DVR Stockpiling: What's Piled Up On Your DVR?

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June 23rd, 2012

I watch a ton of TV and with the exception of live sports, almost all of it via DVR. I knocked a lot of stuff out over the previous September-May TV season including every new episode of The Good Wife, Homeland, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, New Girl, Modern Family and 30 Rock. But lest you think I’m TV show snob, I also knocked out all the new episodes of Bones, House, Law & Order: SVU, NCIS, NCIS: LA and Hawaii Five-0 (I  might have been drunk while watching Five-0). Further, I plowed through pretty much every original Law & Order which amounts to over 400 hours-worth of TV viewing that through my DVR viewing habits I knocked down to around 200.  And that doesn’t count my daily Monday-Friday dose of Around The Horn, PTI on ESPN and Intentional Talk on MLB Network.

But a lot of stuff piles up on my DVR.  As you can see just from the sliver above I’ve got 9 episodes of Archer, 23 episodes of Castle and 17 episodes of Grimm (along with some stuff I stored around Matt Cain’s perfect game). But there’s a lot you can’t see ranging from 22 episodes of Parks & Recreation, 11 episodes of The Middle, 6 episodes of Common Law. I even still have the final six episodes of Men of a Certain Age which I’m saving like a fine wine.

Though I have plenty of storage space (currently I have 3TB allocated) there are definitely periods of “DVR Bulimia” where I binge on a ton of stuff and then purge it off my DVR. For example I knocked out the entire first season of New Girl over a few days in late May and saved the second season of Louie up for a marathon over the Christmas holidays.  We’ll have some period this summer where we’re socked in with fog and I’ll blow through all the Parks & Recreation and Archer episodes.

Sometimes though there’s a big purging without any binging. My guess is that’s what will happen with season two of The Killing.

There are a lot of shows I like just fine but am happy to wait to see them some other time. If not for this blog, I’d probably let everything pile up because I’d much rather watch 2-3 episodes of Game of Thrones at a time than wait for them to be doled out a week at a time. But I also hate spoilers.  The DVR stockpile does give me an idea of which shows I like more (certainly Game of Thrones among them) and I’d have to cop to liking Suits and White Collar (no DVR stockpile) more than Royal Pains (8 episodes piled up).

What’s piled up on your DVR?


  • Crazy Eye Broyles (AJ)

    I have a 50TB server with more TV and Movies than a person could watch. I have actually watched a big chunk of my TV shows on there but I am currently working on Mad Men Season 5 and How I met Your Mother starting from Season 1. Not sure what is going to be after that. Maybe get caught up on Bones. Might finally watch The Wire or rewatch all of the X-Files.

  • Kyle7

    Nothing apart from when I was on the local news a couple weeks ago (I was interviewed by ABC 7 outside of Staples Center after Devils/Kings game 3; if anyone saw the LA-area news that night, I was the Devils fan who popped up briefly). My Cox DVR has pretty limited storage space anyway. All the shows I watch, I watch some time the night they air barring unusual circumstances. Any shows I decide to get into, I go back to the beginning via DVDs and such (I’m a completionist and really don’t like jumping into any sort of fiction series midway through), rather than trying to grab it from repeats.

  • Kelly

    Now I wish I had a DVR with more space. I have gotten use to watching my shows and deleting them within a week of original air date due to the limited space.

  • Hugh

    I have all of Parks S4
    16 eps of the Simpsons
    Couple episodes of The Office

  • Anthony

    For most shows I watch them within a week of them airing. I have a few that for one reason or another I just haven’t gotten around to yet (Grimm- 13; Nikita- 11; Supernatural- 11; Lost Girl- 18).

    Currently watching (and keeping up on)- Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef, Americas Got Talent, American Ninja Warrior, Tosh.0, Storage Wars.

    Watched during the season (and kept up on)- The Voice, Biggest Loser, Parenthood, Community, Parks and Rec, The Office, Up All Night, Chuck, Harry’s Law, Celebrity Apprentice, Modern Family, The Middle, Suburgatory, Happy Endings, The Fox Animations, Archer, Being Human, The Walking Dead, Face Off.

