DVR Stockpiling: What's Piled Up On Your DVR?

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June 23rd, 2012

I watch a ton of TV and with the exception of live sports, almost all of it via DVR. I knocked a lot of stuff out over the previous September-May TV season including every new episode of The Good Wife, Homeland, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, New Girl, Modern Family and 30 Rock. But lest you think I’m TV show snob, I also knocked out all the new episodes of Bones, House, Law & Order: SVU, NCIS, NCIS: LA and Hawaii Five-0 (I  might have been drunk while watching Five-0). Further, I plowed through pretty much every original Law & Order which amounts to over 400 hours-worth of TV viewing that through my DVR viewing habits I knocked down to around 200.  And that doesn’t count my daily Monday-Friday dose of Around The Horn, PTI on ESPN and Intentional Talk on MLB Network.

But a lot of stuff piles up on my DVR.  As you can see just from the sliver above I’ve got 9 episodes of Archer, 23 episodes of Castle and 17 episodes of Grimm (along with some stuff I stored around Matt Cain’s perfect game). But there’s a lot you can’t see ranging from 22 episodes of Parks & Recreation, 11 episodes of The Middle, 6 episodes of Common Law. I even still have the final six episodes of Men of a Certain Age which I’m saving like a fine wine.

Though I have plenty of storage space (currently I have 3TB allocated) there are definitely periods of “DVR Bulimia” where I binge on a ton of stuff and then purge it off my DVR. For example I knocked out the entire first season of New Girl over a few days in late May and saved the second season of Louie up for a marathon over the Christmas holidays.  We’ll have some period this summer where we’re socked in with fog and I’ll blow through all the Parks & Recreation and Archer episodes.

Sometimes though there’s a big purging without any binging. My guess is that’s what will happen with season two of The Killing.

There are a lot of shows I like just fine but am happy to wait to see them some other time. If not for this blog, I’d probably let everything pile up because I’d much rather watch 2-3 episodes of Game of Thrones at a time than wait for them to be doled out a week at a time. But I also hate spoilers.  The DVR stockpile does give me an idea of which shows I like more (certainly Game of Thrones among them) and I’d have to cop to liking Suits and White Collar (no DVR stockpile) more than Royal Pains (8 episodes piled up).

What’s piled up on your DVR?


  • Rob R

    13 episodes of Pan Am and all 12 episodes of American Horror Story.

  • Ralph

    I was stockpiling The Killing but I started watching it and it is better than season 1.

  • Amanda Kondolojy

    I’ve got a non-fiction party on mine with Frozen Planet, Through the Wormhole, and Brave New World, Oh, and there’s also Adventure Time…

  • Cucumber Jones

    I share some in common with you, Robert. I, too watch ATH/PTI every day and a LOT of other TV. I’ve recently run through 2 seasons each of Damages, Monk, Sons of Anarchy, & Parenthood, all of Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Enlightened, and most of Wilfred. I’ve got some Common Law backed up, but other than that its a mix & match of an episode of this here and that there. Hatfields and McCoys are taking up 6 hours and they might just be jettisoned. I’m still trying to get to Dexter on DVD, another season of Damages, but my DVR is at a constant state of 95% full and its hard to make a dent when most of it is just keeping up.

  • hammard

    Growth (terrible movie)
    Once Upon A Time (dances based on fairy tales)
    3 Seasons of Highlander reruns
    Little Mermaid ballet
    Quantum Leap reruns (Season 4 mostly)
    Divine Women documentary
    Stargate Universe (Episode 15 onwards)
    Stargate SG1 reruns
    Pina Baush’s Cafe Muller
    True Love (episode 3-5)
    Pretty Little Liars

  • Ally

    I don’t stockpile episodes – my OCD won’t allow it – I watch within a week or it goes. If I want to catch on something all at once, I just rent the DVD from netflix. Having a season of episodes sitting there would send me to fits! But, I do still have the last couple episodes of Hawaii Five-0 to watch again, but they get deleted after second viewing (and I won’t be drunk watching them…)

  • Danak

    Just to follow up, I do have on my Tivos all but the pilot episode of Smash and maybe half a season of Glee until the DVD Season sets come out. The rest of the stuff on one Tivo is mostly a few summer things and most of the stuff on the other Tivo is documentaries as I said previously.

