TNT to Air 'Dallas' Marathon, Including All-New Episode, on July 4

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June 28th, 2012

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Five-hour July 4 marathon of Dallas, including all-new episode
Picnics and barbecues won't be the only places to enjoy fireworks this Independence Day. TNT has some truly dramatic fireworks in store with a five-hour marathon of Dallas, basic cable's #1 new series for the year-to-date. The lineup will feature the first four episodes of the series, climaxing at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) with the premiere of an all-new episode. In addition, a new installment of the 15-minute post-episode webshow Dallas Round-Up will premiere on at 10 p.m.

5 p.m. (ET/PT) – “Changing of the Guard”
The Ewings, television's first family of drama, sabotage, secrets and betrayal, are gathering at Southfork Ranch for the upcoming wedding of Bobby’s adopted son, Christopher, to Rebecca Sutter. Although the occasion is joyous, an old family rivalry crosses generations after secret oil drilling on Southfork results in a major gusher. Everyone has his or her own agenda when the fight over oil and land threatens to tear the Ewings apart once again.

6 p.m. (ET/PT) – “Hedging Your Bets”
The plot to take control of Southfork gets complicated when two-timing affairs and blackmail arise, and J.R. starts to ask one too many questions. Meanwhile, Christopher and Elena bury their feelings in order work together on a business deal. But Christopher’s new bride may be hiding her own secrets.

7 p.m. (ET/PT) – “The Price You Pay”
Just as John Ross sets out to claim his birthright and make his father proud, J.R. decides to move back to Southfork, much to Ann’s dismay. Bitter Ewing family enemy Cliff Barnes (guest star Ken Kercheval) returns and tries to reconnect with his nephew, Christopher. A startling family announcement offers an opportunity to heal old wounds.

8 p.m. (ET/PT) – “The Last Hurrah”
John Ross seeks to gain an upper hand on a family member and resorts to blackmail, but J.R. decides to handle the situation his own way. Meanwhile, Christopher opens up to Bobby about his difficulty in choosing between the two women he loves.

9 p.m. (ET/PT) – All-New Episode: “Truth and Consequences”
With tension mounting between the newly married Christopher and Rebecca, family ties begin to unravel when the deed to Southfork is revealed. In order to thwart J.R.’s schemes, Ann seeks help from someone in her past, and Christopher decides it is time to fight dirty.

10 p.m. (ET/PT) – Dallas Round-Up – Post-episode webshow on
TNT's 15-minute post-episode webshow, hosted by Cameron Mathison (Good Morning America, Dancing with the Stars), features discussions on the episode that just aired, interviews with special guests from the cast and crew, exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, fan questions, trivia and more. This week's installment will feature Dallas stars Jesse Metcalfe and Josh Henderson, along with executiv e producer/writer Cynthia Cidre


  • NYCJoe

    Loving Dallas. I didn’t think I would but damn it to hell I am loving it.

  • Bob

    I love this idea except the new episode….I can’t imagine many people are going to watch Dallas on the Fourth of July even though it is a great show.

  • rob60990

    Theyre airing a new episode on 4th of July? Yikes.

  • Dan S

    I can see the reasoning behind a marathon on July 4th but there wasting a new episode on 1 of there least watched nights of the year. Most people will likely DVR it & catch it later in the week

  • shelly

    Can’t watch it that night. I hope TNT airs several repeats of the new episode.

  • TimsDale4ever

    This show is doing better in the ratings than I would have imagained — and it’s pretty damn good also. Knew it would be fun to see the returning stars, but I have been very impressed with the new 4 young adults — they don’t come off as winy teenagers which is what I had braced myself for. They’re written as young adults “working” on trying to make their dreams come true vs the “give me, give me” mode that most young adults are written for today.

  • Ram510

    fter last nights episode I am hooked on this show! However I don’t understand why they would air a new episode of a heavily serialized drama on the 4th of July? I may still watch it live before the fireworks, but i doubt many others will and the show will suffer a ratings drop for the week, I bet

  • Melanie

    This show is so awesome! I am loving its’ return. :)

  • Melanie

    @TD4ever, So true about how the young adults are written. I think they hold their own against the vets and do great job at it.

  • SF

    Finally! A comment thread with people who love the show and want to see it succeed!! Usually so many haters here, lol!!

    Great show! Even my 20-yr old son looks forward to watching it – and he hates soaps!!


    This is such a well-written show and the cast is so excellent. This marathon is a really good idea to get fans caught up but I am worried about them burning off a new episode on the 4th but I guess its better than taking any breaks.

  • Larry

    I am looking at my TV guide magazine and it indicates no new episode on the 4th. What gives? I love the show and don’t want to miss it.

  • big fan of dallas

    I am really enjoying the new Dallas. I think everyone is doing a great job. Do anyone know if they will show a repeat of the new episode from Wednesday night?

  • Jeff

    Wats more important? Dallas or the 4th? Dallas..of course!

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