Office, Community, Up All Night, Chuck, The Killing, Awake, Hell on Wheels, Bent, Best Friends Forever, The Amazing Race.

    But I try not to let too much stockpile at once (especially because recording an hour of HD content eats up about 4-5% of DVR space, so my capacity is not that high). There’s also a handful of shows I watched that I gave up on after any number of episodes, like Touch, Terra Nova, Ringer, etc, that just weren’t that good.

  • Doug

    We tend to only watch what is appointment television for us (about 7 or 8 shows), and DVR them but watch them on the same night. I’m really bad at waiting to watch TV shows.

    I’ve seen every episode this season of: The Amazing Race, Modern Family, Happy Endings, The Soup, Real Time With Bill Maher, Desperate Housewives, Mad Men, Apt 23, Girls, Veep, True Blood & Hoarders.

    Occasional episodes of: The Office, Wipeout, 60 Minutes.

    60 Minutes doesn’t hold up well on the DVR, and Wipeout I’ll watch if I feel like it. The Office was a huge meh for me this season, so I think I deleted half of the episodes without watching.

    This summer it’s True Blood (which I’m SO near giving up on) and Breaking Bad. Slim pickings. I wish I had stocked up on a few shows to blow through this summer, but alas, I did not. I’m trying to catch repeats of The Middle and Shark Tank.

  • Doug

    I forgot to add Revenge and American Horror Story to my “watched every episode list.” I’m very loyal to TV shows – if I decide that I’m going to watch it, I see it through to the bitter end (see: Desperate Housewives). The only new show I gave up on this season was GCB after 6 episodes.

  • city kitty

    I have a 1.5tb dvr storage and am down to 33% availability. I have stuff from 2010 on there that I still want to watch.

    I guess the key is to retire so I can watch it all.

  • SalaciousCrumb

    Fios & others too you can add a 2TB external esata drive to the dvr.

    Gives you about 280 hrs HD.

  • Kissan

    I got a lot of stuff on my DVR as well: Pretty Little Liars, The Secret Circle, The Vampire Diaries, Family Guy, Revenge, Once Upon A Time, Modern Family, Don’t Trust The B, 2 Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, Gossip Girl, Hart Of Dixie, 90210, Ringer, Glee, New Girl, The Voice, Smash, American Idol season finale, Grey’s Anatomy season finale, One Tree Hill series finale and Desperate Housewives series finale. God sooooooo much!!!!!!

  • James

    I don’t have ever but something on Netflix I intend to watch is Friday night lights. I like parenthood, and this is also Jason Katims, is it any good?

  • kasey

    Oh I wish I had that much storage space. I inherited a series 3 HD Tivo & run it with only 1 cable card–now that I can record HD I can barely keep up even with the summer & have accidentally “lost” a few shows before I could watch. It almost makes me miss the 80+ hours on my old series 2 standard Tivo. Almost. Thank goodness for On-Demand; thanks to it I’ve managed to catch up with Grimm & BBC-A’s Whitechapel.

    Person of Interest -6 episodes
    Mystery! Series 2 of Sherlock
    Mystery! the first 2 Zen movies
    America in Primetime (pbs) 3 eps
    Stargate Atlantis – 2 eps
    Stargate Universe final ep
    Leverage – 4 eps
    Saving Hope – 3 eps
    Inside Men (bbc-a) ep 1
    a variety of movies in HD & SD

  • Nadine

    Well it’s not surprising people stockpile so much. To me it seems that there is so much awful, boring TV out there. Mostly it’s just a question of deciding not to waste your time in the first place. I see 80% of my recordings within 24 hours. If I haven’t watched it in a few days, I know that my body is telling me I’m not interested and I record over it.

  • David C

    I DVRed the entire Once Upon A Time season. So far I watched the first 5 episodes, but not really getting into it. Usually I watch anything I record within a week.

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