  • One

    I have three NASCAR races stocked up (specifically, Jeff Gordon’s three wins from last season), waiting to transfer to other media (probably going to have to be tape (yes, I have a VCR) to a portable DVR to my desktop). I have the mythology/Revengencers centric Metalocalypse episodes from seasons one thru three (total of 12). I have random eps of Robot Chicken and Aqua Teens stored up because for reasons too complicated to explain. And then there’s the three eps of Community that I have up there just for kicks/awesomeness. (including Remedial Chaos Theory)

    Of course, that’s just my stuff, and I share the DVR w/ my roommates. Because of that, there’s a bunch of other stuff still on there. That includes three eps each of NCIS and Person of Interest, four of Big Bang Theory, five of The Middle, and the Bones finale. Also the usual load of stuff from the week still sitting on there, but none of it’s really backed up – yet.

  • Fancy Pants

    Bones 3
    The B— in apt 23. 5
    Grimm. 6
    Criminal minds 8
    The Middle. 10
    House 11
    MF. 13
    NG. 13
    Parks and rec. 13
    Are u there Chelsea? 12

  • Meg

    Terrific piece Mr. Seidman.

    I have stockpiled mainly old films. Some episodes of Masterpiece Mystery! as well.

  • jen

    In addition to 9 hours that have airedthis past week I have

    Common Law 6
    Desperate Housewives 12
    GCB 7
    Missing 10
    Revenge 12
    Scandal 7
    The Killing 4
    The River7

  • Mike K

    my DVR sucks and I can’t stockpile. I’m lucky I can get 20 shows in HD recorded for the week and have to watch it all, and that doesn’t cover 1/2 of what I watch so I’m forced to spend the weekends clearing it out for the next week of shows.

  • Alex J

    wow, ive been doing the same thing but with movies. 6 movies in 4 days.

    im stock piling Workaholics.

  • armando.l

    I also have Men of a Certain Age in my DVR, but that’s a show I need to be in certain mood to watch it!

    I have 11 episodes from Supernatural S7, Half of Fringe S4, The entire first season of Hell on Wheels, HBO miniseries Angels in America, and some latinamerican TV shows like Epitafios, Mandrake and Kdabra.

    But Sundays are impossible for me, I record at least 5-7 hours that day!

  • Mi

    I saved the full seasons of Once Upon a Time, Grimm (plan to re-watch these two before their next seasons start,) SPN, and TVD.

    In addition to them I also watch Bones, PLL, POI, and Revenge on a weekly basis but don’t save their episodes.

    Other shows that I have piled up and haven’t gotten to watch yet are:
    11 episodes of The Walking Dead
    American Horror Story and Falling Skies – two shows that I think I’ll probably just delete and not bother to watch
    The Client List
    5 episodes of Switched at Birth

  • Crazy Eye Broyles (AJ)

    Have to add that I am going to watch Downton Abbey and Sherlock again before the Emmys

  • Jamey

    First 3 episodes of Dallas
    The whole first season of Whitney
    TNA episodes
    The Mentalist season finale

  • DollFace

    I have a lot of old episodes of Community and CBS Sunday Morning that I can’t seem to let go. There’s also some classic movies from TCM. I recorded Hatfield’s & McCoys but I haven’t watched them yet. I figure I’ll get to them some day.

  • Kevin USAForever

    I usually watch all the shows within the week of airing. I don’t like waiting so long since a part of the tv experience is the anticipation for next week’s episode, if u just watch episode after episode it loses something. It’s ok when it’s reruns, but regular season tv i like to watch immediatly. And u know the feeling when u wait the hole week and then finally ur show comes on. I usually save documentaries and shows i don’t yet know if their good or not. So i watch my favorites live and the others mostly on the weekend.

    And if DVR viewing continues to grow, advertisers will pay less money, less money means less shows and/or a loss quality.

  • Gustavo

    DVR is the worst enemy; tv advertisers could find.1°It’s legal.2°Can skip advertisers.3° You can skip also buy your beloved show on dvd because you can have it on your dvr as long as you want.4°Almost every house owns at least one.

  • Gary

    I recorded Friday’s episode of Whitney and rewatched Dallas.

  • Mike S

    Entire season 2 of Nikita. I will delete it once the blu ray is released.

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