  • Kaylie

    My DVR’d Shows :) {from Sept-May}

    Big Bang Theory
    2.5 Men
    2 Broke Girls
    American Idol
    X Factor
    New Girl
    Family Guy
    Switched at Birth
    The Game
    Jersey Shore
    Beavis & Butthead
    The Lying Game

  • Matt

    Dallas 2012
    90210 – episodes since January
    Private Practice – episodes since January
    Big Bang Theory – all of S5
    Vampire Diaries – every episode
    The Client List
    Covert Affairs
    Common Law

  • Alan 59

    I have no idea if anyone cares about an old Luddite, but just in case…

    I have hundreds of videotapes from the past decade plus. Some of them are complete series, some are random unwatched episodes, and a handful are episodes that have since been watched in repeats or syndication.

    I follow somewhere over a hundred series, so things always pile up. I miss the days of summer reruns when catching up was a viable possibility. Today, the best that I can hope for in the summer with cable’s multiple plays is not falling further behind.

    I know that I have every episode of “Revenge” and “Hart Of Dixie,” unwatched. On the other hand, I’ve watched every ep of “The Good Wife” from last season, and seen all of “The Walking Dead,” including its “video fan magazine” companion, “Talking Dead.”

    In the past week, I have knocked off taped installments of “2 Broke Girls,” “Mike And Molly” (first season), the finale of “Frasier” (completely cleared that tape!), last week’s “Royal Pains,” “A Gifted Man,” “Undercover Boss,” and “Law And Order: Las Angeles.”

    Sorry that you asked, yet….?

  • Polar Bear

    None. I watch online on shady websites.

  • hardline_pro

    Why were you drunk watching Hawaii Five-0? LOOOOL.

  • Goldie

    Robert, how can you have stockpiled all those eps of Archer? It’s hilarious and awesome.

  • Jacqui

    I still have the entire season of Awake, untouched so far.

  • AO

    This Season of PLL and the last Ep of Burn Notice.

    I’m really more of a DVD buyer, especially when I can score things on great sales. I have dozens of Seasons stacked up on DVD. I like having a physical copy that can’t accidentally (or purposely) be erased.

    Some of my best finds are shows that I’d not seen before, such as GCB for $5, Samantha Who? Season 1 & 2 for $3, Big Love: The Complete Series for $25 and recently The Unit: The Complete Series for $10.00.

  • Tommy M.

    I have so much stockpiled that I think there’s gonna be a purge for me without a binge too. I have the entire past season of The Middle, Suburgatory, Touch, Grimm, Raising Hope, Private Practice, The Big C, The Office, Parks and Recreation, New Girl, The Amazing Race, Mike and Molly, and 4 seasons of Justified to watch. Mike and Molly and Touch are probably the most at risk for purging without me watching them.

    I save some shows until I have the time to enjoy them. Others are only being held for that inevitable night that I’m so bored I’ll start watching it (like The Amazing Race.) I didn’t start watching Sons of Anarchy or Breaking Bad until this past winter when I watched both full series to date in about 3 weeks. I love being able to watch what happens next right away. I find that it’s worth the wait.

  • ivy

    Glad you are watching H50–drunk or sober :)

  • pickles

    I have CSI Miami and Dexter on my DVR.

  • Hessian

    We’re pretty good at keeping up with the episodes we DVR. It’s rare for more than a couple of episodes of anything to stack up. Our issue is movies.

    Last week we just finished off the last couple of flicks from a free HBO weekend from January. We’re now working on a free Starz weekend from March, and had to hustle to make room for the 12 episodes of the most recent season of Dexter that we caught last Saturday during a free Showtime weekend.

    DVR now stands at 15% free.

  • cal331

    I have a lot on my DVRs – we have two of them! I do try to watch some shows week of, but if I have to work a lot during the week, or am not free to catch up on the weekend, I do start running close to 99% full then I have to purge. I may not see the last season of Chuck – my son and I used to watch it live but he wasn’t really in to the last season and I don’t really want to watch it without him. But it’s there.

    As much as I want to watch the shows I have saved, I think, much to my own embarassment, that it’s a form of hoarding. My vacation plans usually involve at least a couple days of DVR clearing. If I could give up on what I have saved, I could upgrade to a new, better DVR. I guess I’ll just wait until the inevitable system fail or power surge to wipe it clean (it has happened to all of my DVRs so far) so I can move on.

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