It's a (Spoiler): The Duncans of Disney's 'Good Luck Charlie' Welcome a New Baby

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June 24th, 2012

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In tonight's milestone episode of "Good Luck Charlie" (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET/PT), the hit comedy for kids and families, the Duncan family welcomed a baby boy -- and results were revealed from a viewer poll that determined the baby's name – 'Toby Duncan.' The parents decide upon a middle name, one inspired by popular culture, in the episode's tongue-in-cheek epilogue. The month-long "name the baby" poll at tallied over 25 million votes around the world. In a particularly competitive race, the name 'Toby' received the majority of the viewer votes, edging out Noah, Jonah, Bobby Jr., Bo, Sydney, Erika, Mallory, Talia and Jenny. In the weeks leading up to tonight's episode, Disney Channel presented several behind the scenes interstitials that built the anticipation for Baby Duncan's arrival.

Adam Bonnett, senior vice president, original programming, Disney Channel, said, "The strength of 'Good Luck Charlie' lies with the talented team behind the scenes in writing and producing, and certainly the towering performances by our entire cast – together they perfectly capture the funny, tender and relatable family dynamic that viewers love watching and sharing in each week."

The episode is available on WATCH Disney Channel, and the first game featuring Toby Duncan and his big sister, "Teddy's Dream Dash," will debut Monday, June 25 on

The series has increased in ratings for its third season – "Good Luck Charlie" accounted for three of the Top 4 scripted telecasts in Total Viewers across all basic cable (averaging 4.6 million) and TV's Top 3 telecasts among Kids 2-11 (averaging 2.5 million), Kids 6-11 (averaging 2 million) and Tweens (averaging 1.8 million) for May 2012. For 2011, "Good Luck Charlie" was TV's #2 series among Kids 6-11 and Tweens, and the Disney Channel Original Movie, "Good Luck Charlie: It's Christmas" was cable TV’s #1 live-action movie of the year  in Total Viewers (8.3 million) and the #2 scripted telecast across all TV in Kids 6-11 (4.0 million/16.1 rating).

"Good Luck Charlie" stars Bridgit Mendler, Jason Dolley, Leigh-Allyn Baker, Bradley Steven Perry, Mia Talerico and Eric Allan Kramer. Raven Goodwin, Shane Harper, Micah Williams and Patricia Belcher recur in season three.

The series was created by Phil Baker and Drew Vaupen and is executive-produced by Baker, Vaupen and Dan Staley. It is a production of It's a Laugh Productions, Inc.

Disney Channel is a 24-hour kid-driven, family inclusive television network that taps into the world of kids and families through original series and movies. Currently available on basic cable in over 99 million U.S. homes and to millions of other viewers on Disney Channels around the world, Disney Channel is part of the Disney/ABC Television Group.


  • Jalynne

    It’s just too bad anyone watching it live was spoiled during the very first commercial break. Good job, Disney. Good job.

  • Niecyrn

    I agree. We’ve all been waiting for so long to see this baby. My kids noticed right away the baby with the blue hat being held by the grandmom when they showed previews for the next good luck Charlie. I was hoping it was a trick but sadly it wasn’t.

  • Fancy Pants

    I also agree (I thought it would be twins one boy, one girl)

  • Alicia

    Ditto! My daughter and I were shocked! If it wasn’t for that promo, we would have been in complete suspense. Sure, we could have looked online for a spoiler, but it was fun watching the show and wondering. Disney spoiled it with a huge reveal. It was like being told how the show was going to end.

  • Luke

    I agree with the others about the spoilery promo. They literally could have edited the promo so that it wasn’t spoiled, but nope! Big disappointment.

  • Kaylie

    Well, I was suspenseful. I watched the DVR version and did not pay attention to the commercials. I knew it was a boy. A girl, they would have to revamp the entire show.

  • madison

    i thought that the baby would die in Amy’s tummy and then Amy would have to have a C section and that Amy might have been really close to dying. But if i didnt think that then i would have guessed a boy

  • cornball

    there were many signs that is was gonna be a boy..all Amy wore was blue!!!! even the kitchen chairs are blue!

  • Julia

    I missed the show but saw the new commercial where they’re holding a baby in blue clothes and I was totally disappointed :(

  • RHONJd

    The episode was absolutely fantastic and heartwarming. I LOVE Disney Channel & Good Luck Charlie. But I will admit that Disney made a huge mistake airing the promo for next week’s episode. And I hope the high ratings continue, and hope those ratings weren’t just for anticipation for the new baby, but also people’s new interest in the show. Fingers crossed,

  • christina

    i agree u can tottaly see the commercial i agree with madison i was a spoiler any way thay should have lets people see wen she gave birth in the ice cream truck wen teddy was helping give birth we could have seen her push

  • RHONJd

    And I think the only reason that Disney aired that “spoiler” promo during the commercial break, was because they probably didn’t care that the gender was revealed. The main part about the episode was finding out which name was chosen. Clearly, Disnwy focused on the name competition, and probably thought the name of the baby was more important than the gender.

  • Fischer

    Kinda like how NBC spoiled who won the Celebrity Apprentice a few years ago… The commercial before the results, they had a promo for Brett Michaels to be on Jay Leno the next time.. And guess who ended up winning…

  • Joe

    someone in the promotion department at disney needs a serious review how in the world in the middle of the show of the special delivery episode do u run a promo with baby clearly with blue on???? I mean you made us wait this long i could have waited until 8:58p LOL they just was not smart but it was a very sweet ending!

  • carla mollica

    I hope that good luck Charlie on today because I want to see the baby dunckin.

  • Ellie

    The other thing wrong Disney did in the promo was they showed bobs mom who was shown in the previous episode as looking just like her son.In the promo she looks totally different

  • Danielle Elias

    Hello I did wanna see it but couldn’t because my uncle hogs the tv so if it’s on the tv again please come on this website and tell me???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Colleen

    i think it should have been a girl but since it was a boy and i like the name Toby, i’m not complaining. and plus it was obvious that it was going to be a boy not only cuz they showed the promo of new episode but because the order of the children was boy girl boy girl and it was P.J., Teddy, Gabe, Charlie, so it was obvious that it would be a boy!!!!!!! :}

  • Laney

    Well i have come to like that episode .. but the promo was a dead give away .. i was hoping for a little suspense that would have you hanging over the edge… I also don’t understand how Bob Duncans mother’s physical Appearance changed … in the episode with the doctor her name was Gladdis and looked EXACTLY like bob (I know it was him in a costume) But in the promo he yells out ‘MOM’ and she looed nothing like him .. and Gabe was there as a witness I just dont get disney

  • Talia

    Disney probably didn’t even realize they were spoiling the gender of the baby because they promo new episodes in the middle of the new episode all the time because they can do that because none of the Disney shows really have a story line so they don’t even think about it anymore. Anyway out of all of the boy choices for names I loved Toby the most but I wish it was a girl because my name (talia) was one of the girl options! They should have done twins, one girl one boy to make it even! But oh well it was a great episode :)

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