AT&T Statement on AMC Networks Programming Agreement

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June 27th, 2012

via press release:


DALLAS, JUNE 27, 2012 — The AT&T* U-verse® TV contract with AMC Networks for channels including AMC, IFC and WE tv, expires at 11:59 p.m. EST on June 30. AT&T issued the following statement:


We are making every effort to reach a fair agreement and continue providing these channels to our customers. Frankly, we’re disappointed AMC Networks has decided to take its negotiations public, instead of working with us in good faith, especially since we’re still actively in negotiations.


We’ve been in ongoing negotiations to renew this agreement, but AMC Networks is seeking an excessive rate increase in our overall fees for the right to deliver these channels. AMC Networks is asking that AT&T pay nearly double what we believe other competitors pay — including a smaller-sized competitor. We believe the rates they are seeking are disproportionate compared to the viewership we see across their channels.


We don’t think that’s reasonable, especially in these economic times, and we will continue to work toward a fair deal.


There’s an ongoing industry trend in which an increasing number of content providers seek unreasonable price increases from their service providers as those contracts expire. If we accept this cost increase from AMC Networks, it could result in higher prices for customers, and would only encourage other content providers to make similar demands. We don’t want customers to lose these channels, but we need to take a stand now to keep costs down while continuing to provide the quality programming customers want and deserve.


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  • iknowgoodshows

    I guess Mad Men isn’t paying the bills…Matt Weiner needs to take a paycut

  • DTravel

    I’ve seen AMC spots about Dish dropping the AMC group but this is the first I’ve heard of a spate with AT&T.

  • Herb Fine

    “…AMC Networks is asking that AT&T pay nearly double what we believe other competitors pay…”

    What THEY Believe? Don’t they know? :)

  • jimbo

    Ever since AMC switched from classic movies I hardly ever watch except for The Walking Dead. Guess I’ll just buy the DVD’s

  • mediaschild

    They are worth it. Some of the best non-network commercial programing. Someones gotta pay for this quality. AT&T has stuck it to the public for so many years. It’s about time.

  • xwiseguyx

    Wow both Dish and AT&T dropping AMC at the same time.. that can’t be good for them.

  • The Mike Factor

    AMC really seems to be acting like asshats. First with Dish, now with AT&T.

  • rick

    ATT, Dish, Comcast etc should dump AMC. Let them see how much money they can make with nobody carrying them.

  • Johnny G

    I’d blame AMC but this isn’t the only network that I have seen having issues with ATT. Didn’t this happen with FX a few months back? It was with ATT or Dish. The point is that I think this falls more on the provider than the networks. I NEVER see this nonsense with Comcast. So either Comcast isn’t a cheap *&^%* or the networks just give them better deals… I highly doubt the latter.

  • Fan1001

    Comcast has had A TON of carrier related issues with networks over the years. More than most.

  • melissa manning

    Keep amc. Pay watever but let’s keep our channels. At&t is not thinkin about customers takinh their business elsewere just to have these channels. We need IFC,AMC nd WeTv. Wat At&t dnt care abt daa customer any more I mean wats really gng on?

  • Linden

    Not sure who’s to blame…but I’ll follow AMC. TWD is our fave show.

  • Jim Warriner

    AT&T just cannot get away from its heritage as the descendent of Ma Bell. It simply cannot get over its history as one of the largest monopolies, even after it got chopped up by the Feds for its corporate practices. Kind of like a hydra, its chopped up pieces have kept on growing and reconnecting. Perhaps instead of a hydra, it is more like The Thing or The Blob. Less than 24 hours notice of disconnection is a heck of a way to treat customers. Unless we are not customers to ATT but cattle.

  • Jeff Lang

    I will switch back to Time Warner as soon as AT&T discontinues AMC.

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