‘Good Morning America’ Posts Smallest Quarter Margin with ‘Today’ in 17 Years

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“Good Morning America” Posts Smallest Quarter Margin with NBC’s “Today” in 17 Years

For 2Q2012, “GMA” Delivers Smallest News Demo Margin With “Today” in Over 16 Years; “GMA” Cuts Demo Gap For 6th Straight Quarter


2Q2012 is “GMA’s” Most-Watched Quarter in Over 4 Years and Best Demo Number During a 2nd Quarter in 4 Years

“GMA” Ranked #1 in Total Viewers on Monday, June 18



2Q 2012:


For the 2nd Quarter 2012, ABC News’ “Good Morning America” averaged 4.953 million Total Viewers and a 1.6 rating/12 share/1.919 million in Adults 25-54, according to Nielsen Media Research. With 4 Total Viewer wins for the ABC morning newscast, only 109,000 viewers separated “GMA” and NBC’s “Today” (5.062 million) during 2Q12, representing “GMA’s” smallest quarter margin with the NBC program in 17 years – since 2Q95. Additionally, Goodmorningamerica.com has expanded its lead and in April had 17 million more unique users than Today.com.


In addition, for the 6th straight quarter, “GMA” cut in Adults 25-54 margin with “Today” (-31% – 269,000 vs. 388,000) from the previous quarter to deliver its smallest news demo margin with the NBC program in over 16 years – since 4Q95. Impressively, “GMA” narrowed its year-to-year demo margin with “Today” in all 13 weeks of 2Q12.


For the 3rd quarter in a row, “GMA” was up on the previous quarter in Total Viewers (4.932 million for 1Q11), marking its most-watched quarter in over 4 years – since 4Q07.


“GMA” was up on the year-ago 2nd quarter (2Q11) in Total Viewers (+1%) and Adults 25-54 (+4%) for the 2nd straight year. The ABC morning news program saw its most-watched 2nd quarter in 7 years and best news demo showing during a 2nd quarter in 4 years – since 2Q05 and 2Q08, respectively. In addition, “GMA” stood as the only program grow over 2Q11 as both NBC’s “Today” (-10%/-13%) and “CBS This Morning (-2%/-2%) each delivered losses.


During 2Q12, “GMA” more than doubled the performance “CBS This Morning” in Total Viewers (+102% – 4.953 million vs. 2.453 million), while nearly doubling in Adults 25-54 (+99% – 1.919 million vs. 965,000). Looking at all quarters, 2Q12 marked “GMA’s” largest Total Viewer lead (2.500 million) over CBS in 7 years and the strongest news demo advantage (954,000) in more than 5 years – since 2Q05 and 1Q07.


Week of June 18, 2012


ABC News’ “Good Morning America” drew 4.459 million Total Viewers and a 1.3 rating/11 share/1.625 million Adults 25-54 for the week of June 18, 2012, according to Nielsen Media Research.


For the 3rd week in a row, “GMA” decreased its week-to-week gap with NBC’s “Today” in Adults 25-54 (-22% – 214,000 vs. 274,000), turning in “GMA‘s” smallest demo margin with “Today” in 6 weeks – since w/o 5/14/12.


“GMA” slashed more than half of its year-to-year margins with “Today” in Total Viewers (-71% – 133,000 vs. 465,000) and Adults 25-54 (-58% – 214,000 vs. 514,000). “GMA” has cut its year-to-year demo gap with the NBC morning newscast by double-digits for consecutive 25 weeks and in 39 of 40 weeks this season.


“GMA” ranked No. 1 on Monday (6/18/12) in Total Viewers, outdelivering “Today,” by +245,000 (4.627 million vs. 4.382 million).


Season to date, “GMA” has cut its gaps versus “Today” in half in both Total Viewers (-53%) and Adults 25-54 (-49%) versus its year-ago season gaps. In fact, “GMA” is posting its smallest Total Viewer (376,000) and Adults 25-54 (380,000) margins with “Today” in 16 years – since the 1995-96 Season.


Season to date “GMA” is the only morning program to grow in Total Viewers (+4%) and Adults 25-54 (+7%) versus its year-ago averages (NBC’s “Today:” -4%/-9%, respectively; CBS’ “This Morning:” -8%/-9%, respectively). “GMA” is seeing its largest overall season audience in 6 years, since 2005-06.


For the 6th week running, “GMA” more than doubled the performance of “CBS This Morning” in both Total Viewers (+109% – 4.459 million vs. 2.136 million) and Adults 25-54 (+111% – 1.625 million vs. 759,000).



ABC 4,953,000 1.6/12; 1,919,000 3.7/14

NBC 5,025,000 1.8/13; 2,160,000 3.8/14

CBS 2,428,000 0.8/ 6; 950,000 1.8/ 7



ABC 4,459,000 1.3/11; 1,625,000 3.4/13

NBC 4,592,000 1.5/12; 1,839,000 3.5/14

CBS 2,136,000 0.6/ 5; 759,000 1.7/ 7



Source: The Nielsen Company, NTI Total Viewers and Adults 25-54 Live + SD weeks of 6/18/12, 6/11/12 & 6/20/11. Most Current: 2011-2012 Season (9/19/11 – 6/24/12) and 2010-2011 Season (9/20/10 – 6/25/11). 2Q12: 3/26/12– 6/24/12. 1Q12: 12/26/11– 3/25/12. 2Q11: 3/28/11 – 6/26/11.


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