Coming This Fall: More NFL Sunday Primetime Overrun

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June 28th, 2012

Preliminary Sunday night ratings this fall will be even more worthless than they were last fall.

In what is no doubt a move to give more value (AKA ratings bang for the buck) to Fox and CBS for the Sunday national games that alternate between the two networks, the NFL is moving the start times for those games from 4:15p to 4:25p ET.

It's less of an issue for FOX who can easily just extend The OT until 8pm,  but when 60 Minutes gets pushed on CBS so does the rest of CBS's lineup. So in addition to the Nielsen "Fast National" ratings being more worthless on Sundays in the fall, there's sure to be even more lamenting from fans of The Amazing Race, The Good Wife and The Mentalist than in previous years.

You've been warned.

  • One

    Amazing Race fans won’t mind as much. They just have to make it thru 60 Minutes.

    I’m not an Amazing Race fan, though. What I am, sadly, is a Good Wife and Mentalist fan. Luckily, I already have my contingency in place (extending my DVR recordings of The Mentalist on both sides to pick it up on Overrun nights). That said, talk about a cramp in the side of my DVR conflicts.

  • One

    Oh, and I’m sure any existing Cleveland Show fans won’t be happy. But that one looks like four-and-out, to me…

  • DryedMangoez

    Yeah, CBS needs to do something about 60 Minutes. The NFL Overrun could be a huge boost to TAR, The Good Wife and The Mentalist, but 60 Minutes dilutes any possible advantage.

    They could easily trim 60 Minutes to fit into the hour whenever there’s an overrun. The show will get its full hour the rest of the year anyway.

  • Ultima

    Why in the world won’t they pull 60 minutes until midseason?

    Because they don’t want to. 60 Minutes has aired in its current timeslot ~50 weeks a year for the past 37 years.

    Why can’t people grasp such a simple concept? Nothing has changed, so why would you expect them to change their behavior?

    This will save fans a lot of grief trying to figure out when their favorite Sunday show comes on

    Nonsense. There are several places you can look to get the exact starting time, it only takes a few seconds. If you are DVR’ing, just record for two hours. It might be a bit of an inconvienence, but nothing compared to, say, watching Animation Domination during football season…

  • Ultima

    Oh, and I’m sure any existing Cleveland Show fans won’t be happy.

    This change will not have any effect on FOX; they already run The OT until 8pm on doubleheader nights.


    The overrun historically on CBS has always been messy as they just can’t figure it out that they need to start prime time at 8pm and just air a rerun if the game ends early at 7pm. Whatever doesn’t fit should air on Saturdays like The Good Wife.

    As a football fan though we don’t really care because we watch Sunday Night Football anyways and I can always watch The Mentalist On Demand or as a rerun on TNT. I love the fact that the games have been pushed back to 4:25pm because it allows the bonus coverage games to play through for an extra 10 minutes which is all they need if the game doesn’t go into overtime.

  • David Howell

    The rigid “traditional” slot for 60 Minutes is looking more and more like a rod on CBS’s back every year. The Mentalist fans – take the show’s move to Sunday “10pm” as a de facto final season announcement, because that’s what it is.

    Personally I’d have considered a 7:30 60 Minutes (which is still meeting its “immediately after sports” tradition, especially now!) followed by a sitcom at 8:30 before the block of TGW/Mentalist (and not in that order!) at 9. This could have been a great way to use the utility status of Rules in the fall whilst also giving it the “proper timeslot” that its fans seem to have been craving.

  • Morgan Wick

    Or just pre-empt 60 Minutes in doubleheader weeks and run some rerun at 7 on the West Coast.

    But CBS likes the status quo not because of any 60 Minutes “tradition”, but for the exact reason everyone hates it. Its shows end at times no other shows do, so in the pre-DVR era, people have no choice but to watch the next show. In the post-DVR era, people end up having to record, and thus hopefully watch, parts of the previous AND next shows.

    Interestingly, Fox silently extended The OT from 7:30 to 8 back at upfronts. Even more interestingly, the 7 PM half-hour was listed as “NFL Game”. Did they know this was coming?

  • Jumbotron

    I wish they’d just move Amazing Race to another night so all the football overruns, awards shows, basketball and various other things on Sunday wouldn’t be a problem any more.

  • SJ

    I think it’s interesting that some people are pulling the “tradition” card when it comes to 60 Minutes’ time slot, when just a few months ago they – rightfully – claimed that CBS couldn’t care less about tradition, as proven by their unceremonious and sudden cancellation of CSI: Miami.

  • a p garcia

    Looks like my Multi-DVR will work overtime

  • One @ SJ

    I think they care about tradition when it’s financially expedient to them. 60 Minutes, as a newsmag, is likely more financially expedient than anything else they could launch. CSI:Miami, as a ten year old scripted drama only getting a low 2 rating, was not financially expedient.

    Of course, our fellow commenters will warp the narrative as necessary to try to prove they’ve been wronged…

  • Ricky (formerly tvfreak)

    @One: I’ve already set up my DVR to record an extra hour after The Mentalist. Although, I have heard that football overrun doesn’t have as harmful an effect out west (I live in California.) Still, can’t take any chances.

    If only CBS would put The Mentalist on demand!

    Then again, it might not do much good. Based on CSI: Miami’s sudden cancellation, we Mentalist fans have every reason to fear for our show’s safety now. It sure wasn’t anywhere close to the bubble last season, but now it’ll probably be there.

  • DW

    i have zero problem with this since i live on the west coast. :)

  • Constance Kurtz

    well that helps me make up my mind goodbye Mentalist – hello 666 Park Avenue.

  • TVGuy

    I think this is somewhat unnecessary, but whatever. CBS overruns are bad enough as they are, but I can see many more hour-long delays now.

  • Jon

    CBS won’t alter their programming unless their is backlash from the east coast affiliates – ie Mentalist at 11:00et/10:00ct gets lower ratings than the local news that would normally air there.

  • Paul

    Honestly, this is the reason I stopped watching the Amazing Race a couple of years ago. It played havoc with my DVR and just wasn’t worth it.

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